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Black monstrous bridges across oily rivers,
Cobwebs of cable to nameless things spun;
Catacomb deeps whose dank chaos delivers
Streams of live foetor that rots in the sun.


Player characters

Douglas Hymer

Occupation: Author of the Occult
Hometown: New York
Age: 39

A conscientious objector during the war serving as a stretcher bearer.  Five years ago he awoke to fine himself subjected to surgery, though he has no recollection of why and his doctors can find no reason for it.


Rupert Sterling

Occupation: Parapsychologist
Hometown: Arkham
Age: 25

Server in the trenches during the war and saw several strange events, including dead soldiers who were not killed by enemy gunfire.  More recently while studying a nun gave him a black feather before killing herself before him.


Harold Braithwaite

Occupation: Museum Curator
Hometown: Arkham
Age: 44

A once time archaeologist.  One tomb in particular unleashed some substance that led to death of colleagues and caused him a long illness leaving him weak with walking difficulties.