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The Spirylax Sector

Planet Spirylax


Type Terrestrial
Terrain Desert
Temperature Hot
Hydosphere Dry
Atmosphere Type II (breath mask recommended)
Gravity Standard
Length of Day 36 hours
Length of Year 410 days
Sapient Species Human
Planet Function Homeworld
Tech Level Space
Population 5 Billion
Spaceport several
Government Ruling Houses
Major Exports Spice
Major Imports Luxury items & High Tech
System Spirlyax
Star Spitral



The Spirylax Sector


Small farming world. Cerean Colony

The planet Luna is an unremarkable world. Large expanses of grasslands and fields stretch across this small world. There is only one starport, the standard class Moonlite Cityport. Governor Gatis has ruled Luna for 15 years. He is a descendant of the original colonists and is very overprotective of his world. The Corporate Sector are constantly putting in bids to buy up chunks of Luna, but Governor Gatis is not selling. Luna has been forced into an uneasy Imperial rule, which benefits Governor Gatis only by way of dissuading The Corporations from bugging him.


Spirylax System

The Spriylax System gives name to the Sector, but is one of three notable worlds in the system - Spirylax, Kardak and Kardak Prime.


The Capital world is Spirylax. Spirylax is a large desert world. Several cities rise high above the surface of the planet. These cities house the rich nobles of the Sector, with Spiral City the centre of power for the who sector and home to the Spirylax Governor. The lesser population of Spirylax live in cities calved into the side of deep chasms. The surface of Spirylax is often ravaged by harsh sandstorms so travel between cities is strictly for the rich who can afford armoured transport. Capital City is Lyrax Tower.

Kardak & Kardak Prime

This system was once known as the Kardak System ans the Sector known as the Kardak Sector. When the Empire came to power the planets of Kardak and Kardak Prime were targets. The Empire devastated the two worlds. Kardak is now lifeless and incapable of supporting life. Radioactive storms tear at the surface of the world making Kardak a very inhospitable world. Kardak Prime suffered the same fate as its sister world, though life still exists. Several of the towering Kardak Prime cities survived the attacks, despite the planets atmosphere being poisoned. Each Kardak Prime City is now self contained, but life is hard. Before the Empires attacks Kardak Prime was a source of learning in the Republic, housing a galactic library greater than even the Jedi Academy could boast. The destruction of this library, and the Jedi knowledge it contained, was one of the reasons for the Empires attacks. Despite this, some libraries survive.

Species: The Kardak



Oceans cover 80% of the planet. Sprawling cities stretch out across the surface. Phlax is a resort world, and the only major import of tourism throughout the Spirylax Sector. It is particularly pleasant to Mon Cal, Quarren and Aqualish. Phlax is a colony world with no indigenous intelligent life forms.


Orbiting Mirax is Terminus Station, a leper colony! Mirax has Type IV (Environment Suit Required) hostile atmosphere. There is no life on Mirax.


Chard is a world of heavy industry. The Empire have signed Chard over to Imperial Mining Corporation in a 100 year lease. Imperial mining have not taken long in turning the planet into a major industrial world. Several factories can be found producing weapons for the Empire. These factories are always under the strictest of security. The are a number of smaller planets in the system which are heavily mined, except, Borus, which is a modest entertainment world.


Nicknamed due to itís collapsed Sun. Although the Nova sun is not expected to totally collapse for another thousand years the system is abandoned except for smugglers and pirates. Most of the planets in the system, including Nova itself, are barren with cracked surfaces and rivers of lava.


NPC's of the Sector

Sector Moff Moff Cornelias
Spirylax Governor Kyle Debadden (Imperial loyal)
Luna Governor Miraqyar (colony loyal Mon Cal female)
Chard Governor Chochumba the Hutt
Stronghold Captain Captain Kor
Stalwart Captain Captain Lilithrall - female Captain
ISB agent Damon Thrall
Sith Dark Lord of the Mecrosa Order. Lord Carnifex -
Bounty Hunter Gorax (Gand)
Slaver Juno
Junosí bodyguard Dunk
minor criminal on Spirylax Bongo the Hutt
Kyle Debaddenís aide Wilmot - secret member of the Rebel Alliance




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