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Anyar City Spaceport
Starships, Vehicles & Technology


Chakram Starfighter    
Gar-Blade Starfighter  
Imperial Prison Barge  
Kuat Drive Yards Funeral Barge  
New Technology - D20
Ground Vehicles - D6
DiTriCon Starship - D6
Mini-Rigs - D6
Weapons & Technology - D6
Gallandro's Armoury - D6

Located on the planet Gar on the West Coast is Anyar City Spaceport, in the province of Castle Darkhammer. Named after the Princess Anyar Darkhammer, Anyar City is on the road between Castle Darkhammer and Hammer Haven. Anyar City gets most of its trade from travellers between Hammer Haven and Castle Darkhammer. The people here are friendly and local produce is available for sale.  This is the only fully functioning spaceport on Gar.


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