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Doctor Who

Monsters, Villains and other Characters

Professor Moriarty

Nemeis of the Time Lord Holmes.  A renegade Time Lord, it is unknown how he survived the Time War.  Moriarty was encountered in London in the year 1885.  His evil plan was to create an ultimate mind control device.  Luckily for planet Earth his plan was stopped by Holmes.  The resulting explosion of Moriarty's time-ship could have destroyed London but the Time Lord Holmes absorbed the time energy. alas it was too much for him and Holmes was forced to regenerate.  Exactly what happened to Moriarty is unknown.

see 2 Minutes



A high ranking official in the Shadow Proclamation.

see No Earth


Cyber-Polar Bear

This cyber-construction was encountered by friends of The Potter when they discovered Cybermen in the Arctic.  The Cyber-Polar Bear was used as a guard but fell into a deep chasm when an ice bridge gave way under it's weight.

see Global Warming



A Silurian base was disturbed by mining in the small English town of Brierley Hill in the Black Country.  The Warrior Clan unleashed the Delph and prepared to wake their army to invade. 

see Terror of the Delph


The Delph

A monstrous Silurian creature genetically created to guard the base below what is now the small town of Brierley Hill, England in the year 1910.  The creature was never destroyed and is believed to still exist!

see Terror of the Delph



Vengeful members of the Slitheen family tried to destroy the planet Earth in revenge for The Doctor's actions.  Their plan was a sly one, they infiltrated the Shadow Proclamation and Alpha Centauri bureaucracy and scheduled the Earth to be destroyed; an action the Judoon were about to blindly carry out!

see No Earth


Alpha Centauri

Several members of the Alpha Centauri race were encountered on the characters visit to the planet Alpha Centauri as they tried to stop the Judoon from destroying the Earth.

see No Earth



The Daleks attempted to create the ultimate Dalek, the Kaled God Incarnate.  The Daleks had discovered that ancient Earth Pharaoh Cleopatra was in fact destined to ascend to be the first of a new race of Osirian's, a seed planted by the Osirians of old so their race could live on.  However, Cleopatra took her own life and the Osirian lineage was ended.  The Daleks re-incarnated Cleopatra and linked her to a DNA machine to convert her into a Dalek at the moment of her ascention.

see Cleopatra and the Daleks and something of the Daleks



The ancient Egypian Pharaoh was resurrected by the Daleks in their plan to create a Dalek god.  Instead she ascended to become the Osirian Bastet.

see Cleopatra and the Daleks and something of the Daleks



An ancient god-like race.

see Doctor Who: The Pyramids of Mars