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Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

The TARDIS Time Capsule is a Time Lord space/time craft.  Most Time capsules are fitted with a chameleon circuit that allows the exterior of the craft the change and blend in with it's surroundings.  Some of the older models however are renown for having faulty chameleon circuits.

The Exterior of a TARDIS is nearly indestructible and is merely a gateway to a pocket universe that is the inside of the craft.  This does lend to the feeling that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Travel in the TARDIS is controlled from the console Room.  The TARDIS dematerialises and shifts through the space/time vortex before rematerialising in a new location.  Again, many older models have a tendency to be more difficult to pick a precise date and location.

TARDIS features:

Symbiotic. This means each TARDIS, and TARDIS key, is attuned to one particular Time Lords DNA. A Time Lord does however tend to leave a residue of their their symbiotic imprint on the key and console meaning another may use the TARDIS for a limited time.

Architectural Configuration System - This allows the operator to alter the interior of the TARDIS in the same way that the Chameleon Circuit alters the exterior. Since the interior of a TARDIS is outside of what is known as three-dimensional-space, the interior can be configured in almost any way imaginable with rooms, doors, and hallways that double back on themselves, appear to occupy the same space, or lead to indeterminate points. It generally takes only a Moderate roll to alter the interior architecture, though modifications to the interior design - apparent building materials and the like - often require Difficult rolls. Every configuration must include the main and secondary control rooms, medical facilities, and Zero Room.

Chameleon Circuit - Often the first system to go on older units like the Type 40. The circuit allows the TARDIS' interface with the real world to alter according to the needs and desires of its operator. The interface can look like a doorway, a clock, a spaceship, a Police Call Box, an enclosed speeder, a tent, or any number of different configurations that allow the operator and passengers to come and go unobtrusively. Only an Easy skill roll in TARDIS Operations is required to reconfigure the Chameleon Circuit. The weight of the TARDIS' external interface is variable up to 100,000 Kg.

Cloister Bell - A warning signal that can only be activated from Gallifrey when events are detected that endanger all space and time. The early warning system is meant to inform Time Lords in the field who may be able to prevent the disaster, or at least escape it.

Hostile Action Defense System - This system is a passive defense that when activated will monitor the immediate area around the TARDIS for signs of tampering or attack on the exterior. To defend itself it will initiate a series of random jumps within several yards of the original location. If this has no effect it will dematerialize the TARDIS for one hour or until the threat is ended.

Internal Weapons Deactivation System - When active it prevents the use of chemical or energy weapons within the TARDIS, even open flame is impossible to maintain. It does not have any effect on purely mechanical or physical attacks.

Medical Facilities - TARDISes are equipped with an Advanced Diagnostic Terminal, which gives the operator a 6D Medical skill for diagnostic purposes only, and can recommend treatment as well as activate life-support for a patient. A Cell Regeneration Vault will allow a patient to heal radiation damage at their normal healing rate through the use of regular treatments. A Zero Room is also provided that isolates anyone/thing inside from external stimula. This is extremely helpful in aiding the recovery of a newly regenerated Gallifreyan.

TARDIS Key - TARDIS keys are coded on a molecular level, so even though it might be possible to create a fake good enough to fool a Time Lord, it would not be possible to fool the TARDIS. Duplicate keys for all operational TARDISes are kept on Gallifrey.

Temporal Invulnerability - The TARDIS is completely invulnerable to most forms of damage, unless damage is transmitted interdimensionally. Explosives that produce hard radiation shunt some of this energy interdimensionally and can damage a TARDIS.

Time/Space Travel - A TARDIS can travel through time and space with few restrictions. The difficulty assigned to such a 'jump' is based not on the distance through time and space, but on how precise the destination is being set for and how familiar the operator is with the destination. Travel to a particular planet is generally Easy, as long as it is well known or documented. A specific time period or general place on the planet is Moderate. Being more specific requires at least a Difficult roll unless the operator is intimate with the destination. Travel time is relative and is based on the desires of the operator, as well as the difficulty and distance of the jump. TARDISes are in a dematerialized state when time traveling, though when traveling through space this is optional. TARDIS stands for "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space." The bulk of the vehicle is dimensionally transcendental, meaning that it exists outside of normal space time, and as a result is not limited by standard geometry and physics. The interior and exterior of the TARDIS can be modified to fit the whims and needs of the operator almost at will, and it can be used to travel to nearly any point in the space-time continuum, with some restrictions. TARDIS power comes from a captured black hole, known as the Eye of Harmony, buried under the Panopticon on Gallifrey. This energy is broadcast through the vortex and powers the unit's Time Rotor, a crystalline column that contains the TARDIS' main instrumentation. This column rises and falls during dematerialization, relative travel, and rematerialization of the TARDIS' real world interface. Gallifreyan time travel was invented by Rassilon, who also imposed the Doctrine of Non- Intervention. In the early days of Gallifreyan time travel the Time Lords abused their power by blatantly giving high technology to primitive species, and by collecting unwilling participants for the Games of Death. The doctrine forbids the use of space-time travel in order to affect the course of another race's natural development. This technology is only to be used to monitor and observe.




Character Type Rogue
Race Time Lord
Age 450+
Quote "Gosh, that takes me back.  Or is it forward?  That's the trouble with time travel, you can never remember."
Player ID Ugavine

"I say this war is rather a bad thing.  Would you like some help?  I have some experience with Sith Lords, evil powers, megalomaniacs wanting to exterminate people.  Where am I from?  Oh, here and there, but usually somewhere in-between."

Brawl Parry 3D+1 Alien Races 6D Astrogation 8D
Dodge 5D+1 Languages 5D+1 Starship Shields 2D+1
Melee 3D Planetary Systems 5D+2 TARDIS Op. (s) 5D
    Temporal Science 6D    
    Technology 6D    
Bargain 3D+1 Brawl 3D+1 Computers Prog/Rep 5D+1
Command 4D+1 Climb/Jump 3D+1 TARDIS rep. (s)  
Con 4D Stamina 4D    
Search 4D+1        
Willpower 4D        

Force Points: 2

Equipment: TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, pocket computer, advanced armour vest (+2D), glow rod, breath mask, recording rod, flares, blaster power pack (but no blaster!).

Capsule: Dodo is a renegade Time Lord.  He was forced to re-generate by his own people for actions 'unbefitting a Time Lord'.  In other words, he interfered in the galaxies affairs.  The irony is that the actual deed that caused the Time Lords to be upset with him did not occur until after he had re-generated?!!  Dodo was once an aid for the High Council of Time Lords, but now roams the galaxy in a dilapidated old Type 40 TARDIS, his time machine.  His appearance, similar to that of his old academy friend is kind of by accident.  In his duties working for the Time Lord High Council he had was to try and persuade The Doctor to return to Gallifrey.  In the proceedings Dodos' own TARDIS was damaged.  The Doctor helped him out.  However, the 'ghosting' of The Doctors TARDIS systems onto Dodos' only left Dodo with more problems.  Now his own chameleon circuit is broken with his TARDIS also stuck in the form of an Earth Police Box.  Dodo has never even seen a Police Box!  When the Time Lords punished Dodo it was Dodos' attempt to telepathically call out to The Doctor to help him that caused his re-generation to take on a similar appearance to his friend.  Fortunately his friend has since re-generated several times now.

Dodo wanders the time-vortex.  He can be found aiding the Rebel Alliance, hob-knobbing with Tapani nobility, offering advice to the ancient Jedi on Ossus or wandering the far future streets of Crix City amongst times and places.

Quirks / Odd abilities: never knows the time, frequently gets lost in own TARDIS.