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Stargate SG-17

Captain Lexon Lexgar arrived at the secret facility along with his wife Terri, another veteran alliance trooper and his old tech colleague Doctor Ugavine junior. After passing the stringent security checks the three were met by the base commander and immediately taken to the lowest level.

Before Lexon was a large archway carved with alien runes he didn't recognise, but to Lexon they could have been Rodian and he wouldn't be any the wiser. Lexon was a man of action, and far from a scholar. Ugavine stuck his piggy nose up and sniffed.

"Welcome to the Stargate project," said the Commander. "What you see before you is a ..."

"A primitive Hyper-Gate," interrupted junior.

"Primitive?!" exclaimed the commander. "This is an ancient technology that even our top scientists have yet to decipher. We've got nowhere after six weeks."

"Oh," said the doctor with sarcasm.

"What do you mean by 'oh'?"

"Well it's a bit like the ancient gate of Gree," said junior, "but of course the Gree have lost all their keys. Hmmm... I did make a hyper-gate for a school project once. I came second in the class."

"Only second with a hyper-gate?" said an astonished Terri.

"Mmm," nodded junior, "the winner built a subspacial vortex coffee machine capable of producing coffee from any planet. You see I didn't realise the teacher liked coffee."

The commander frowned. "Are you saying you can operate this gate?"

"Well you'll have have to give me time to decode it," said junior.

"Time? So you really don't know how it works?" frowned the Commander.

"No," said junior, "I just need some time. Say an hour, hour and a half?"

"Hour and a half?!"

"Okay, forty-five minutes, but I'd like a cup of tea first," grinned junior.


The Rebel Alliance Stargate team operate in secret. The aim of their project is to seek out allies and technology that can help them in their war against the Empire. But nothing is ever that easy.


Primary team function: Primarily a technical team but with their team leader Lexon Lexgar they are still considered the 'heavy-hitters' of the SGC.


Lexon Lexgar (player-character)

Rank Captain
Loyalty Rebel Alliance, Terri Lexgar
Quote "What ya' gonna' do when I beat your ass too, brother?!!"
Race Garbarian
Age 45
Player ID Ugavine

"You're now talking to the heart of the SG-17, and Lexon Lexgar takes no crap!  Yeah, you may have seen me over in the Blood Drift, but this is where I'm at. So if you're thinking of messing with the Rebel Stargate team you'd better ask yourself one thing.   What ya' gonna' do brother when the SG-17 run wild on you!  ."


Blaster 10D Streetwise 4D+2 Beast Riding 2D+1
Brawl Parry 5D Survival 5D+2 Repulsorlift Op 2D+1
Dodge 7D
Grenade 5D+1
Heavy Weapons 7D+1
Yo-Yo 5D
Command 5D+1 Brawl 8D Demolition 3D
Hide/Sneak 6D Climb/Jump 6D First Aid 2D+1
Search 7D Lifting 5D+1
Interrogation 5D Stamina 7D

Force Points: 3

Equipment:  Blaster carbine, Heavy Repeating Blaster, Yo-Yo, comlink, medpac, Charon armour, detonators, chargers, explosives, grenades, vibro-knife, flares

Capsule:  Lexon Lexgar, the prince of Gar is one of the Rebel Alliances most accomplished commandos.  When Alliance High Command set up the Stargate project they needed a veteran on the team.  Lexon was happy with the transfer, he was making too many enemies as an Alliance operative to the point where Alliance missions were being compromised.  Since his transfer to the team Lexon has gone from strength to strength, which is extremely bad news for his enemies.

Quirks / Odd abilities: Can do really good impressions of wrestlers, can do wicked yo-yo tricks.




Lira Vex (player-character)




SG-17, herself, Darth Vader!


"I promise this won't hurt...much!"

Race Human
Age 25
Player ID Ugavine

"Oh you want to know more about Lira?  Hmm, see more of Lira would be more accurate, wouldn't it?  Well sorry boys, I'm not into that sort of thing, you'll need to go see the slut Terri Lexgar for that.  You know, I don't even know why I'm helping these pathetic Rebels, let alone this Stargate team.  You want to work for a real man, go check out my Lord.  That would be Darth Vader to you."

Blaster 5D Streetwise 3D Starship Piloting 4D
Dodge 5D Survival 3D
Command 5D Brawl 3D+2 Security 4D
Hide/Sneak Stamina 4D

Force Points: 1


Capsule: Lira Vex is not only an unusual addition to the team, but an unusual and unexpected Rebel.  Lira's parents were killed when she was not yet ten years old.  Her parents knew she had special powers but had hidden her from the authorities.  The day her parents died in a terrorist attack in a mall little Lira's fury exploded, literally.  Her rage turned to pure energy, and a manifestation of the Dark Side of the Force.  Her outburst did not go unnoticed and it was on that day that she first met the man she would come to respect and admire, Lord Darth Vader.

Vader trained Lira in the ways of the force, and when she was old enough she became a special agent for Darth Vader working within the ranks of ISB.  As a Dark Jedi Lira Vex soon became a name to fear.  Until the ISB tried to bring down the Kingdom of Darkhammer on the planet Gar, Beyond the Blood Drift.

Things were going well.  Gar was falling into line and an Imperial Garrison was setup on the world.  One day Lira visited a small tavern on the outskirts of the village Hammersville.  She hoped to overhear information that could help her.  While drinking there she met someone.  A man named Trauma.  After a few drinks the pair retired to Lira's quarters for the night at the Garrison.  Lira knew all too well that Trauma was a Rebel.  But something happened that night.  Lira felt something unusual, something that her Lord had never taught her.  Love.  She was in love with this man Trauma and could not bring herself to betray him.  Then something else happened, her powers dimmed.  The Dark Side abandoned her.  Her love for Trauma had actually driven the darkness from her.  Confused, Lira helped Trauma escape and the Rebels to destroy the Garrison. She too was now an enemy of the Empire.  Never again could she stand before her Lord Vader.  Lira wept.

Lira spurned Trauma, blaming him for driving her away from Lord Vader, the only man she truly adored and worshipped. But her crimes were such that she could never return to the Empire without facing death for treason.  Lira agreed to aid the Rebel Alliance, despite many high ranking Rebel Alliance officers openly stating their mistrust of an ex-ISB agent and Dark Jedi. 

When SG-17 came across a dead Stormtrooper on one of their missions into another galaxy it became obvious that the Empire too had a Stargate team.  Desperate for more information, information Rebel spies could find no trace of, the SG-17 turned to Lira.  As a high ranking ISB agent she surly must have known about such a project.  Known about it, yes, but involved she was not.  It was agreed that Lira Vex would remain on the Stargate team, primarily as a specialist on the Empire and Imperial tactics.

Quirks / Odd abilities: owns collection of collecable Star Trek plates, can peel labels off beer bottles without tearing them.




Dr.Ugavine Junior (player-character)


2nd Lieutenant


Rebel Alliance


[BANG!!!] "No I didn't, it wasn't me!"

Race Nosferartau
Age 75
Player ID Ugavine

"Hi there.  I'm Doctor Ugavine Junior, but everyone just calls be Junior.  I've been brought into the SG-17 for one reason, these human techs simply havn't got a clue.  Sure, I was the one to decode the 'gate, but it's primitive technology for my people.  Now a interdimensional time portal would have been a great deal more useful."

Blaster 4D Alien Races 5D Astrogation 5D
Dodge 9D Planetary Systems 5D+1 Starhsip Piloting 4D
Melee Parry 3D Technology 6D Starship Shields 4D
Gadget Op. 5D Starship Design 6D+1
Bargain 4D Climb/Jump 4D Computer Prog/Rep 6D+1
Command 4D Stamina 4D Droid Prog/Rep 6D
Con 5D Starship Rep. 6D+1
Hide/Sneak 5D+2 Jury Rig 6D+1
Search 4D
(A) Starship Engineering 2D

Force Points: 2

Equipment: All-purpose cutting tool (lightsabre), blaster (set to stun), energy shield, tools for every job, numerous droids, Charon web-spinner, medpacs, computer, 2 starships, and a much, much more!

Capsule: Son of former Chief of the Nosferartau, Doctor Ugavine.  Junior has always been an adventurous type.  For several years he has aided the Rebel Alliance in active field assignments.  He is a Starship designer by trade, with having created several marketed vessels including the popular UG-1000 Space-Bike.  Very intellignet, Junior did decode the gate and is often part of missions along with Terri & Lexon.

Quirks / Odd abilities: has Darth Vaders autograph, once ate three Shredded Wheat, gets moody if someone is eating bacon.





Character Type Rogue
Race Time Lord
Age 450+
Quote "Gosh, that takes me back.  Or is it forward?  That's the trouble with time travel, you can never remember."
Player ID Ugavine

"I say this war is rather a bad thing.  Would you like some help?  I have some experience with Sith Lords, evil powers, megalomaniacs wanting to exterminate people.  Where am I from?  Oh, here and there, but usually somewhere in-between."

Brawl Parry 3D+1 Alien Races 6D Astrogation 8D
Dodge 5D+1 Languages 5D+1 Starship Shields 2D+1
Melee 3D Planetary Systems 5D+2 TARDIS Op. (s) 5D
    Temporal Science 6D    
    Technology 6D    
Bargain 3D+1 Brawl 3D+1 Computers Prog/Rep 5D+1
Command 4D+1 Climb/Jump 3D+1 TARDIS rep. (s)  
Con 4D Stamina 4D    
Search 4D+1        
Willpower 4D        

Force Points: 2

Equipment: TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, pocket computer, advanced armour vest (+2D), glow rod, breath mask, recording rod, flares, blaster power pack (but no blaster!).

Capsule: Dodo is a renegade Time Lord.  He was forced to re-generate by his own people for actions 'unbefitting a Time Lord'.  In other words, he interfered in the galaxies affairs.  The irony is that the actual deed that caused the Time Lords to be upset with him did not occur until after he had re-generated?!!  Dodo was once an aid for the High Council of Time Lords, but now roams the galaxy in a dilapidated old Type 40 TARDIS, his time machine.  His appearance, similar to that of his old academy friend is kind of by accident.  In his duties working for the Time Lord High Council he had was to try and persuade The Doctor to return to Gallifrey.  In the proceedings Dodos' own TARDIS was damaged.  The Doctor helped him out.  However, the 'ghosting' of The Doctors TARDIS systems onto Dodos' only left Dodo with more problems.  Now his own chameleon circuit is broken with his TARDIS also stuck in the form of an Earth Police Box.  Dodo has never even seen a Police Box!  When the Time Lords punished Dodo it was Dodos' attempt to telepathically call out to The Doctor to help him that caused his re-generation to take on a similar appearance to his friend.  Fortunately his friend has since re-generated several times now.

Dodo wanders the time-vortex.  He can be found aiding the Rebel Alliance, hob-knobbing with Tapani nobility, offering advice to the ancient Jedi on Ossus or wandering the far future streets of Crix City amongst times and places.

A recent malfunction has left Dodo's TARDIS badly damaged and unable to dematerialise.  As a last ditch effort to get somewhere 'safe' Dodo managed to limp his time-ship as far as the SGC.  Dodo has temporarily joined SG-17 until he finds a way of repairing his TARDIS.

Quirks / Odd abilities: never knows the time, frequently gets lost in own TARDIS.