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Star Wars Miniatures - Rebel Alliance

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Admiral Minhg is a ruthless Rebel Commander with great tactical skill.
Gravin when a youngling survived the Jedi purge to become a powerful warrior.
Lexon Lexgar is a tough Garbarian solider commanding SG-17
Terri Lexgar is the sex mad soldier wife of Lexon
Jan Vincent Torm is the charming scoundrel at the heart of the Warriors of Gar.
Dr. Ugavine Junior is the technical genius of SG-17.
Dr Q-Zark also serves SG-17 and can be quite ingenious with his inventions.
Dee Von Zarachkas is an aged wise Jedi who now helps the Rebel Alliance
Dodo is a mysterious Time Lord from a galaxy far, far away...
Tetris Bloodaxe is the Bitch-Queen of Gar, Beyond the Blood Drift.
Bail Ohmar is a tough skilled warrior usually found wearing Mandalorian armour.
Jo'din Northstar is the naive Jedi who serves Tetris Bloodaxe.

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