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updated 22/06/24


With the recent price hikes, and lack of time, I will no longer be keeping up with characters from new sets.

I am still playing the game but my purchases will be very limited.

As for my Heroclix page, well it will take on a new format, although I am not sure precisely what that is going to be quite yet.  Most likely just a few fan ramblings and pictures of games.

Thanks for visiting.


So the one thing I'm not liking in modern Heroclix is that pieces have so many powers.  They can do everything.
So, with no real prize support at the moment I've taken to playing some fun silly teams, many from the early days of Heroclix.

Even managed to pick up a Hypertime starter.


Opal Luna Saturnyne
X of Swords (Chase)

xmxs061 Saturnyne

First appearance: UK: The Mighty World of Marvel: Marvel Superheroes #381 (Jan 1982)

A favourite character of mine is Saturnyne, occasion ally, but often adversary, to Captain Britain.  From Otherworld she rules as Omniversal Majestrix.  She ia s member of the Dimensional Development Court, overseeing the Captain Britain Corps and charged with the safekeeping and maintenance of order and reality of the entire Omniverse.

More recently Saturnyne was part of the X-Men X of Swords storyline.

In Heroclix is is a Chase figure with solid powers.  She is able to generate Captain Britain bystanders, and Mastermind any damage she would take onto any Captain Britain with six squares.  Power Cosmic protects her Mastermind power from Outwit and she has the Mystic Team Ability as well as other offensive capabilities.  Fun to play while looing magnificent in the process.

For more information see Saturnyne - Wikipedia


Royal Flush Gang

BATMAN BEYOND - DC Tournament kit



DC Notorious

After some time playing these I'm really getting a lot of joy out of the Notorious figures.  At first it felt like a set of support pieces, but alongside Batman Team-Up you have pretty much all you need from DC.  Great set.

 You get all the usual suspects; Batman, Harley Quinn, a great sculpt Poison Ivy and a load of goons to fill out teams.


Marvel Cosmic Team with Thanos


2023 Batman Team-Up - loving Mystery Inc.


And the new Gotham Underworld characters are fun too


2022 Halloween Heroclix @ Stourbridge Wargamers


This was such a fun team to play.


A recent 'Warrior' Theme Team of Indyclix


Wayland Forge 14/05/22


And not forgetting the new Galactus.  Though not that great on his 100pt line.
But you can't deny he looks awesome on the table.  You don't need to win if you look so awesome.


I got offered a (near complete) case of Indy Clix.  Couldn't say no to that.
And what a great array of characters.  Some of these will certainly be finding their way to the table soon.

Plenty of 2000AD figures, including Judge Dredd.


And a few Silver Ring rare figures.  Very happy to get Judge Death, even if he does have an odd dial.







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