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Doctor Who

A brief History of the Whoniverse

What is this page about? As a fan of Star Wars, Star Wars RPG and Doctor Who I thought I'd mix them together.  All of the Warriors of Gar are Doctor Who fans and I've used aliens from Doctor Who several times in my adventures.  So presented here are the stats I've made up for them.  

Note, I have not done the stats for The Doctor in any of his incarnations, simply because he's never actually made an appearance in my adventures, nor is he likely to.  I prefer to keep him the enigma that he is.

What is Doctor Who? Briefly, one of the longest running British Sci-Fi TV series.  First broadcast on November 23rd 1963 Doctor Who saw the mysterious Doctor, his grand-daughter Susan and two of Susans teachers set off on adventures in Time and Space.  Although technically you could say Barbara and Ian were kidnapped by the Doctor.  Doctor Who ran until 1989 have gone though several changes of actor and many companions.  Doctor Who is light-hearted sci-fi with the Doctor always fighting for good.

Who is The Doctor?  The mysterious Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Galifrey.  Living in exile he wanders the universe righting wrongs.  He is a crusader against evil.  Time Lords have thirteen lives, the Doctor is now into his eleventh.

What is the TARDIS?  Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  It's the Doctors spaceship.  A TARDIS is capable of blending into it's surroundings, but the Doctors is faulty and stuck like a 1960's British Police Box.  It might be small outside, but inside it is huge, possibly infinite.  It is very easy to get get lost inside a TARDIS.

And the Companions?  When you live for hundreds of years you're going to meet a few people.  The Doctor has had numerous companions over the years, some alien, several from Earth, and a couple of robots.  The Doctors relationship with his companions has always been platonic.

Who are U.N.I.T.?  The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce are a top secret military organisation whose goal is to defend the Earth from alien attack.  In the United Kingdom UNIT is led by Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, a long time friend of the Doctors.

And Torchwood?  Yet another secret organisation, this one introduced in the new series.  Torchwood now has it's own series and is aimed at an adult audience, whereas Doctor Who is a family show.

Villains & Monsters?  There is always a villain or a monster, and often both.  The Doctors most feared adversaries have been the Daleks, Cybermen and the renegade Time Lord known as The Master.

Is Doctor Who still running?  How did you miss it?!.  Doctor Who was cancelled in 1989 by the BBC by the head controller who didn't like Sci-fi.  Repeats can be seen on UK Gold and are available on Video and DVD.  A company called Big Finish Productions has for the last few years produced full cast Doctor Who audio dramatisations featuring several of the past Doctors and Doctor Who Magazine is still going strong.  Revived by Russel T. Davies in 2005 the recent series of Doctor Who has swept away most of its critics and won numerous awards.  Fantastic!