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The Nestine Consciousness


Recommended viewing before using the Nestine in your game

Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space

Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons


Auton 2: Sentinel

Auton 3

Doctor Who: Rose


The Nestine Consciousness is capable of controlling matter and animating it. It has a special affinity for plastic.

The Nestine are bent on controlling the galaxy by steadily replacing the ruling body of the target world. The Nestine homeworld, if any, is unknown.

The Nestine are a billion-year old collective intelligence who abandoned their physical bodies to become a single entity of pure mind, made of energy. The Nestene's original shape was a tentacled creature, with a large, single eye, combining features of the crab and the octopus. The Nestene will often start an Invasion from afar.  Plastic dodecahedrons'  approximately 40cm in diameter are launched into space towards their target world.  These Control Units carry the spirit of a Nestine.  The control Units can from here prepare for a full Nestine invasion.  They will ready host bodies for the intelligence.  The Nestine have an affinity with plastic.  Often they will construct plastic mannequins to control and host known as Autons.  They can also with more time produce exact replica's of a being in order to infiltrate a planets government. By the time a full Nestine intelligence takes place the planets defenses will have already been nullified.

The Nestine can telepathically control inanimate objects, especially those made from plastic.  The Doctor Who story 'Terror of the Autons' shows the Nestine control a plastic telephone cable and attempt to strangle the Doctor.


D6 Game Stats


These small dodecahedrons (approx 50cm in diameter) are dispatched to the target planet. They are basically the Nestine scouts linked to the Consciousness.

Dexterity 4D Strength 2D Perception 5D

The Nestine units can cause a hypnotic effect upon anybody touching it or very close proximity.

Roll Perc. vs. target Willpower.



Shop dummies with built in blasters sums these up. As they are merely animated objects doing the Nestine bidding they are difficult to destroy.

Blaster 5D     Ground Car 4D
Dodge 5D     Starship piloting 4D
Search 5D Brawl 5D    
Hide/Sneak 5D        


Built in Blasters: (5D+1)

* Autons can not be destroyed by normal bullets or from blasters with damage 5D or less.

* Heavier blasters can damage the Autons but they only take ONE point of damage for each hit.

* Heavy weapons (8D or vehicle scale) do normal damage.

* Aiming does not increase the amount of damage against Autons.

* Melee weapons with above 5D damage only inflict one wound, except for Lightsabre's.

* Lightsabre's cause damage as normal.

* Force attacks are useless short of Bolt of Lightening and Force Storms. Autons have no intelligence and are not droids to turn off.


Dex: 1D

Know: 5D

Mech: 1D

Perc: 7D

Str: 5D (Walker Scale) Character scale Brawling

Tech: 3D

Although they can take upon material form, only a mental energy attack or sonic attack can totally destroy them. Any other attack makes them shift into astral form where they will remain dormant for indeterminable years.

They can put their being into any individual or plastic construct.

Body possession - Roll PERC vs. targets WILLPOWER


Destroying a Nestine is very difficult and will usually require no less than a Jedi Master. It's up to GM's to think of other ways if allowing players to dispose of them.