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Planet Type Terrestial
Climate Temperate
Terrain Forests, jungle, Mountains, plains
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Standard
Length of Day 28 standard hours
Length of Year 380 local days
Sentient Species Gamorreans
Languages Gamorrese
Population 500 million
Starport Landing Field
Tech Level Feudal
Government Clans
Major Exports Mercenaries, primitive weapons
Major Imports  Melee weapons
System/Star Opoku



Homeworld to the often brutish porcine Gamorreans the planet Gamorr is a planet of varying terrain and environments.  Mountains dominate vast areas of the planet.  The temperate zones are covered in forests and grasslands while dense jungles cover the equatorial regions.  To the north and south are frozen wastelands home to the rarely seen Gamorrean Ice clans.  The majority of the population of Gamorreans can be found building their settlements in the temperate regions.  Gamorrean settlements vary from simple wood villages, usually found in woodland areas, to grand stone fortresses often found atop hills or carved into a cliff-face.

Galactic Tour Log Warning: DO NOT VISIT GAMORR!

The planet Gamorr itself is often described as beautiful.  With it's exotic woodland, clear water streams, snow-topped mountains and moist fungi groves; the world would be a paradise if it were not for the inhabitants war-like tendencies.  Gamorr has many wonders, and a large array of wildlife from the fierce Watch-Beasts (named by the unimaginative Gamorreans), the blood sucking Morrts and the Shuffling Snoruuks, an odd edible fungus.  The tilt of the planet causes four distinct seasons. Gamorrean way of life is organised around the seasons with summer being the height of war-time!


Over 25,000 years ago a scout ship landed on Gamorr.  Five opposing armies came to meet the travelers form the stars, and waged fierce war against each other for several days until there was a victor.  Finally, the victorious army had the honour of approaching the aliens.  They then proceeded to bash and smash the aliens and their starship to pieces.  After a couple more failed attempts at making peaceful contact the Gamorreans were approached with weapons, something the Gamorreans of old, just like the present day, appreciated.  Among the earlier visitors to Gamorr were slavers working for the Hutts.  The close proximity to Hutt Space meant the Gamorreans would inevitably end up slaves to the giant slugs.  

Over the centuries things have changed on Gamorr very little, although wars between clans are fewer in recent years.  Gamorrean history is often only recorded by the victor.  Even then there have been too many records to count of the "Grun'tug Gore" war, which when translated to basic simply means "The battle we won."


The sentient species of Gamorr are the Gamorreans.  This hulking green skinned porcine race are renown for their great strength and short temper.  Gamorrean society is a feudal clan based one, with no formal planetary government.  The females, sows, are responsible for all the work, from home-making to making weapons.  The male boars spend all their time fighting, practicing fighting or occasionally hunting.  During the Spring months the boars will get ready for war, and when Summer arrives the mighty Gamorrean armies clash in bloody conflict.  The Autumn and winter months are spend recuperating and healing wounds.  Gamorrean boars live a short and violent life.

A majority of Gamorrean conflicts are over land, which is owned by the Matrons, the most powerful of the sows. Ownership of property is handed down, split evenly amongst the daughters.  Each clan is ruled over by the most powerful Martron and the boar Chieftain or Warlord.  A clan is usually around 20 sows and 50 boars, plus young.  Fortresses vary greatly in size depending on the size and power of the clan.  Most commonly a fortress is nothing more than a wood or stone wall around the clan village, which is usually just a few wooden huts.  There are a few major fortresses, such as Glonnk Clan fortress, with it's imposing stone and steel outer walls and battlements.  Gamorr is also littered with the crumpling remains of many villages and fortresses that have been destroyed by the never-ending wars.

Although Gamorreans much prefer simple melee weapons they are not at a loss using blasters when off-world.  Most Gamorreans found away from Gamorr are mercenaries or thugs working in the underworld of galactic society.  Though thought of as brutish Gamorreans are not as simple minded as people may think.  Greel, with his brother Gorge, have become wealthy entrepreneurs running the Dool fights on Reuss VIII and during the time of the New Republic Voort `Piggy' saBinring was a valued member of the famed Rogue Squadron.  Though not unheard of, Gamorrean Jedi are rare, though many of the larger clans boast at least one shaman (force adept).


Mountain Clans

The Mountain Clans are the dominant clans of Gamorr.  They have the highest technologies, traded with off-worlders, to build themselves the grandest of fortresses often carved into a mountainside.  The mountain clans rarely trade with other clans, they are solely dependant on the spoils of war.  If a Gamorrean is found off-world fighting in the gladiatorial areas of the underworld he is quite probably from a Mountain Clan.

Woodland Clan

The Woodland Clans are the most amenable of the Gamorrean Clans.  Their fortresses are often nothing more than a walled village, which itself is usually just a collection of mud and stone huts.  While war amongst the Woodland Clans is still common, their wars are usually over land, with each clan being self -dependant and not requiring treasures looted in their wars.  The Woodland Clans have more farmers amongst their numbers than the other clans.  Woodland Gamorreans are more likely to become scouts and adventurers, but many have still found themselves off-world working as mercenaries.

Sea Clan

Sea Clan fortress are always fortified ports, with several small fortified islands known of.  The Sea Clan navies are always alert for pirates, their biggest opposition.  The Sea Clans do much trade with one another with transport across the oceans their biggest service.  Their sailing ships are as simple as can be, usually manned by up to 40 Gamorrean clansmen with plenty of room for cargo and supplies.  A life at sea perfectly suits a Gamorrean as their harsh brutal life is much the same as living on land. 

Northern Ice Clan

The Ice Clans are the most remote clans and are the least warmongering, mostly because they are so few and far between.  To Gamorrean younglings of Mountain and Woodland Clans the stories of Ice Clans is often thought to be make believe, but they do exist, keeping themselves to themselves.  The life in an Ice Fortress is much different to other clans with survival against the elements a prime factor in their lifestyle.  Foodstuffs have to be stored up during the Spring and Summer months as their prey hibernates through Autumn and Winter.  Ice Clan Gamorreans tend to be larger around the waist, eating at every opportunity in case such an opportunity does not come again soon.  They ware also more resilient to the extreme weather and more adept at survival in the harsh arctic conditions.


Locations - wonders of Gamorr

Horruhk (Upside down) waterfall

This remarkable natural phenomenon is still a bit a mystery to scientists.  The waterfall is located exactly on the planets' equator.  Water erupts from and underground chasm, and such is the angle of the rocks that the water is projected into the Horruhk River some fifty meters above.  All attempts to examine the waterfall have been met by opposition from the Gamorreans.  Some clans believe the Horruhk River is a gift from the gods and must be preserved, others fear that any investigation may harm the natural beauty of the area, but most clans simply find the visiting scientists easy targets to beat up!

Ruuk Forest

The Ruuk Forest is located in the Greater Ruuk Valley. Here you will find the most amazing 'herd' of Snoruuk Mushrooms. The Ruuk Forest appears to ripple as the they shuffle around the valley and even the brutal Gamorreans have been know to just stand and take in the hypnotic beauty of the valley. Local clans regulate the farming of the Snoruuks in Ruuk Forest so as not to spoil this magnificent place, and it is forbidden for wars to take place with it's boundary.

Glonnk Clan Fortress

The Glonnk Clan Fortress is the most impressive and intimidating fortification on the whole of Gamorr.  Built on the site of the ancient fortress that stood several hundred years ago, Glonnk Fortress stands at the base of the Grunortung Mountain range.  The fortress boasts a high defensive wall with four high guard towers.  The Chieftains throne room is decorated with mementos of the clans victories, and most impressive is the skull of a mighty Rockgaar, killed by the previous Clan Warlord.  There have been many attempts to breach the Glonnk Fortress over the years, with the outer stone walls showing the signs of war but by no means showing signs of weakness.  


Creatures of Gamorr


The mischievous Quizzers are an annoyance to the Gamorrean populous.  Quizzers stand only half a meter tall and live in the treetops of Gamorr's forests.  Quizzers love shiny and bright objects, making the unwary traveler an easy target for the little thieves.  Many travelers find Quizzers have stolen such items as comlinks or even blasters.  Quizzers live in small family units keeping to the treetops as much as possible, their clawed feet making it difficult for them to walk on the ground.  Female Quizzers give birth to between three and five young.  Quizzers communicate though a series of barks, cheeps and howls.

Such an annoyance the Quizzers have become that the Gamorreans kill them at every opportunity.  Should a quizzling, a group of Quizzers, be found the Gamorrean declare hunting season.  Fortunately for the Quizzers they adapt to change very quickly and all Gamorrean efforts to wipe them out have failed.

Quizzer: Scavenger 3; Init +5 (+5 Dex); Defense 17 (+5 Dex, Size +2); Spd 6 m on ground, 12 m in trees; VP/WP 12/6; Atk -1 melee (1D3-3 bite); SV Fort +3, Ref +6, Will -1; Size Tiny; Str 5, Dex 20, Con 6, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 3.

Skills: Climb +1, Hide +7, Jump -2 Listen +0, Move Silently +7, Search -2, Spot +3, Survival +1

Feats: Skill Emphasis (Climb)

Special Qualities: Scent



Morrts are small slug-like parasites found in the tropical regions of Gamorr and are usually no more than 5cm long.  The morrts survive by attaching themselves to a hosts body and feeding off their blood.  When a morrt attaches itself they excrete a mild anesthetic slime making the process painless, this slime the Gamorreans use for medicinal purposes.  Removing a morrt is simply a matter of lifting it off by it's tail.  Gamorrean physiology has adapted to these little parasites, with morrts being the only creature that a Gamorrean openly shows affection for.  Having a high number of morrts on their body is a sign of strength and honour in Gamorrean society.  It is not uncommon for a Gamorrean Warlord to host over twenty morrts on their body.  The awarding of one of his personal morrts to a champion is one of the highest honours that a Warlord can bestow.

In the wild morrts travel in swarms.  Large swarms have even been know to overpower a Gamorrean.  Most domesticated morrts are fat and docile and of threat to no one.

Morrt: Parasite 1; Init +10 (+10 Dex); Defense 28 (+10 Dex, Size +8); Spd 4 m; VP/WP 3/1; Atk -4 melee (Special: bloodsucker); SV Fort +0, Ref +10, Will -2; Size Fine; Str 1, Dex 30, Con 2, Int 1, Wis 6, Cha 2.

Skills: Hide +13, Move Silently +13, Spot +0, survival +0

Special - Bloodsucker: A host can have a number of Morrts on their body equal to their CON modifier, but they must still make a DC15 FORT Save every 24 hours or suffer -1 CON damage.  For every Morrt above the Characters CON modifier they must make a FORT Save every hour of DC15 +1 for every Morrt above their CON mod. or suffer 1 vitality/wound, +1 for every Morrt. e.g. CON 12, modifier +1, if the character has 3 Morrts on them the FORT Save is DC17, if he fails his save he suffers 4 damage (1+3).  Any damage caused by Morrt bloodsuckers cannot be healed while the Morrts are still attached.  Gamorreans are more resilient to Morrts and can host a number of Morrts equal to their CON score before suffering any ill effects or making any saves.

Special Qualities: Blindsight


Algark Stalks

Algark is a highly toxic fungus growing deep in the Gamorr forests.  Algark appear as long stalks with a sail-like bud at the top.  When disturbed either by a strong gust of wind or by a passing animal the bud releases a plume of deadly spores.  These spores attach themselves to the animal and slowly start to spread, and eventually consuming the creature.  New stalks then grow from the corpse.

Algark Stalks game notes: Should a character be aware of a plume of Algark Spores they can try to avoid them with a Reflex save DC 25.  Note that the spores cannot penetrate full armour or sealed vac suits.  Once infected the character must make a Fort Save DC15 or lose 1 point of Constiitution.  A further save is required every hour with the DC increasing by +3.  Each failed roll results in -1 to Constitution.  Should a characters Constitution score fall to zero they are killed.  Any Fort save that beats the DC by more than 5 causes their immune system to wipre out the Algark Spores, no further saves are required and the character will start to heal his Constitution damage.  Algark Spore infection can only be treated with the correct antidote and First Aid roll DC15.


Snoruuk (Shuffling Mushrooms)

Snoruuk are and edible fungus that has the ability to slowly move across the forest floors of Gamorr.  These shuffling fungus usually form rings from five to thirty fungi, moving collectively.  Snoruuk are a staple food source of the Gamorreans, and can be herded, with much patience, by simply tapping one of the fungi in the ring, causing them to move in the opposite direction.  Snoruuk are totally blind and have no means of defense or attack, they simple shuffle instinctively to their next food source, feeding off small small grubs and absorbing moisture from the grass.  During the Winter months the Snoruuk root themselves to the spot until Summer.  New buds are grown during the Spring months.

Snoruuk: Herd Animal 1; Init -4; Defense 8 (-4 Dex, +2 Size); Spd 0.5 m; VP/WP 0/4; Attack: None; SV Fort -1, Ref -4, Will -2; Size Tiny; Str 1, Dex 3, Con 4, Int 1, Wis 6, Cha 2.

Skills: Climb -2, Search -2, Survival +2

Special Qualities: None


New Creature's


This grazing beast has been a source of food for both Gamorreans and Watch-Beasts for as long as history can remember.  Moos have a high birth rate, females usually birthing four to eight young, meaning their population has never been in threat, at least not until the last hundred years or so.  A combination of Gamorrean cities expanding, and the importing of Nerfs as a grazing beast has caused the number of Moos to drop drastically.  Where in the past a Moos farmer would shrug at the loss of a couple of Moos to wild Watch-Beasts nowadays such beasts are fought off and grazing pastures more well defended.

Moos are normally timid docile creatures, except in mating season, early spring.  During this time the Moos herd keeps close together, stampeding any would be foes.  Even Gamorreans choose not to hunt wild Moos during the spring.

Moo: Large Herd Animal 1; Init +0; Defense 11 (Size +1); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 10/17; Atk +2 melee (1D6+2 bite); SV Fort +7, Ref +0, Will -2; Size Large; Str 14, Dex 10, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 6, Cha 2.

Skills: Search +1, Spot +1, Survival +1

Feats: None

Special Qualities: Scent


Snow Bantha

The Snow Bantha is in many ways similar to the regular Bantha found across the galaxy.  The Snow Bantha differs in that it is slightly larger than the regular Bantha, has matted white fur, and is more resilient to the cold arctic conditions in which it lives.  Wild Snow Bantha's travel in herds living off plants found growing through the snow in the coastal regions.  Wild Snow Bantha's are usually placid except when protecting their young.  The Snow Banthas domesticated by the Gamorrean Ice Clans are usually used simply as transport across the arctic plains.  Several of the larger clans have however trained Snow Bantha for combat.  The Gamorrean Herd Leader will ride the lead, and usually largest, Snow Bantha ahead of the charging herd.  Such stampedes have been know to breach a fortresses defenses in the first charge, such is their strength.

Snow Bantha: Herd Animal 6; Init +0; Defense 8; Spd 6 m; VP/WP 60/50; Atk +9 melee (2D6+12 Gore); SV Fort +14, Ref +2, Will +2; Size Huge; Str 27, Dex 10, Con 26, Int 3, Wis 11, Cha 3.

Skills: Listen +6, Survival +9 (+4 bonus in arctic conditions)

Feats: Great Fortitide

Special Qualities: Climate Bonus (Arctic), Trample



These hulking terrifying monsters are the last remaining creatures from Gamorrs prehistoric days.  Most creatures were wiped out by Gamorrs last Ice Age several million years ago, but it is the Rockgaars incredible hibernation ability that allowed a few of them to remain.  A Rockgaar is by far the most deadly creature that can be encountered on Gamorr, so it is lucky that they are rarely seen.  Rockgaars hibernate for up to 250 years and only surface to feed for a few days before once more burying themselves deep below the planets surface. The Gamorreans believe that there are fewer than 30 Rockgaars left.  However, scientists theorise there may still be in excess of 1000 of these beasts with the older monsters possibly hibernating for a lot longer than the 250 years the Gamorreans believe, possibly for thousands of years!  Should a Gamorrean clan ever discover a sleeping Rockgaar they will try to kill it immediately, though this usually results in the creature waking and slaughtering it's would-be executioners.

A Rockgaar is a hulking bipedal creature with two long arms arms.  It's skin is grey looking much like it is made from rock.  A Rockgaar moves in a gorilla-like manner, though it's own weight makes climbing near impossible.  It's clawed hands appear like scoops, thus allowing the beast to easily dig into the hard surface of Gamorr where it will hibernate.

Rockgaar: Colossal Predator 12; Init +0; Defense 22 (-8 size, +20 Natural); Spd 14 m; VP/WP 300/420; Atk +29 melee (2D6+15 Claw); SV Fort +28, Ref +8, Will +3; Size Colossal; Str 60, Dex 10, Con 50, Int 3, Wis 9, Cha 16.

Skills: Hide +17, Intimidate +12, Survival +10

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave

Special Qualities: Terrifying Presence, Maddened



New items

Grung Ar'garok (Greater Gamorrean War-Axe)

Much like the Ar'garok, but much bigger and nastier due to the addition of off-world vibro-technology.  The Grung Ar'garok must be wielded two-handed due to it's great size.  Few Gamorreans wield this weapon due to it being hard to master effectively in combat, and because only a few of Gamorrs finest weapon smiths have the skill or to construct them.


2000 (1500 on Gamorr)

Damage   2D12
Critical 19-20
Type Slashing
Range 2m
Size Large
Weight 10kg
Weapon Group Exotic (Grung A'garok)


Mung Ar'garok (Light Gamorrean Axe)

This smaller version of the Ar'garok is usually wielded in the off hand giving the Gamorrean warrior an opportunist second weapon.

Cost  600 cr (150 cr on Gamorr)
Damage   1D10
Critical 20
Type Slashing
Range 2m
Size Medium
Weight 3kg
Weapon Group Simple
Special Light off-hand weapon, +2 Attack bonus for off-hand attacks



These are the Gamorrean forearm guards worn by many Gamorrean warriors.  The guards are made from steel and usually patterned or engraved with either the emblem of the Clan or with the name of the warriors sow.

Cost: 100 credits per pair

Game stats: Give Defense +1 in Melee combat except against lightsabres.


Gamorrean Tusk guards

Cost: 5 credits for two.

Tusk guards are no more than fashion accessories, small pieces of metal that a boar puts over his lower jaw tusks.  The wearing of tusk guards is usually to try and attract the attention of a sow.  In recent years finely crafted and decorated tusk guards have been awarded by the Clan Warlord to boars who have showed great courage and brutality on the battle-field.


Gamorrean Horn Shine

Cost: 5 credits per vial (4 uses)

Made from a combination of herbs and Nerf milk. Gamorrean boars apply this foul smelling substance to their horns to bring up a good shine when trying to attract the attention of a clan matron.  The smell is also considered an aphrodisiac, though very few non-Gamorreans would agree.  Gamorrean Horn Shine can be made, with the correct ingredients, with a simple Craft roll, DC5.  A Gamorrean wearing Horn Shine gains a +1 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy verses Gamorrean sows for 1D4 hours, but suffers -2 to all Charisma checks against other races.  It has no effect against other Gamorrean boars.



Quest for the Golden Sow - the baby daughter of the Clan Orrhug Martron and Warlord has been kidnapped.  There are two nearby rival Clans, Glokk and Hrrgrok.  The Orrhug Warlord hires the PCs to discover which clan kidnapped his daughter so that war can be declared.

Option 1: One of the rival clan Chieftans did indeed kidnap the child, PCs must get her back.

Option 2: Slavers who recently landed have kidnapped the child.  Their intent is to force the clans into war, then the survivors will be easy pickings.  Once exposed the slavers could be the target of three Gamorrean armies!

Morrts of the Empire - The empire once more tries to set up a garrison on Gamorr, their defenses include heavy turbo-lasers.  The Rebel (PCs) are forced to stop to make repairs, but the Imperial Garrison is the only place with spare parts.  Things get worse when the Imperials discover the Rebel starship and impound it.  however, the Rebels learn that the Imperial Garrison has been built on a Morrt den.  Morrts are getting into the base and causing trouble, so the Imperials are trying to exterminate them.  What will happen when the Rebels tell the local Gamorrean Warlord that the Imperials are killing all the Morrts!


Allies & Antagonists

Warlord Vrorg'ug XVI

The heir to great legacy of the Glonnk Clan, Warlord Vrorg'ug is the youngest ruler of the clan in over thirty years.  His father was killed in a recent conflict, a war that has proved an embarrassment to Glonnk Clan that Vrorg'ug must be seen to avenge.  Vrorg'ug has also been criticised recently for his dealing with off-worlders.  Many believe that Glonnk Clan has no need for these further deals, but there rumours are starting to spread.  They say they the former Warlord, Vrorg'ug XV, was making deals with the Hutts, and that Vrorg'uk XVI is simply biding his time to break the bargains that his father made.

Characters visiting Gamorr could encounter Warlord Vrorg'ug XVI in several ways.  If they broke some law they could be brought before him.  If they are traders Vrorg'ug may take an interest in them and invite them to the Fortress.  Or maybe the characters are agents of the Hutts checking up on the Gamorrean leader.

Warlord Vrorg'ug XVI - high level: Adult Male Gamorrean, Thug 2/Soldier 6; Init +0 (+0 Dex); Def 14 ( +0 Dex, +4 Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 54/14; Atk +13/+8 melee (1d6+4, Club/Baton), +14/+9 melee (2d10+4, Vibro-Ax), +8/+3 ranged (by weapon); SV Fort +12, Ref +2, Will +2; FP:1; DSPs: 1; Rep: +2; Str 18 (+4), Dex 11 (+0), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 10 (+0).

Equipment: Club/Baton, Vibro-Axe

Skills: Climb +8, Craft (Vibro Weapons) +6, Demolitions +9, Intimidate +13, Knowledge (Streetwise) +6, Profession (Mercenary) +5, Read/Write Gamorrean, Ride +2, Speak Gamorrean, Survival +2
Feats: Armor Proficiency (heavy, light, medium), Cleave, Great Cleave, Martial Artist, Power Attack, Two-weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Vibro-Ax), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)