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Guide to the Warriors of Gar

Sithspawn's Lair Special Features

Beyond the Blood Drift
Campaign where Tetris Bloodaxe faces off against the Gar God of War as well as The Empire.
Time Bandits
Crazed team of time-travelers charged with saving the universe from time meddlers.
The planet Gar
A backwater medieval world that is home to many of the Warriors of Gar including Ivan Darkhammer, Tetris Bloodaxe and Lexon Lexgar
Knights of the Old Republic
A current campaign in the setting of the computer game of the same name.
Star Wars Miniatures
Star Wars Minis add a new dimension
to the role-playing game.
Club Squirrel
Another RPG group where a wider range of games are played including D&D, Warhammer FRP, Call of Cthulhu & more.
Dungeon & Dragons
The occasional foray away from Star Wars leads to D&D, for now in the setting of Eberron.
Ugavine's Star Wars RPG influenced artwork