Set List:

1a. Batman
1b. Clayface
2. Robin
3. The Joker
4. Poison Ivy
5. Suited Henchman
6. Alfred 
7. Leslie Tompkins
8. Two-Face
9. Mr. Freeze
10. Ninja
11. Commissioner Gordon
12. Detective Harvey Bullock
13. Catwoman
14. Harley Quinn
15. Dee Dee
16. Batman Beyond

17a. Riddler
17b. Clock King
18. Renee Montoya
19. Alfred
20. Commissioner Barbara Gordon
21. Harvey Dent
22. Mr. Freeze
23. Kyodai Ken
24. Lock-Up 
25. Maxie Zeus
26. Scarecrow
27. Penquin
28. Batman
29. Robin
30. J-Man
31. Poison Ivy
32. Roland Daggett

33. Talia Al Ghul
34. Ras Al Ghul
35. Wonder Woman
36. Superman
37. Nightwing
38. The Flash
39. Green Lantern
40. Batman
41. Robin (Tim)
42. The Joker
43. Poison Ivy
44. Lex Luthor
45. Jarvis Tetch
46. Zeta
47a. Killer Croc
47b. Batman 
48. Old Man Bruce Wayne

Super Rare 
49. Baby Doll
50. Bane
51. Phantasm
52. Batgirl, Shadow of the Bat
53a. Batman 
53b. H.A.R.D.A.C. Batman
54. The Joker
55. Robot Minotaur
56. Clayface
57. Man-Bat
58. The Ventriloquist
59. Gray Ghost
60. Hawkman and Hawkgirl
61. Zatana
62. Inque

63. Batman
64. Robin
65. Aquaman
66. Superman
67. Wonder Woman
68. The Flash
69. Green Lantern
70. Apache Chief
71. The Atom
72. Firestorm
73. Hawkgirl
74. Hawkman

100. Penguin

101. Batman
102. Robin
103. Joker
104. Poison Ivy
105. Catwoman
106. Harley Quinn



Batman the Animated Series




Quality of sculpts 4
Character selection 4
Playability 5
Overall 4

Great set, great sculpts, and I love the Batman Animated Series, yet I still think something is lacking.  Can't put my finger on it, but I still think it's a slight runner-up to Joker's Wild! and Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls sets.

07 Leslie Tompkins
First appearance: Detective Comics #457 (March 1976)

An old friend of Thomas Wayne and long time friend to Bruce Wayne.
Leslie Thompkins comforted the young Bruce Wayne on the night his parents were murdered.  Leslie disapproves of Batman, feeling she has failed Bruce as a role model.

Recently Leslie (Lee) Thompkins has been seen in the Gotham TV series.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- Paging the Crime Doctor
- Blind as a Bat
- I Am the Night
- Perchance to Dream
- Appointment in Crime Alley

Wiki - Leslie_Thompkins

015 Dee Dee
First Appearance: Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker
(December 12, 2000)

Dee Dee (Delia and Deirdre Dennis) are the twin granddaughters of Harley Quinn.
They appear as villains in Batman Beyond where they are part of the gang, Jokerz.

Wiki - Dee Dee

25 Maxie Zeus
First appearance: Detective Comics #483 (May 1979)

A former Greek history teacher who lost his mind when his wife left him. He became a gangster and used his cunning and intelligence to rise to power amidst the chaos in Gotham City's underworld.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- Fire from Olympus

Wiki - Maxie Zeus

32 Roland Daggett
First appearance: Batman: The Animated Series, episode Feat of Clay

Head of Daggett Industries, he develops "Renuyu", a face cream which enables the user to modify their face to their desire.  Daggett uses Matt Hagen (Clayface), to commit crimes for him in return for supplies of the formula.

Wiki - Roland_Daggett

49 Baby Doll
First Appearance: Batman: "Baby-Doll" (October, 1994)

Mary Dahl grew up with a systemic Hyperplasia condition, that halted her body growth. As a result, she has not grown larger physically since her fifth birthday.

Years later she became an actress and got the lead role in a comedy series called "Love That Baby", The show was a hit for a couple of years, but when ratings started to drop, the directors added a new member to the cast, Baby-Doll's cousin Spunky. When the young actor started to out stage Mary Dahl at Baby-Doll's birthday episode, she left the show claiming she did not get enough exposure, causing the show to be cancelled. Unknown to her, she threw away the high point of her life.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- Love is a Croc
- Baby-Doll

Wiki - Mary Dahl

51 Phantasm
First appearance: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (December 25, 1993)

Andrea Beaumont is the daughter of wealthy businessman who, while at Gotham University, meets and falls in love with Bruce Wayne.

Andrea moves away from Gotham but learns her father had double-crossed the mob. Together they flee, but after years of hiding a mob hit man kills her father.
Consumed with hatred, Andrea waits patiently for many years, planning to destroy the men who ruined her life. When she returns to Gotham, she dons a costume reminiscent of the Grim Reaper, complete with a smoke-generating device and scythe-bladed gauntlet.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- Mask of the Phantasm

Wiki - Andrea Beaumont

055 Robot Minotaur
First appearance: Batman: The Animated Series, episode "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?"

Riddle of the Minotaur was a computer game developed by Edward Nigma.
However he sacked by his boss. Wanting revenge, Nigma returns as The Riddler and traps his former employer in a Minotaur maze.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

Wiki - Riddle_of_the_Minotaur


062 Inque
First appearance: Batman Beyond "Black Out"

Inque first appears as an industrial saboteur hired by Derek Powers, the CEO of Wayne-Powers.  While she was captured with the help of Grey Ghost she is freed and returns in later episodes.

Wiki - Inque

057 Man-Bat
First appearance: Detective Comics #400 (June 1970)

Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a zoologist who specialized in the study of chiropterology, developed an extract intended to give humans a bat's sonar sense, and tested the formula on himself. The extract worked, but it had a horrible side effect: it transformed him into a hideous man-bat hybrid. The serum also took away his intelligence, so he went on a mad rampage until Batman found a way to reverse the effects.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- On Leather Wings
- Tyger, Tyger
- Terror in the Sky

Wiki - Man-Bat


017b Clock King
First Appearance: Star Spangled Comics #70 (July 1947)

The character, originally called simply "the Clock", appeared in Star Spangled Comics #70 (July 1947). He had no super-powers or abilities other than a rigid sense of order and timing and punctuality.

Different interpretations of the Clock King have appeared several times on screen in shows such as the 60s Batman TV Series and Arrow TV series as well as Batman The animated Series.

Batman: The Animated Series Episodes
- The Clock King
- Time Out of Joint

Wiki - Clock King


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