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In the RPG Bossko B. is an elite pilot and expert martial artist.  In SWG Bossko is trying his best to live to his RPG namesake. 

In SWG Bossko has residence in a medium house on Tatooine on the outskirts of Mos Eisley.  He is allied with the Rebel Alliance and is progressing as a Pilot as well and nearly completing the Legacy Quest.


BANDIT I is Bossko's customised Y-Wing Starfighter.  Bossko is flying this while on his quest to get the ship he really wants, an A-Wing Starfighter.
In the RPG Jo'din is the much abused Jedi follower of Aphrodite and can be found on the barbaric world of Gar in the court of Queen Tetris Bloodaxe.

In SWG Jodin is a Jedi on the path of the light side struggling against the oppression of the evil Empire.  She is allied to the Rebel Alliance and has some Piloting experience.

Terri Lexgar, one of the original Warriors of Gar.  In the RPG Terri is a veteran warrior, a soldier, assassin and well, she likes a good time.

In SWG T'erri Lexgar is a SPY, back to her Assassin roots.  Cold, heartless, but still sexy in a bikini.

Bail Ohmar, the original Warrior, and my fist ever RPG character!  In the RPG Bail has changed over the years.  At first he was a ruthless, emotionless Bounty Hunter with a grudge against the Empire because they didn't pay him.  He was in the Rebellion for REVENGE!  He is a walking arsenal carrying an array of weapons, always wearing his Mandalorian Armour.  He has mellowed only slightly in recent times having now allied himself with Queen Tetris Bloodaxe.

In SWG Bail' is still a ruthless Bounty Hunter.  He's a Commando, which means he still has lots of toys to kill people with. 

In the RPG Lira Vex started as an NPC.  She is a Dark Jedi apprentice to Darth Vader and an Imperial ISB operative.  She kills for her job, and she kills because she enjoys it.  She is cruel and unrelenting in her sadism.  For the last year or so Lira has been a prisoner in Castle Bloodaxe.

In SWG Lira is back to origins, an Imperial killer.  With the power of the Dark Side Lira intends on making her own destiny, and it will be a destiny of evil!