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Endor Sourcebook


Location: Moddell sector, Outer Rim

All hyperspace checks to Endor +10

Approaching the planet Endor is not easy. Several Difficult Astrogation checks are needed due the large gravitational disturbances causes by the Gas Giant and other local anomalies. Over the years many an unwary spacefarer has crashed in the system. The lucky few who survived, a human named Noa being one (Ewoks: The Battle for Endor), have managed to land on Endor’s forest moon, code-named ‘Sanctuary Moon’ by the Empire.

The forest moon teems with life. By day the friendly Ewoks roam freely with only the occasion threat from the brutish Duloks. At night the Ewoks hide away in their treetop villages while ferocious monsters hunt on the forest floor.

Battle of Endor

Towards the end of the Galactic Civil War the Empire chose Endor as the construction site of the second Death Star (Death Star II: The Revenge). Here the Emperor Palpatine planned on luring the Rebel star fleet to it’s doom. However, a rebel strike team landed on the Sanctuary Moon and, with the aid of a tribe of Ewoks, managed to deactivate the shield generator protecting the Imperial Battle Station. The Death Star was destroyed, the Emperor killed, and the Fall of the Empire had begun.



Ewoks are a meter high bipedal race. Although they have a primitive lifestyle they are wonderfully inventive building high tree villages, gliders and sail boats. A peaceful race, they spend their days hunting and collecting food for their tribe. This said, they can be fierce warriors. It was the help of the Ewoks that allowed the Rebel Alliance to defeat the Imperial forces at the Battle of Endor. They are mischievous by nature and have and overwhelming sense of wanderlust. Young Ewoks love to go adventuring, often without their parents permission. Ewoks are naturally drawn to the light side and their culture reflects their beliefs. Although they hunt animals for foods, and readily defend themselves, they are a peaceful people. They worship nature. The forest and the trees especially. Ewoks believe that when they die their spirit goes to a special tree in the Bright Tree forest. They also believe in the spirits which live in the Great Trees.

Dexterity: 2D+2

Knowledge: 1D

Mechanical: 1D+2

Perception: 3D

Strength: 2D

Technical: 1D+2

Ewoks get +1D on to smell related Search

At time of creation an Ewok gets 2D for every 1D he puts into Hide/Sneak or Search.


Ewok Shaman

Shamatic ‘magic’ is more based in belief and superstition than actual use of the force.

The Ewok Shaman only has the Sense Force power. This can be raised using empowered items, such as magic stones.

Consulting the Bones

By throwing the Bones and consulting the Great Tree Spirits

If this ritual is performed in a forest the Shaman gains a +2 bonus onto Sense (+1D if on Endor)


Empowering Item

This an Advanced skill ‘free’ to all Ewok Shamans at 1D. It allows a Shaman to create powered items for use in rituals when using the Spirit of the Great Tree (the Force)

Uses of Empowered items

Magic Stones

Difficulty: Difficult

Items required: Stones

Skill to use: Thrown weapons

Effect: creates Magic Stones that cause 4D stun damage when thrown.

Cost: 1 CP per 1D12 stones


Skull of Warding

Difficulty: Very Difficult

Items required: Small animal skull

Skill to Use: N/A

Effect: +10 to all Perc. resistance checks vs. force attacks to all within 5 meter circle.

Cost: none


Empower Weapon

Difficulty: Very Difficult

Items required: Staff or Totem (non-energy powered)

Skill to Use: Melee

Effect: Damage +1D against all targets that have a DSP.

         Can withstand a lightsabre until a wild ‘1’ is rolled

Cost: 1 CP per weapon.


Magic seeds

Difficulty: Very difficult (25)

Items required: Seeds / nuts

Skill to use: Thrown weapons

Effect: As tangle gun. Tangle weed Str: 4D. Target must roll twice Strength to break free.

Cost: 1 CP per 1D12 seeds


From Shaman to Jedi

If an Ewok Shaman ever takes up the teachings of the Jedi, either through a master or a Holocron, then all Shaman magic no longer works.  There is no turning back, the Shaman loses the Empowerment Skill.


Ewok Lore

Cultures: Ewok Lore

Every Shaman should have this specialisation. It is the knowledge of the complicated rituals and ceremonies in Ewok culture. Non-Ewok races require a Shaman teacher to learn this skill.

Festival of Light

Difficulty: Easy

Time taken: 1 hour

Effect: This is a seasonal festival with no bonus effects. A failed roll however would conduct the ceremony incorrectly and would be frowned on my Ewok Elders.


Rain Ritual

Difficulty: Difficult (modified by Hydrosphere: Arid +10; Dry +5; Moderate 0; Moist -5; Saturated -10)

Time Taken: 15 minutes

Effect: It rains! (The total rainfall is again dictated by the moisture content of the atmosphere.)


Sun Ritual

Difficulty: Difficult (modified by Hydrosphere: Arid -10; Dry -5; Moderate 0; Moist +5; Saturated +10)

Time Taken: 15 minutes

Effect: The sun shines, provided it is possible i.e.. Not in a cave!


Family Ceremonies

Difficulty: Moderate

Time Taken: 15 min - 1 hour depending on ceremony

Effect: Marriage, coming of age, funeral, etc.



Difficulty: Easy +1 for every 5 member of the congregation.

Time Taken: 1 hour

Effect: Every Ewok in the congregation gets +2 to all skills for 4 hours.


Empowerment and Ritual Modifiers

Dancing -5
Chanting -5
Forest none
On Endor -5
Non-forest +10
City +15
Space +20


Healing Satchel

This can be used to treat up to 20 wounds. It consists of a mix of herbs which the Ewok collects.  A Knowledge roll, Natural medicines: Moderate must be made to know which herbs that can be used.  The GM may wish to also apply a search difficulty to find the herbs.

The Ewok must also spend a Force Point. The Ewok will receive this Force point back at the End of the Adventure.

The Healing Satchel is used as a medpac and can be used by any character.  The Healing Satchel can be used 20 times before it is expended.


Ewok Vehicles

The Ewok Battle Wagon

The Ewok Battle Wagon was created by the Ewok warrior Erpham Warwick, and was later revived by his great-grandson Wicket. The Battle Wagon consists of a large ram supported by four wheels topped with a Bantha Skull. It will normally be pulled by two to four Bordoks controlled by a driver who sits atop the Wagon. Depending upon the size of the wagon it can normally carry between six to ten passengers either inside or on top.

Primitive Construction difficulty: 60 (with the right tools)

One roll per day, reducing the difficulty accordingly.


Craft: The Ewok Battle Wagon

Type: Animal-powered vehicle

Scale: Speeder.

Skill to Drive Beast Riding

Crew: 1 Driver

Passengers: 6 - 10

Speed: 1D

Body Str.: 2D+2

Battering Ram: 6D damage


Ewok Glider

Primitive Construction difficulty: 20 (with the right tools)

One roll per day, reducing the difficulty accordingly.

Type: Primitive hang-glider

Scale: Character

Skill to drive: Ewok Glider

Crew: 1

Passengers: none

Speed: (speeder scale - varying due to wind conditions)

Body Str.: 2D


2 Boulders

Scale: Character

FC: 1D

Damage: 9D (Due to height and weight)



Ewok Sailing Boat

Primitive Construction difficulty: 50 (with the right tools)

One roll per day, reducing the difficulty accordingly.

Craft: Ewok Sailing Boat

Type: Sail Boat

Scale: Speeder

Skill to drive: Drive Boat: Sailing

Crew: 1

Passengers: 4-8 (depending on size)

Speed: 2D

Body Str. 2D


Ewok Chariot

Primitive Construction difficulty: 30 (with the right tools)

One roll per day, reducing the difficulty accordingly.

Craft: Ewok Chariot

Type: Animal powered vehicle

Scale: Speeder

Skill to Drive Beast Riding

Crew: 1

Passengers: 1

Speed: 2D

Body Str. 2D+1





Races of Endor

Sanyassan Marauders of Endor

These space pirates crashed on the forest moon long ago. They have since built a stone castle in the Dragon Pelt grasslands. These brutes have no mercy when dealing with the other races of Endor. They are the only ones on the moon with technology. But as the years pass the knowledge of it dwindles. Their blasters are jury-rigged and could just as easily explode as shoot an energy bolt. Marauders seek nothing but power, but probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it.

Dexterity: 3D

Knowledge: 1D

Mechanical: 2D

Perception: 1D+2

Strength: 3D+1

Technical: 1D

Usual skills: Blaster, Brawling, Intimidation, Gambling, Beast Riding

Marauder Equipment

Blast Vest (+1)

Blaster Pistol (4D+1)

Blaster Rifle (5D+1)

Sword (Str+1D+2)

Marauder Artillery

This is a heavy Blaster Cannon (Heavy Weapons skill) that must be towed by a Blurrg.

Scale: Speeder

Fire Control: 2D

Damage: 4D



These distant cousins of the Ewoks live in the Marshlands of Endor. Taller than Ewoks with green fur. Duloks hate the Ewoks. Wars have been fought for many years between Duloks and Ewoks. The Duloks don’t climb the trees, but use the marshlands for protection. Their Shaman’s practice the dark arts, but are rarely powerful enough to cause any real problems.

Dexterity: 2D+1

Knowledge: 1D+1

Mechanical: 1D+1

Perception: 2D+1

Strength: 2D+1

Technical: 1D+1

Skill bonus: Duloks get +1D to all Dexterity skills in Marshland.

Usual skills: Melee, Melee Parry, Brawl, Survival: marshland


Duloks are not as inventive as Ewoks and use just basic clubs and spears.

Club (Str +1D)



These mischievous little rodents come from the far side of the moon, and are few in numbers. They love the open plains where their unique speed can be used to maximum potential. In the open plains their is no creature on Endor that can catch a Teek. They live on a diet of fruit and nuts and have been know to trade with Ewoks on rare occasions.

Dexterity: 3D+1

Knowledge: 1D

Mechanical: 1D

Perception: 4D

Strength: 1D+2

Technical: 1D


Speed Bonus

Speed Code: 1D

This may be increased as an Advanced skill. Initial skill dice may be placed here.

This is Character scale speed.

This skill has no limit and is not included as one of the characters 3 >8D skills.


Meters per round. (‘Pips’ in Speed code x10) + (‘Pips’ in Dexterity)

A Running skill check may be required to pass uneven terrain or turn corners.



These tall creatures have long legs with a round fur covered body. They live in the Dragons Pelt grasslands and have tamed the spider-like Rakazzak as beasts of burden. Their relationships with other Endor inhabitants has been varied over the years. They have fought the Ewoks and the Duloks as well as aiding the Tulgah witch, Morag. Singing is a favourite pastime for Yuzzum. They have amazing vocal talents and a few have even found their way off Endor and integrated into galactic society as established singing artists.

Dexterity: 2D / 4D+1

Knowledge: 2D / 4D

Mechanical: 2D / 4D

Perception: 1D / 3D+2

Strength: 2D / 4D

Technical: 2D / 3D+2



The Phlog are a brutish race that live on the other side of the moon in the desert of Simoon. While normally a peaceful race they are fearsome warriors if angered.

Dexterity: 2D+2

Knowledge: 1D+1

Mechanical: 1D+1

Perception: 2D+1

Strength: 3D

Technical: 1D+1



In the darkest caves of the Dragons Spine mountains dwell a race of trolls known as Tulgah. They are a primitive race as most are on Endor, but through the years their Shaman’s and Witches have delved deeper into the Dark arts. Some believe that a Sith Sorcerer once took refuge in the mountains and that the Tulgah have found some of his teachings. The most powerful Witch to emerge from the Tulgah was the witch Morag. The Tulgah have tamed the Mantigrue as beasts of burden and war.

Dexterity: 1D

Knowledge: 2D+1

Mechanical: 1D

Perception: 2D

Strength: 3D+2

Technical: 2D


The Great Tree Spirits

The strangest of the creatures on Endor are the Spirits. The Ewoks see the spirits as good omens, and it is said that some Shaman have even been able to communicate freely with these spirits.

These spirits are like a manifestation of the Force. The light side spirits appears as wisps or fairies, even offering bonus’s to characters in need.

There is a down side. The Dark Side can also manifest these spirits, just as it did in the cave on Dagobah, creating a manifestation of Darth Vader brought on by Luke’s negative emotions. These Dark Spirits will often offer favours to the Dark Witches and evil Shaman of Endor.

Attributes / Skills

GM discretion. They have no physical form so would only have Knowledge, Perception and Force skills. There is really no limit to their actual skill min or max.

They may be harmed with Mental attacks, and thus can cause harm through Mental attacks.



Creatures of Endor


These are a medium sized pony like creatures used by the Ewoks as beasts of burden. The Males have large ram-like horns. Despite the thick forests of Endor these creatures are still quick and agile. Hard reliable workers, but can become nervous and skittish at the first sign of danger.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 2D+1

Search: 4D

Strength: 3D+2

Stamina 5D.

Speed Code: 3D:

Butt: STR+2 damage

Trample: STR+1

Orneriness Code: 1D



These giant two-legged beasts have been trained by the Marauders as beasts of burden and war. Theses extremely powerful beasts can be found in small herds roaming the Dragons Pelf grasslands. Omnivores, they feed on grass and small to medium sized mammals.

Dex: 2D

Perc: 1D+2

Str: 7D+2

Speed Code: 1D+2

Bite damage: Str+2

Trample Damage: 8D

Orneriness Code: 2D+2


Endoran pony

Related to the Bordoks, but slightly larger and more difficult to control, hence they are not used frequently by the Ewoks.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 2D+1

Strength: 3D+2

Speed Code: 4D

Trample: STR+2

Orneriness Code: 2D


Endoran vethiraptor

A two-legged medium sized reptile that hunts at night. This carnivore is fierce and nasty. They tend to hunt in parties of three, the lead sets it self up as bait with the other two waiting in tow. Vethiraptors have been know to bring down a full sized Blurrg .

Dexterity: 4D

Perception: 4D

Search: 5D

Hide/sneak: 5D

Strength: 4D+1

Brawl/attack: 5D+1

Speed Code: 3D (may sprint at 6D for up to 2D rounds)

Claw damage: Str+2

Bite damage: Str+1D



The Boar-Wolves roam the Dragon Spine mountains, but have been known to wander down the forests in search of food, especially in the Winter Season. They hunt in packs, but are cunning and know when an enemy is too great.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 3D+1

Search: 4D+1

Strength: 3D+2

Brawl/attack: 4D+2

Speed Code: 2D

Bite damage: Str+1D+2


Condor dragons

These territorial predators nest high in the Dragon Spine Mountains. They venture down to the grasslands in search of small mammals as prey. Small mammals has on occasion meant the wanderlust Ewok. They are rare now due to the Yuzzums taking up their nesting grounds.

Dexterity: 2D+1

Perception: 2D+2

Search: 3D+2

Strength: 5D+1

Brawl/attack: 6D+1

Stamina: 6D

Speed Code: 3D

Bite damage: Str+1D

Claw damage: Str+2



These small harmless birds have a beautiful multicoloured plumage. Ewok woklings can often be seen chasing the gunlabirds through the treetops in the Spring. Ewoks consider seeing a mated pair of gunlagbirds as good luck.

Dexterity: 1D+2

Perception: 2D

Strength: 1D

Speed Code: 4D



These bloated creatures dwell inside hollow stumps. They prey on the unfortunate creatures that pass by, ensnaring them with their long articulated tongue. They then pull their prey closer into their maw.

Dexterity: +1

Perception: 1D+2

Hide/sneak: 6D

Strength: 3D

A character failing to notice the tongue will be snared and pulled into the creatures mouth in 3 rounds.

Tongue damage: 4D

Bite damage: 5D+2



This large predator is a cross between a bear and a baboon. They hunt in the Endor forests during the dusk hours for anything smaller than themselves.

Dexterity: 2D

Perception: 2D

Strength: 5D

Brawling/attack: 6D+2

Stamina: 6D

Climb/Jump: 6D

Claw damage: Str +2



This thirty meter high monster is one of the fiercest and most feared creatures of Endor. Gorax inhabit the rocky highlands of the barren desert of Salma, but venture into the forests at night. They have thick black fur, pointed ears and a jutted lower jaw filled with sharp teeth. An Ewok would be proud to kill a Gorax, but few are brave enough to take one on.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 2D+1

Strength 10D (Natural armour +4D)

Claw or bite damage: 10D+2



A fearsome dragon from beyond the Dragon Spine Mountains. Not as aggresive as the Condor Dragons, but just as fierce in a fight. A skilled handler can even train a Mantigrue as a beast of burden.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 2D

Strength: 5D+2

Stamina: 6D

Speed Code: 3D

Bite damage: Str+1D

Claw damage: Str+2

Orneriness Code: 3D



These are small rodents found in the Dragons Pelt grasslands and in the lower regions of the Dragons Spine Mountains. They are hunted for food by the Yussums

Dexterity: 4D

Perception: 2D+2

Strength: 1D+2

Speed code: 3D

Bite damage: 2D+2



These are giant wolves. They lurk in the dark at night and can be found throughout Endor. They live in packs but often hunt alone. Careful that you don’t let a wounded Korrina escape. It will follow your scent and bring with it the rest of the pack.

Dexterity: 3D+2

Perception: 3D

Strength: 4D+2

Brawl/attack: 6D+2

Stamina: 7D

Bite damage: Str +2D

Speed Code: 4D



This pantha-like creature lives in the Dragon’s Spine mountains, but hunts in the lower grasslands and at the edge of the forests. They have amazing patience as they wait for their prey, and in a sprint are the fastest creatures on Endor second to Teeks.

Dexterity: 4D+1

Perception: 3D+1

Strength: 4D+1

Brawl/attack: 5D+1

Climb/Jump 6D

Claw damage: Str +2

Bite damage: Str +1D

Speed Code: 4D (may sprint at 8D for 1D rounds)


Rakazzak Beasts

Three meter high spiders that can be found deep in the Dragon Spine mountains. They have been trained as beasts of burden by the Yuzzum and are capable of spinning webs at up to fifteen feet away.

Dexterity: 3D

Perception: 1D

Strength: 2D+2

Web Strength: 6D

Speed Code: 3D

Orneriness Code: 2D



Hitchhikers Guide to Endor

The Bright Tree Forest

This huge forest is home to many tribes of Ewoks and was the location of the Imperial Shield Generator before the Battle of Endor. The Ewok Lifetrees reach over 1000 meters high. Half way up these trees the Ewoks have made their homes. The most famous being the Bright Tree Village ruled by Chief Chirpa.

Dragons Pelt Grasslands

Rolling grasslands to the west of the Bright Tree Forest. Hunting ground of the Yuzzum and also home to a group of Marauders. A stone Marauder Castle is the obvious dominating point of the Dragon’s Pelt.

Dragon’s Spine Mountains

This treacherous area is home to the Tulgah trolls. Condor Dragons nest high in these snow capped mountains beyond the Dragons Pelt.

Desert of Salma

The rocky highlands of the Desert of Salma are the home to the fearsome Gorax.

Desert of Simoon

This barren desert is the other side of Endors forest moon and home to the brutish Phlog.


Ewok Dictionary


Beecha wawa!

exc--"Oh my goodness!"







dengar (Note: Not the bounty hunter)

command--Attack! Usage: "Dengar, Ewoks!"




exca common Ewok swear Usage: "Oh feej!!!"







kavark (or klark)



n--loser (generic insult) Usage: "You stupid lurdo!"





yah wah


yub nub


Return of the Jedi Celebration

Yub nub
eee chop yub nub
ah toe meet toe pee-chee keene
g'noop dock fling oh ah
Yah wah
eee chop yah wah
ah toe meet toe pee-chee keene
g'noop dock fling oh ah
Coatee chah tu yub nub
coatee chah tu yahwah
coatee chah tu glowah
allay loo ta nuv
eee chop glowah
ya glowah pee chu nee foam
ah toot dee awe goon daa
Coatee cha tu goo (Yub nub!)
coatee cha tu doo (Yahwah!)
coatee cha tu too (Ya chaa!)
allay loo ta nuv
allay loo ta nuv
allay loo ta nuv
eee chop glowah
ya glowah pee chu nee foam
ah toot dee awe goon daa
Allay loo ta nuv
we got freedom
and now that we can be free
come on and celebrate
we got power
and now that we can be free
it's time to celebrate
Celebrate the freedom
celebrate the power
celebrate the glory
celebrate the love
we got power
and now that we can be free
it's time to celebrate
Celebrate the light (freedom!)
celebrate the night (power!)
celebrate the fight (glory!)
celebrate the love
celebrate the love
celebrate the love
we found glory
the power showed us the light
and now we all live free
Celebrate the love


May the Force be with you...


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