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New Heroic Class - D20

Dark Side Heroic Class

Dark Jedi

Some people or creatures are just born evil without any influences.  Others are taught evil from an early age.  Such teachings are the ways of Dark Cults.  The Dark Jedi may follow the teachings of the Jedi, but he follows his own code on conduct.  A Dark Jedi sees the force as a means of gaining power.  Using the force to cheat, steal and kill is often acceptable, although even Dark Siders have their own morals.  Eventually the Dark Side takes hold of the Dark Jedi's heart and any final morals are vanquished.  The path of the Dark Side is not a pleasant one.  The Dark Jedi will start to pay the toll of the Dark Side with their mind or body, and eventually both.  Only few Dark Jedi are able to keep a grip on the Darkness that would destroy them.  These are the Dark Jedi of legend that command Dark Armies and bend the Dark Side to their will.

Class Skills: As Jedi Guardian (RCR page 62)

Starting feats: As Jedi Guardian (RCR page 62)

Vitality: D8 + Con Skill Points: 4 + INT

As Jedi Guardian (RCR page 62) with the following additions.

Dark Side Rage - At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the Dark Jedi gains Dark Side Rage once per day.  For a single attack action the Dark Jedi may add his Dark Side Point total to either his attack or Damage.  The Dark Side Rage bonus can be split between attack and damage on the same action.  The Dark Jedi automatically gains a Dark Side point for using Dark Side Rage.

Demands of the Dark Side - at 5th level, and every five levels thereafter, the Dark Jedi receives an additional Dark Side Point.


Demands of the Dark Side

At first the Dark Side is easier.  Quicker.  More seductive.  Once you give yourself over to evil it then starts to take it's toll.  Promises of reward are met with terrible consequences.  A Dark Side character may age much quicker than normal, develop phobias and even change their personality altogether.

When a character reaches 20 Dark Side Points the Dark Side starts to take its toll on them.

Roll 1D20 and consult the table below.

From then on they gain another affliction for every 10 Dark Side Points. So roll at 20, 30, 40 etc.

A PC can choose to lose a Dark Side Point at any time at the expense of a Force Point provided it is not their only force point.


Understanding the Demands of the Dark Side Table

Immediate effect - Once the affliction has been determined the change listed in this column is immediately made the players character sheet.  This effect is permanent.

 Saving throw  - Some afflictions cause ongoing effects that can be overcome with a successful saving throw.  Depending on the affliction the Saving throw could be made once a day (in the case of Dementia) or simply when the situation arises (such as Claustrophobia).

Ongoing effects - Should a situation arise where the effects of the Dark side Demands could affect the PC they must make the relevant saving throw.  eg. A Dark Jedi suffering from Claustrophobia must make a Willpower saving throw DC 20 if he tries to ender a small space such as a turbolift.  Some effects have continuous effects eg. Dementia.  How often they must make their Saving throws is GM discretion.

Failed Save - This is the effects if a saving throw was failed.


1D20 Affliction Explanation Immediate effect Ongoing effects Failed Save
1 Agoraphobia fear of open spaces Willpower: 20 Can not use FP, Control Force skill & lose DEX bonus to defense
2 Alcoholism Constantly consumes alcohol   Willpower: 20 Can not turn down a drink
3 Amnesia * Loss of memories INTELLIGENCE -1 Willpower: 20 Do not add ranks onto INT skills checks
4 Animosity Hatred against a group eg. a race or a faction   Willpower: 20 Can not turn away from conflict
5 Anorexia * Fear of food CONSTITUTION -1 Fortitude: 20 Constitution temporary -2
6 Catatonic * PC becomes withdrawn CHARISMA -1 Willpower: 20 Do not add ranks onto any CHA skill checks
7 Claustrophobia Fear of small spaces Willpower: 20 Can not use FP, Control Force skill & lose DEX bonus to defense
8 Dementia * Incoherent mumbling WISDOM -1 Willpower: 20 Do not add ranks onto any WIS skill checks
9 Depression * Pessimist and gloomy Willpower: 20 Can not use FP or Force skills & will not help the party
10 Spice Addiction Addicted to Spice CONSTITUTION -1 Fortitude: 25  -1 to all Attributes (Spice cost 50 credits per day)
11 Scotophobia Fear of Darkness Willpower: 20 Can not use FP, or Control Force skill & lose DEX bonus to defense
12 Frenzy Lunatic in combat   Willpower: 20 Will fight to the extreme using FP & maximum Power Attack every round.
13 Fearless Ignores all danger Willpower: 20 Will not run from combat.  Does not Dodge or wear armour.  Lose DEX bonus to defense.  Immune to Fear or Terror checks
14 Megalomania * Inflated ego CHARISMA +2 Willpower: 20 Will refuse to obey anothers orders, including Sith Masters!
15 Pathological Liar dishonest & a liar Bluff -4 ranks
16-20 Advanced Aging   Age by 1D6 years (human)    

* these effects are continuous