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What is Club Squirrel?

We're a group of mates who enjoy Role-Playing games.  We meet up once a week, and occasionally at weekends for outings to the holy land (the nearest RPG Shop).  We all live in the West Midlands, UK, but sorry, are not looking for new players at this time.

What RPGs do we play?

Err... take a look at the side bar to your left.

Why the name Club Squirrel? 

The most common question. The start of the name was during the gaming session before Ugavine joined the group. As D20 players know, the roll of a '1' is an automatic failure in combat. A '1' was rolled and the GM said "Oh, you miss your target and shoot a squirrel sat in a near-by tree." From then on it stuck. Every '1' rolled is the death of a Squirrel, regardless of the skill or game. The original idea was to call ourselves the Squirrel-Slayers, but figured anyone who didn't know us would most likely get the wrong idea.  

Please note that we have no malice towards real world squirrels.  The Club Squirrel gaming room is decorated with numerous stuffed squirrels, pictures and ornaments.

What about character depictions and our game?

We have a very light hearted approach to RPGs.  It's more social than die hard gaming.  Quite often a quick character is created based on a more well known media character, eg. Doctor Gladstone Screwer, a character portrayed by Sid James in one of the 'Carry-On' movies.  No copyright violation or claim to these characters is intended.  What we present here is simply how we play our game.

Who are Club Squirrel?

Gib, Matt, Phil, Ugavine and Dave the Squirrel.

How do I contact Club Squirrel?

Our e-mail address is