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Sea Devils, Draconians, Zygons, Quarks


Sea Devils

Sea Devils are an aquatic reptilian race that evolved on the planet Earth.  They can breath air and water, and live in underwater cities.  Sea Devils have a tough green and brown leathery skin and wear simple clothes that appear nothing more than mariners nets.  Sea Devils wield a disc-like blaster capable of emitting a deadly heat-ray at short range.

TV appearance: The Sea Devils

Personality:  Sea Devils are very mistrusting of other races. Those who cross them will feel their fiery temper.  Sea Devils would commit genocide to save their own race.


AgeChild 1-8; young adult 9-13; adult 14-30; middle age 31-42; old 42-55; venerable 56+ 


Sea Devils in the Star Wars Universe

Sea Devils could be used on any planet where there is a large ocean.  they could have either evolved there, but be in hibernation, much like the Doctor Who story, or be space travelers that have settled the sea bed.


Sea Devil Species Traits D20

Ability Modifiers: +1 Constitution, -2 Charisma

Medium Sized: No modifier

SpeedBase Speed 10, 15 under water.

Special:  Sea Devils can breath under water at any depth and gain +3 to Swim.


Sea Devil Species Traits D6

  min max
Dexterity 2D 4D
Knowledge 1D+2 3D+2
Mechanical 2D 4D
Perception 1D 3D
Strength 2D 4D+2
Technical 1D+2 4D

Bonus Skills:

Sea Devils gain +1 Natural Armour and +1D onto all Swimming checks. 



Homeworld: Draconia

The Draconians are an old an noble race. They rule an Empire of planets stretching across twelve Sectors, and over 400 inhabited planets. The Draconian Emperor is strict but fair. And while the Draconians are a peaceful people, more apt at political bargaining than fighting, their starfleet is vast and well armed, if slightly less advanced than Imperial Star Destroyers.

Women are second class citizens on most Draconian worlds, even male aliens have more rights. The death penalty is also in effect on every one of their worlds, although death row can be a long wait as the lawyers quarrel in the courts.

TV appearance: Frontier in Space, Mindgame (spin-off movie)

Personality:  Males are very dominating.  Their words are abrupt and they mean what they say.  Draconians can often be single-minded and difficult to sway once their mind is made up.

LanguageDraconican, only nobles or diplomats learn to speak Basic.

Age:Child 1-11; young adult 12-16; adult 17-40; middle age 41-80; old 81-119; venerable 120+ 


Draconians in the Star Wars Universe

Foundations of the Republic

Hyperspace technology was new and rare in these days. Draconian armies were still swarming out, conquering new worlds in the name of the 13th Emperor. This was a dark era in Draconian history where many atrocities were committed.

Tales of the Jedi

A prosperous time for Draconia. The 500th Emperor is crowned and peaceful relations are made with the Republic, with Draconian ambassadors representing their Empire in the Senate.

The New Order

With the rise of Emperor Palpatine’s New Order Draconia upped security at all it’s boarders. Despite being a political genius, Palpatine knew that victory over Draconia could not be made through politics. The Imperial Navy successfully took three Sectors from Draconia. But the surprise came when Draconia took them back. Although not open supporters of the Rebel Alliance Draconian ambassadors are willing to take high risks to secure their Empire. Meanwhile, relatively peaceful relations have been made with the two Empire’s. But Palpatine is simply waiting for the right time to strike at Draconia.

Warriors of Gar note: In our universe Draconian Space lies beyond the Hydian Way hyperlane near Anoth and is bordered with Dalek controlled Space.

New Republic

Due to their early confrontations with the Empire Draconia is being very cautious. They have made contact with the New Republic, and Draconian delegates sit as observers in the Senate. Still, Draconia has yet to join the New Republic and heavy taxes are levied at ships passing into or out of New Republic Space.


Draconian Species Traits D20

Ability Modifiers: +1 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence, -1 Charisma, -1 Dexterity

Medium Sized: No modifier

SpeedBase Speed 10.

Special:  Draconians gain a +3 bonus onto all Diplomacy checks


Draconian Species Traits D6

  min max
Dexterity 2D 3D+1
Knowledge 2D+2 4D+1
Mechanical 1D 4D
Perception 2D+1 4D+1
Strength 2D 4D
Technical 2D 4D

Bonus Dice:

A Draconian gets 2D for every 1D placed in Bargain & Bureaucracy at time of creation only.




Zygons are an aquatic race, yet are still capable of breathing out of water.  They evolved on the planet Zygos, a planet destroyed by a stella explosion.

Zygons have orange and green rubbery skin covered with sucker-like nodules and speak with a gurgling voice. The Zygon race are refugees searching for an appropriate planet to terra-form into a world to mimic Zygos.  This they will do at any costs.

Zygon technology is organic based, including their weapons and starships.  The most amazing piece of Zygon technology is their body transference machine.  Once a body print is taken of an individual the machine can transform a Zygon, or other persons, into an exact duplicate of the person.  The technology is however not 100% stable and soon the transformed target will start to revert back to their old self.  During transference some or all of the copied persons memories are also transformed.

Zygon Transference - Once every hour the transformed person must make a Will saving throw DC15 or revert to their true form.  The DC increases by +3 every hour past the first.  Memories of the copied person can be accessed with a Will roll DC15 + targets level.  This accesses memories, but not skills.  A bluff roll of DC10 + targets ranks in Spot must be rolled to convince close friends or relatives of the copied person.

TV appearance: Terror of the Zygons

Personality:  Zygons are an arrogant race.  They can be aggressive when provoked but can be timid if alone or startled.


AgeChild 1-7; young adult 8-12; adult 12-30; middle age 31-50; old 51-65; venerable 66+ 


Zygons in the Star Wars Universe

Zygon refugees could threaten any temperate or moist planet, especially planets with less than Space level technology.  It is unlikely Zygons would openly oppose the Empire or the Republic, but also doubtful they would ally with them also.  Zygon transfer technology would be much sought after, especially by the Empire or Corporate Sector.


Zygon Species Traits D20

Ability Modifiers: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, -1 Constitution, -1 Wisdom

Medium Sized: No modifier

SpeedBase Speed 8

Special:  Zygons can breath under water.


Zygon Species Traits D6






















Bonus Skills:

Zygons can breath under water.




TheQuarks are the robotic servants of the Dominators.  Their primary role is assisting in drilling and mining operations, but can readily be used as sentries using their energy beam as a deadly weapon.

TV appearance: The Dominators


Str 16, Dex 8, Con 16, Int 6, Wis 6, Cha 6

WP: 16, Defense 12 (-1 Dex, +3 Armour), Init -1, Fort +3, Ref -1, Will -2

Attack Melee +3, Ranged -1

Skills: Disable Device +3, Demolitions +6, Knowledge (mining) +3, Repair +6, Spot +3