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The Potter

A young Time Lord. Appears just 17 years old wearing round glasses, a duffle coat, mittens (attached with string) and carrying a schoolboy satchel. He knows how the TARDIS works but has not idea how to pilot it!  His TARDIS  looks like a shed. A garden shed. Quite a nice one, a potters shed, with a holographic image of rows of plant pots should anyone look through the window. Inside the actual TARDIS the console room is covered with wood cladding, Indonesian wood. The console in the in centre of a large room where a spiral staircase climbs to a gantry which leads deeper into the time ship.
Gadgets - Sonic Potter Wheel (miniature one)

Fazdar ‘Faz’
A shaman from the future beyond the year 25,000. first appearing in in Global Warming.  He is the last of the Sevateem (see the 4th Doctor story The Face of Evil).
Gadgets - Totem staff (which is actually a Force Field generator; grants a force-field ability once per encounter)

Terry McCloughan
A technician working for UNIT first appearing in in Global Warming.
Gadgets - Utility belt with assorted tools

Jonathan Corbett
Technician & lead scientific advisor to UNIT in Global Warming.

Dean Riley
Security guard at the Arctic research station in Global Warming.

Dr. William Chambers
Doctor of Biology at the Arctic research station in Global Warming.

A model and reality show participant who is accidentally taken aboard the Shed (TARDIS) in The Potters quest to save the Earth from destruction at the hands of the Judoon.

Ace Rimmer
A pilot from Alpha Centauri who crashed into the Dalek spaceship resembling ancient Egypt in something of the Daleks.