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Underworld of the Warriors of Gar

Black Sun

Black Sun have had only had a small influence in the lives of the Warriors of Gar, that's probably in the best interests of both the Warriors and the criminal organisation.  

  Hutt Clans   coming soon

The Hutt Clans cannot help but interfere in galactic affairs, be it Bocce the Hutt, more recently Wormblood or the ever present Jabba the Hutt.  They keep their hand distant but always in control ov all that happens in the galactic underworld.

  Assassin's Guild

The Assassin's Guild is more a combination of several guilds, but the most powerful is simply known as the Assassin's Guild.  While individually powerful they let the Hutt believe they work for them, while still answering to Black Sun.  The Inner Circle of the Assassin's Guild is only contactable by Black Sun Vigo's or special emissaries of The Empire, such as Darth Vader.

  Phoenix Pirates

One of the more prominent and well known space pirate groups.  The Phoenix is a heavy assault capital warship, exactly how Jabba the Hutt acquired such a powerful vessel is unknown.  Is is captained by Captain Drebble, although Kochang is really in charge of the pirates.  The Phoenix pirates operate throughout the Outer Rim preying on star-liners and the occasional bulk freighter.  What makes the Phoenix stand out as a pirate group is their firepower and that they can assault more heavily protected starships.  They are also a brutally ruthless and will kill if even slightly provoked. 

  Bounty Hunters

Registered Bounty Hunter Guilds can legally collect bounties under their remit.  Although most guilds operate on the very edge of the law, often undertaking criminal bounties and the bequest of the Hutt clans.  Freelance hunters while having the freedom to choose who they work for inevitably end up working for the wrong side of the law.  See Bounty Hunter Sourcebook by WEG.


The underworld has many more activities, be it small time racketeering, unlicensed gambling or galactic smuggling.  Or simply thugs and robbers.  To many dishonest person the risks of working against the law outweigh the profits that can be made.