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GM Note: Original write-up and stats by Matthew Webber, reproduced with his permission.

Through the Witchgate -A Talislanta, BeSm RPG WebPage-

I should note that I have amended the history of the Delvians, Hynerians & Luxans to make them more smoothly fit into the Star War RPG Universe.


Delvians are tall humanoids from the peaceful world of Delvia. Their blue skin is covered in fine scales and white lines that form a mottled pattern. Most are hairless, though a few females can grow silver-white, hair on their scalps and some decorate their skin with glitter and paints. The average life span of a Delvian is somewhere around 1,600 years, and can go as high as 2,000. Delvians were famous their skills as healers, scholars and diplomats. Their society pursued spiritual and intellectual goals, ruled by a democratic religious council that elected its members once every four cycles. This time of peace came to and end when, at the end of their term, an extreme conservative faction refused to give up their power. They called in the galactic Empire to keep order and round up all the liberals and intellectuals. It is believed that the Empire may well have caused this split in factions through undercover ISB agents and DESTAB.

Despite the murder of their leader, Pa'u Bitaal, by his wife, the conservatives and the Empire have retained power on Delvia and have turned the beautiful, idyllic world into an oppressive, military and religious regime. The religious life on Delvia revolves around The Seek, a mystical path through which its followers attempt to seek unity and understanding with the Universe. The priests, known as Pa'u, study their entire lives to learn how to touch the forces that flow hidden in the cosmos, just beyond the realm of normal senses. Followers of the Seek are distinguished by Levels that represent their progress in becoming one with the Universe. (It is unknown how many levels exist, but it is known that 8 is considered a little above average, and that 10 is considered quite strong.) Because of the length of the Delvian life span, most attempt the Seek at one point in their lives. The priests, both male and female are hardly celibate. Indeed they often engage in a ritual called the Unity, a psychic melding of two minds to share thoughts, memories and sensations. The greatest danger faced by one who undertakes the Seek, is that they must be completely honest within themselves, constantly facing their own dark instincts. If they were to give into these hidden selves, or attempt to progress up the levels of the Seek to quickly without coming to terms with them, the Delvian priest soon becomes insane. Many factions and schools of the Seek exist on Delvia and before the arrival of the Empire they existed in peace. Since the arrival of Imperial forces many have tried to escape Delvia, scattering themselves across the galaxy. Delvia itself is a world the Emperor considers dangerous. Travel to the system is strictly regulated. The Emperor fears that Delvia could spawn new Jedi.

Dexterity: 2D / 3D+2
Knowledge: 2D / 4D+2
Mechanical: 1D / 3D
Perception: 2D / 5D
Strength: 1D / 4D
Technical: 2D / 4D

Special Abilities:
Delvian Seek
Delvian Priests, (Pa'u) follow a path known as the Seek. Their goal is to attain unity and understanding with all life. In game terms, The Seek works identically to the Force and Force Skills, including Dark Side points (see The Savage Side).

The Savage Side
Those Delvians who follow the seek open themselves to all, including their own darker impulses and animal instincts. In rules terms, each time the priest succumbs to one of these impulses, or performs an evil act, they gain a Dark Side point. Roll as normal to see if the character has succumbed to their dark impulses. A failure means that the Delvian has gone insane. Willingly submitting to the impulses means that they have chosen to follow their darker side, and automatically begin to go insane. Insane Delvian's
eyes begin to take on a distinctive reddish tinge. It takes a Delvian twice as long to atone Dark Side points than any other character and they always receive double Dark Side Points.

Size: 56"'-6'11".


Hynerians are a small, aquatic race native to the water world of Hyneria. Standing less than three feet high, they have round bodies, large heads and short limbs. They are an amphibious race, possessing both lungs and primitive gills in the base of their necks. Their long rectangular heads have two small eyes, and nose, and is dominated by a wide, frog like mouth for scooping up large amounts of food. Their main sensory organ is actually a row of fine hairs over their eyes, and on their upper lips, making them appear as if they have one extremely bush eyebrows and a moustache. This organ, is used to navigate in the tight underwater tunnels that serve as the Hynerian's home. They can live for well over three hundred years. The Hynerians, over 6 billion of them, are ruled by a hereditary monarch called a Dominar. Two hundred cycles ago the brother of the then current Dominar overthrew him and called in the Mandalorian Commando’s to take the deposed monarch into custody and aid him in subduing the population. Since the rise of the Empire Hyneria has been relatively forgotten. The current Hynrian Monarch rules over twelve planets. This small enclave is of no interest to the Empire as the species there are primitive with the only technology being that purchased by the Hynerian’s.


Dexterity: 1D / 3D+1
Knowledge: 2D / 4D
Mechanical: 1D / 3D+2
Perception: 2D / 5D
Strength: 1D / 3D
Technical: 2D / 4D

Special Abilites:

Aquatic: Hynerians can breath both air and water.

Whiskers: Hyerians smell and sense distance/movement through these fine hairs on their faces. They suffer no penalties when in tight or dark environments.


Luxans are a tall humanoid species with a beak like nose, bushy hair, tentacles that drop from the back of the head, and a fleshy pouch over the chin. They have a reputation for violence, piracy and little sense of humour. They were the scourge of the space ways, raiding and conquering planets at whim until they were until stopped by the Old Republic. Since then many Luxans have joined the Republic ranks, finding the strict military discipline and warrior ethic much to their tastes. Under Imperial law many have been enslaved or imprisoned, since the Empire see free Luxans as a threat and imprison them for the slightest provocation. Luxan slaves wear the distinctive, iron rings threaded through their collarbones, used to attach their slave's chains. Luxans have the size and strength to back up most in a fight, but in addition, their skin is especially tough, capable of withstanding a great deal of damage before tearing. There is a reason for this since Luxan blood, when exposed to the air quickly becomes toxic and can kill the Luxan unless blood vessels around the wound are stimulated to produce platelets and seal the wound. Their chin pouches contain their tongue, which is a long whip-like appendage with a pointed tip. Luxans use this to great effect, flicking it out as a casual warning, or impaling unsuspecting enemies when a warning just won't do. Note, it has been shown that Luxans can cross breed with humans (Sebaccians), though it is not know how much medical intervention this requires.


Dexterity: 2D+1 / 4D+2
Knowledge: 1D / 3D+2
Mechanical: 1D / 4D+1
Perception: 2D / 4D
Strength: 2D / 5D
Technical: 2D / 4D

Size: 6-7'6"

Special Abilities:
Luxans gain a plus +1D to their brawling skill when attempting to strike with their tongue. The tongue does STR+2 damage, though it should be noted that it is normally aimed at the head or eyes. (Called shot)

Tough Skin:
Luxan skin is extremely damage resistant due to Bloodshock. Roll Wild Die when resisting damage.

Bloodshock (‘1’ on the wild)
Luxan blood becomes toxic when exposed to the open air. Unless the blood vessels are manually stimulated to clean out the toxins and begin to clot (an easy First Aid roll) , the Luxan's condition will worsen one level every five minutes. Whenever a Luxan takes damage and rolls a ‘1’ the skin has been punctured. The poison is reflected by the increased damage (if any was taken). A Luxan must roll vs. Natural Healing every 5 minutes with a -2 to the Str roll. A successful roll does not mean that the wound is healed, but that the skin has. A failed roll will cause a further 2D Stamina Points of damage.

Qualta Blade
A favoured weapon of Luxan warriors, this weapon looks like a thick, broad sword, but can split open down the centre to reveal a pulse-cannon. Any non-Luxan seen carrying a Qualta blade will be assumed to have killed it original owner,
Qualta Blade, and asked to prove their worthiness to wear such a weapon.

Model: Luxan Qualta Blade
Skill: Blaster: Qualta Blade. Melee Combat: Qualta Blade
Cost: 3,500 cr. Availability: 3, R
Damage: 5D (Pulse Cannon), STR+3D (Sword)
Note: It takes on action to convert the blade to a gun, or vice versa.



The Nebari has a peaceful law abiding society.  All is not what it seems on the surface however.  The Nebari government control wayward individuals with a technique known as mind-cleansing.  This process eliminates all negative emotions, and all criminal behaviour, destroying ones free-will. 

Those Nebari who have not been mind-cleansed tend to be easy-living, enjoying life to the full.  They will often act without concern of the consequences, thinking with their heart.  They are very agile and mischievous. 


Dexterity: 3D / 5D+1
Knowledge: 2D / 4D
Mechanical: 2D / 4D
Perception: 2D / 4D
Strength: 1D+2 / 4D+1
Technical: 2D / 4D+1

Special Abilities

Nebari gain +1D bonus onto Con, Bargain & Persuasion skills.