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West End Games D6

Here are a few optional bonus rules our group has come up with and used in the past.
Many of these rules we no longer use, so I've separated them out.

I currently use the Star Wars Second Edition rules whilst keeping a few bits from 1st Ed.
hide/sneak and climb/jump I keep as a single skill.
Two character combing I use 1st Ed., 3+ I use 2nd Edition.

  D6 Lightsaber Duelling   D6 Gambling rules
  D6 Lightsaber Syles    RPG Downloads


Optional D6 rules (old)

  D6 Stamina/Hit Points   D6 Advanced Starfighter Combat
  D6 WWE Wrestling Rules   D6 Martial Arts Rules
  D6 Gambling rules   D6 Dirty trick & street-fighting
  D6 Alcohol Rules   D6 Unique Jedi Abilities
  D6 Vehicle Racing   D6 Lightsabre Combat (old)
        D6 Computer Matrix Rules


Star Wars D20 RCRB optional new rules

D20 Menu      
D20 Cybernetics   D20 Heroic & Prestige Classes
D20 Factions    D20 House Rules
SAGA - Underworld      



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