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Campaign Log and background

Coming soon is our new Star Wars D6 campaign, with a difference, based off events of a recent game of Star Wars: REBELLION.
In this version of the Star Wars universe the Rebel Base not on Yavin IV, it was on the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta.  The Empire followed the Millennium Falcon to the Rebel Base, and the DEATH STAR destroyed the Hutt homeworld, ending the Rebellion!

However, the Hutts have now joined their Clans and and are about to show the Empire why they have been the true rulers of the galaxy for thousands of years.  Combing pirate fleets as well as their own hidden armada the Hutts have declared war on The Empire.


  • Did Luke manage to escape?

  • Did Leia escape? Unlikely.

  • If Luke escaped then that means that R2-D2 probably did and still has the Death star plans.

  • Is there any other way R2-D2 could have escaped without Luke?

  • Is the Rebellion gone?

  • What systems would join with the Hutts?

  • What systems could become targets of the DEATH STAR ?

  • What role would the PCs have in all of this?

  • Where is Han Solo?  He left before the DEATH STAR arrived.  Do the Hutts hold him responsible?


Hutt Space


May the Force be with you...


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