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New Rules 2017
Wizkids have finally released the new rules, along with some errata. 
First hard copy will be available in The Mighty Thor starter

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A guide to Heroclix

First off, please note that I am far from an expert on Heroclix.  I play and collect Heroclix because it's a fun game and great to play with mates.  If you take the collecting too seriously it can become VERY expensive, especially as the game has been going since 2002. 

The best place to start is by picking up a Starter Set (although they can be hard to find as they sell out quick) and just play with a few figures.  If you can't find a starter find a local games group.  The rules can be downloaded, as can the PAC, and maps can be bought cheaply online from Heroclix retailers and eBay.

What do you need?

A Map

Serveral six-sided dice

Some tokens (poker chips are good, and there are official ones available)

Some Heroclix

What is available?

Starter set
Usually comes with 6 figures, a map and the rules.

Fast Forces
Usually includes 6 figures.  The older Fast Forces also included a map, current ones don't.

Heroclix Boosters
These are the regular boosters of 5 random figures. 

Counter-top display and Gravity Feeds
Smaller sets sold in single boosters.

Limited Edition figures
These can be Monthly Organised Play kits (OP Kits), Prize figures, Convention Exclusives and the occasional retail figures and scenario packs.

A few sets come with Super-Boosters.  These large packs may include Colossal figures or Team Bases depending upon the set.

Token Sets
A set of six Superhero themed poker chips with themed dice.



Figure Rarity

Common, Uncommon, Rare (1 per booster), Super-Rare (1 every 3 boosters), Chase (1 per case).

Unique figures (Silver border) - only one of this figure can be on a team.

Prime (Green border)- only a single Prime figure can be on a team.



What are the best figures?

Go to HC Realms and ask that.  It's all personal.  While some figures really are better than others, some figures usefulness is determined by play-style and the team.

Are Chase and Super-Rare figures better?

Not necessarily.  There might be the odd good one, but there are just as many great Common figures too,  So while collecting figures can get addictive it doesn't have to be expensive if you don't want it to.



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