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D6 Vehicle Racing Rules


"As the engines rev in anticipation, the lights go green, and they're off..."

A race can add a bit of sparkle to an adventure, the Pod Race in The Phantom Menace is a good example.  These rules are designed to applied to the WEG D6 system primarily for ground and repulsorlift vehicles from Blurrg pulled chariots to Pod Racers.


Vehicle codes

Speed - it makes no difference if you are using 1st or 2nd edition rules.  Add the speed code onto any speed checks.

Maneuverability - the maneuver code is added to any obstacle checks.


Character skills

Vehicle operation (Repulsolift, Beast Riding, Ground Vehicle, etc.) - skill is used for speed checks, obstacle checks and over-taking checks.

Heavy Weapons / Vehicle Weapons - used to operate weapons (usually by cheats)


1. Initiative

For the Race Start all drivers roll their Vehicle skill + Speed code.  This will determine the race order, with the drivers moving the appropriate units forward. Drivers who are level are not considered Over-taking.

After the first round the driver in the lead has initiative, with initiative granter in race order.  Where two drivers are level they are considered to have equal initiative with neither driver requiring an over-taking check this round on the level driver even if they remain level.

2. Speed check

The driver with the initiative makes a speed check and consults the following chart to determine movement.  A movement cannot land on an obstacle.  Any movement that would land on an obstacle stops on the unit before with the extra movement unit lost.


Dice Roll Units Moved
2-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-30 5
31-40 6
41+ 7

Obstacle checks

Some units of the course contain obstacles eg. sharp bends, caverns, hazardous surface.  Each Obstacle will have a difficulty number.  Roll the drivers Vehicle skill + vehicle maneuver code.  If the skill check fails the driver must roll on the Crash Table.  If this skill check is passed the driver passes the obstacle but only moves onto the unit after the obstacle.  If the original Obstacle check was successful the driver proceeds with his full movement.

Crash Table

Roll 1D12  
1 Total Engine failure - OUT OF RACE
2 Crash out - miss next turn
3 Crash out - Repair roll (20) or miss next turn
4 Lose Control - Vehicle skill roll (25) or miss next turn
5 Thruster failure - Maneuver -1D
6 Transmission failure - Speed -1D (or -1 for 2nd Ed.)
7-12 Lose Control - Vehicle skill roll (10) or miss next turn

If a Wild '1' is rolled during any skill check demanded by the Crash Table the vehicle suffers total engine failure and the driver is OUT OF THE RACE.


GM Note - It may seem unfair that random dice rolls cause a driver to be eliminated, but that's life.  Just watch Formula One or Indycar.

Over-taking checks

When passing another driver an over-taking check is made.  The two driver roll their skill Vehicle operation codes.  If the over-taking move is successful the rest of the turn is completed.  A failed roll and the over-taking driver must stop on the unit before the vehicle he was attempting to over-take.  Should the skill rolls be tied the vehicle over-taking wins.  An over-taking check is required if landing on the unit with another driver.  If the over-taking driver wins the two vehicles are considered level.


Using Weapons

Though often illegal and cause for disqualification some drivers cannot help but resort to cheating.  Weapons can only be used during an over-taking check.  The weapon skill roll replaces the vehicle skill roll.  Should the weapon check be successful then the targeted driver must roll on the Crash Table.



The first driver to pass the finish line is the winner.

Should two drivers be level approaching the finish with both drivers rolling the same movement points then the driver with the higher vehicle roll + speed code is the winner.  If scores are still level the race is a dead heat.