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Assassins Guild

While there are many Assassin Guilds across the galaxy only one is simply referred to as The Assassin's Guild.  This is the single Guild most of the answer to.  It stretches across the galaxy and has existed for millennia.  The Guild has no political agenda, or at least none known, although individual divisions in the Guild do hold political leanings.   The Guild's members are as varied as inhabitants of the galaxy.  Some are cruel cut-throats who enjoy killing, there are those that see it simply an occupation whereas other treat it as an art form.  Even the methods vary drastically, also depending upon the contract.  Some contracts require subtlety making the death appear an accident, while others such as those carried out by the infamous Nish are broad daylight killings.

Some Guild members are proud and will openly admit to their craft, while others hide their dark secret.  The Guild itself is controlled by the Inner Sanctum, although the members of the Inner Sanctum are a closely guarded secret not even revealed to Guild members.  It is rumoured in hushed conversation that during the time of the Galactic Empire only two individuals were ever granted audience with the Inner Sanctum, the dark Prince Xizor of Black Sun and the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Type: Business/Professional

Enemies and Allies: Enemies are most commonly Law Enforcement agencies such as the Old Republic and Jedi.  Allies usually include Criminal Syndicates, corrupt corporations and the Empire. 

Scale: 16 (Multiple Galactic Regions)

Organisation Score Criteria: Promotion within the Assassin's Guild is through success and discretion.  Betraying any guild is not wise, especially so for an assassins Guild.


Positive Criteria Negative Criteria
Base Attack +5 to +9 +1 Disliked by Inner Sanctum -2
Base Attack +10 or higher +2 Steal from Guild -2
Recommendation from Master Assassin +1 Provides information to authorities * -10
Recommendation from the Inner Sanctum +2 Revealed as a spy * -20
Donation of over credits +1 per 50K Intentionally kills a member of the Guild without a contract -5
Completes assassination +1 Failed contract -2
Provide viable target information +1
10 or more years service +1
* may result in the Inner Sanctum authorising your own termination!

Titles, Benefits, Duties: The Assassin's Guild will always protect their own, and it is more than frowned upon to not help another guild member in need.  The Guild has access to some of the best resources in the galaxy and many safe houses hidden away on unknown moons - if a guild member needs to disappear the Guild can easily accommodate.


Rank Score Title: Benefits & Duties
0 3 or lower None
1 4-7 Apprentice: An apprentice will usually go under the tutorage of a more experienced member, usually an assassin or Elite Assassin.  The Guild can provide the Apprentice with up to three false identities. 
2 8-10 Assassin:: Once successful the assassin will start taking on solo assignments and be allowed to move into their own specialised field of assassination, eg. poisoned blade or blaster.  The Assassin gain the Weapon Specialision Feat but must meet the prerequisites.
3 11-20 Elite Assassin: The Elite Assassin is a master of her craft and has the full support of the Guild.  They gain the benefit of free transportation while on assignment and access to a Guild safe house.
4 21-30 Master Assassin: There are few as feared throughout the galaxy as the Master assassin.  The Guild will provide the Master Assassin with his own safe house if required and all access to restriced items at a 10% discount.
5 31+ Inner Sactum: An assassin only joins the Inner Sactum if they wish it.  no one knows for sure how many members of the Inner Sanctum their are.  There resources are potentially unbound.


See Threats of the Galaxy Page 12 for Assassin Saga stats.


  Nish Race: Trandoshan Character type: Master Assassin

Nish is a fearsome Trandoshan who revels in the glory of the kill.  The Assassins Guild Inner Sanctum hold differring views on Nish, although it is also possible that Nish himself serves on the Inner Sanctum.  So see him as the top elite assassins, while others believe his callous disregard to life is out of place even in a in an Assassin's Guild!  

Nish charges One Million Credits per hit, but don't expect the assassination to be subtle.  Nish has but one tactic, shoot down the prey in public, killing whoever dares to or is stupid enough to get between him and his prey.  Nish is wanted by many galactic authorities, although legal technicalities are usually to blame for his lack of arrest, despite many authorities knowing where he lives - he owns a small island on Trandosha.  Those technicalities include being power in Trandoshan politics and a regular employee of The Empire.  Nish is not stupid and is more than aware of his own mortality.  He surrounds himself with loyal bodyguards and doppelgangers.  And he does not take on any contract regardless of the money, it is widely rumoured that he refused, quite sensibly, a contract to kill Darth Vader.

Nish CL 16

Medium Trandoshan soldier 7 / elite trooper 9
Force 14; Dark Side 14
Init +16; Senses Darkvision, Perception +13
Languages Basic, Dosh, 1 unassigned

Defenses Ref 25 (flat-footed 21), Fort 34, Will 26
hp 175; Threshold 34

Speed 4 squares
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +20 (3d8+8) or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +15 (3d8+8) with Autofire or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +15 (5d8+8) with Burst Fire or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +18 (4d8+8) with Rapid Shot or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +17/+17 (3d8+8) with Double Attack or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +15/+15 (4d8+8) with Double Attack and Rapid Shot or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +12/+12/+12 (3d8+8) with Triple Attack or
Ranged blaster rifle (no stock) +10/+10/+10 (4d8+8) with Triple Attack and Rapid Shot
Base Atk +16; Grp +21
Atk Options Burst Fire, Double Attack, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Triple Attack
Special Actions Delay Damage, Indomitable

Abilities Str 20, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 10
Racial Abilities Darkvision, Limb Regeneration
Talents Indomitable, Tough as Nails, Devastating Attack, Penetrating Attack, Controlled Burst, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Devastating Attack, Multi-attack Proficiency (Rifles)
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Burst Fire, Double Attack (rifle), Dual Mastery I, Martial Arts I, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Toughness, Triple Attack (rifles), WP (heavy, pistols, rifles, simple), Weapon Focus (Rifles)
Skills Initiative +16, Perception +13, Pilot +16, Swim +18
Possessions blaster rifle, blaster rifle, battle armor


Nish mini stats

Faction: Fringe
Cost: 43
Hit Points: 80
Defense: 20
Attack: +12
Damage: 20
Special Abilities: Unique, Bounty Hunter +6, Mobile Attack, Twin attack, Regeneration 10
Command Effects: Trandoshan Followers within 6 squares gain Draw Fire.

In Star Wars minis Nish is a mid range shooter.  He is an excellent shot at Unique targets and his CE reflects his use of dopplegangers.  His lack of accurate shot is representative that he will shoot down those in the way of his target!