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Homeworld: Unknown. They now reside on the Nosferartau Space Station.

Origins of the Nosferartau

The Time Lords created the Nosferartau after infecting an Ugnaught named Ug-A-Vin with a strain of Nosferatu, a vampire virus. The Time Lords were then able to mold this off shoot of Ugnaughts to do their work. Their Intelligence was boosted to a level where they would have the knowledge to build the technology that the Time Lords desired. Time Capsules were a part of this technology. Eventually, after about 2000 years the Nosferartau evolved beyond their creation and were able to rid themselves of the Nosferatu strain.

Now known as the Nosferartau they became allies with the Old Republic, aiding Jedi Knights on their missions. But it was a great mind, Genius Ugavine, descendant of the Ugnaught Ug-A-Vin, who foresaw the dangers ahead. The Nosferartau built a giant Space Station. Two generations later the Station was complete and under the rule of Dr.Ugavine, grandson of Genius Ugavine, and now Chief of the Nosferartau. Darth Vader was killing the Jedi and their followers, and the Nosferartau were some of the greatest Jedi believers. So now they hide, the cloaked Nosferartau Stationís location is unknown.


Very absent-minded, with inspirations beyond Genius. It is not unknown for a Nosferartau to fail to change a fuse one minute, and calculate Hyperspace co-ordinates from memory the next!

Most often Nosferartau are jovial.  They have a good sense of humour, mostly at the expense of humans, 

Nosferartau tend to be rather arrogant, dismissing others technology as primitive (even when itís more advanced). They ignore danger, often failing to warn others too (expecting them to know about it). If a Nosferartau says, "this is bad," then it means youíre in some serious trouble.

Quote: "No I didnít, it wasnít me!"


Note on Nosferartau Technology

Nosferartau technology is far more advanced that the best the Imperial military has to offer. However, Nosferartau are not very logical or efficient. Rather than build a starship from scratch they will buy a new ship, take it totally apart, analyse it, improve it, then put it back together again. This has led to the Nosferartau economy being in a very poor state.

Size matters not. Most Nosferartau devices require an immense amount of energy. Eg. They may be able to create a worm-hole, but it could require the exploding of a sun to do it!

More mundane device are superior to regular models found in the spaceports of the galaxy.  A Nosferaratu pocket computer is equivalent to a Corporate mainframe.  A Nosferartau scanner will return maore information and have a greater range than a regular scanner.  Procuring this technology is very difficult if not just because it is outlawed by the Empire.  Expect to pay between five to ten times the regular price of the item.  Through the black market is the only way to procure such items.

Nosferartau Society

The few Nosferartau that travel the galaxy tend to be in the company of the Rebel Alliance or working for mega-Corporations.  At home, aboard the planet sized Nosferartau Station, they are most at home.  They surround themselves with droids and technology.  Why walk when you can use the hover-walk, use jet boots or teleport.  Teleportation cubicles can be found as common throughout the Nosferartau station as turbolifts can throughout an Imperial world.  The Nosferartau Station itself is constantly changing.  Where a corridor is one day a great hall may be there the next.  Nosferartau engineers just cannot stop messing.  Nosferartau remain in education until they are 40 years old and even then studying is their most popular pass-time.  Nosferartau make excellent Engineers and Technicians.  Even Nosferartau children understand the principles behind Hyperspace and Temporal Science.

The few Nosferartau that fail the grade are forced into menial duties, either as miners or in the ranks of the military.  Military ranks are the lowest position in Nosferartau society, with soldiers looked down on by most members of society.  On the other end of the scale, great minds and engineers often rise to positions of power in the Nosferartau political structure.

Good manners

Offering food is a sign of good manners.

Always asking for more food is also a sign of good manners.

Complimenting on the matrix sub-routines of a particularly complex computer program shows  a sign of intelligence and understanding and is a high compliment. 

Bad manners

Never say "I don't use the holonet" in polite conversation.

Never refer to Nosferartau technology as primitive.

Don't contradict a Nosferartau if they refer to another's technology as Primitive.

Don't mention the Time Lords


Titles & Attribute requirements


Acquiring a doctorate is the sign that the Nosferartau has successfully completed their education.  A Doctor is intelligent and a capable engineer.  A Nosferartau with a Doctorate will address themselves as Doctor.


A Genius is a title held above that of Doctor.  A Genius will have very high intelligence and will be a capable engineer.  A Nosferartau who holds this title will address himself as Genius. 


A Tech will hold a doctorate but will above all be an outstanding technician and engineer.  Unlike the titles of Doctor and Genius a Tech does not address himself as Tech, but by his Doctor or Genius title if he has one.  Techs are the most revered members of Nosferartau society and often get elected into official positions.


The title Professor is a mocking and derogatory one.  Should a Nosferartau fail to gain their doctorate they are referred to as Professor. This term is doubly insulting if used against a Nosferartau who does hold a title.


The title of Chief dates back to the early tribal days of their society.  Chief is the highest position in Nosferartau society.


Nosferartay Politics

Although Nosferartau vote in a Chief (this title dating back to their tribal days) he is little more than a figurehead and ambassador for the race.  The Nosferartau have a True Democracy, which is now leading them to financial ruin.  Every adult  gets a vote, and every decision is voted upon.  Politicians are there to put up the pro's & cons and mediate.  People power rules the Nosferartau.  This has led to no taxes, and some silly laws, such as 'every adult once per day while aboard the Nosferartau station is permitted a free cup of hot chocolate.' and 'sonic-screwdrivers with a yellow handle and not allowed on deck 162.'


The Nosferatu virus made the Nosferartau sterile.  The Time Lords knew this was a side effect and used this to try and prevent them from attempting to free themselves like they now have.  The Nosferartau, being rather clever, decided to clone themselves, kind of.  Much like the Bith, matching males & females go to the clinic where sample DNA is taken and a little of children are produced.  Most families will have many children, often more than twenty, although Dr.Ugavine & his mate Marla Ugavine only have a single son.

Death of a hero

Should a Nosferartau of importance be killed their is a chance that he or she may be cloned.  The individual must be of good repute and have died in a selfless act.  Upon death a hologram of the deceased, produced from their last memory scan, may plead his case to the Council of Authorities.  Should they agree then the decision is voted upon by the people.  Should the appeal against death be successful then the individual is cloned.  Death by natural causes is not permissible for cloning.  Also, due to the misuse of cloning facilities in the past (The Clone Wars) Nosferartau take the cloning of an individual very seriously, and cloning decisions are not taken lightly.  Dr.Ugavine was cloned after his death, however, he was not permitted to retain his role as Chief.

Game Rules for Cloning

It costs 100,000 credits to have a memory scan done.  Once the character has paid the cost their current stats are recorded.  Should they be cloned these are the stats to be used for the clone.  The clone will also on have memories up until this point.  Every additional memory scan costs a further 50,000 credits.  Cloning is very expensive.

Upon the characters death their hologram is activated.  The character must now appeal against his death and request cloning.  The character makes a Bargain check Difficulty 20 +/- situation modifiers (D20 - Diplomacy DC 15 +/- situation modifiers).   If the check is successful the character is cloned with stats returning the the last scan.  Force Points or Character Points cannot be used for this check (the character making the claim is in effect just a hologram so has no force or character points).  If the character fails then cloning is refused.  At GM discretion the character may remain as a hologram.

Nosferartau Rules for Cloning 

Will not be cloned if died from old age.

Will not be cloned if the character had any Dark Side Points at the time they died.

Will not be cloned if the character has not died yet (can't have two of the same person running around)


Nosferartau Names

Males will usually have a single name often with 'ug' somewhere in the name (eg. Ugavine, Uggy).  Hyphenated names are also popular (Ug-Torg, Q-Zark).  Females also have a single name until they take a husband.  The husbands name then becomes the females surname (Marla marries Ugavine, she is now known as Marla Ugavine).  A Nosferartau will almost always be addressed by any title they have, especially Doctors (eg. Doctor Ugavine, Doctor Q-Zark, Genius Ug-Torg).




D6 Game Stats

  Min Max
Dexterity 1D 3D+2
Knowledge 3D 6D
Mechanical 1D 4D
Perception 1D 4D
Strength 1D 4D
Technical 3D 6D

It should be noted that a Strength greater than 2D and Technical less than 4D are rare.


Clumsy / Genius.  Nosferartau tend to have moments of sheer genius while at others they can be absent minded forgetting something as simple as which is the live wire!

Dr.Ugavine:  "Hmm... that's not right."

DAX:             "Is there a problem Doctor?"

Dr.Ugavine:  "No.  No or course not.  Here, hold this wire."

DAX:            "Sure.. <** BUZZZZZZZZ **> Argghhh!!!"

Dr.Ugavine:  "Oh.  So THAT'S the live wire."

On any TECHNICAL skill roll the Wild Die has a greater influence.

1 or 2 is a mishap (normally this is just on a 1)

5 or 6 are re-rolled (normally only on a 6)

Recommended Skills: Dodge, Any Knowledge, Any Technical (especially Jury Rig).

Titles & Attribute requirements

Doctor Know 4D+ & Tech 4D+

Genius Knowledge 5D+

Tech Technical 5D+

Professor Know < 4D & Tech < 4D (derogatory term)


Nosferartau - D20

Dex -2; Con -2; Str -4; Int +4; Wis +2; Cha +2

Bonus Feat: Kit-Bashing

Repair Bonus: +4

Size: Small

GM notes: I have dropped the Clumsy/Genius rule from the D20 version of this race.  Recommended classes are Fringer or Tech Specialist moving onto Chief Engineer.


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