Guide to Heroclix rarity


With a 15 year history there have been a lot of Heroclix models, and some are a lot easier to get than others.

 Here is a (probably incomplete) guide to Heroclix collecting.


Standard Rarities - Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (silver), Super Rare (gold), Chase (bronze)


White - Common

examples here are The Flash (Elseworlds) and Iron Man (The mighty Thor)


Green - Uncommon

examples here are Wonder Woman (Elseworlds) and Executioner (The Mighty Thor).

Silver - Rare

examples here are Green Lantern (Elseworlds) and Volstagg (The Mighty Thor).

Gold - Super Rare

examples here are Leatherback (Elseworlds) and Maestro (The Mighty Thor)

Bronze - Chase

example; Green Arrow (Elseworlds)

Silver Ring - Unique

Unique figures can  be found in all rarity slots.  Only one of this figure may be in a Team.

Green Ring - Prime

Some sets include Prime figures, usually one Prime in C, UC, R and SR rarities.  Each Prime will usually be an alternate version of a regular figure of the same number.  Only a single Prime figure may be included in a Team.

Limited Edition

OP Kit.  Organised Play Kits are available to stores to give out as monthly prizes for in-store events.

Peanut Base

These figures take up two squares on the map.  Example here is The Flashes (Brave and the Bold).

Duo Figures

These figures can be on a Single or Peanut base and can use the Split and Merge abilities (under old rules).  Examples here are Batman and Robin (Classic Batman), Batman and Catwoman (Brave and the Bold) and Batman and Robin (Justice League).


These can be of varying base size and generally require another character be the pilot.  Examples here are the GCPD Cruiser and Batmobile (both from Batman).

Team Bases

These special pieces have associated 'clix base' characters that can be removed from their base to be added to the Team Base.  Example; Justice League.  Most Team Bases were from Super Boosters.

Sketch Variant

The DC Joker's Wild! and Marvel Superior Foes of Spider-Man sets included the much maligned Sketch Variants.  Every figure of these sets has a Sketch Variant; the dials are unchanged.

Shifting Focus

While these figures are still acquired like any other, if you have the relevant figures you can swap between figures to vary your Powers in-game.  Example; Doctor Strange (Avengers/Defenders War).

Clix FX markers

Some available as a set, others coming with certain figures.  These markers are not essential but serve as reminders for a figures Special Powers such as Smoke Cloud or Barrier.

Case Incentive

The Skyscraper Wonder Woman was available to buy if you ordered an entire case of Heroclix (Elseworlds).

Prize figures

Some figures are available only as prizes in tournaments.  Example; Bat-Knight prize figure from 2017 UK Regional.

Convention Exclusives

Available as a direct purchase, but alas only from a participating gaming convention.  due to that rarity it can make Convention Exclusives the most sought after and expensive figures to acquire.

Colossal figures

These are the largest Heroclix.  Some are available in Super-Boosters while others are available as Convention Exclusives.

Example; Groot (The Mighty Thor)


Non Marvel/DC

Not every set is based on comics. Examples here are Grim Reaper (Undead), Thousand-Eyes Idol (Yu-Gi-Ho!), Razor (DOTA), The Trooper (Iron Maiden).  Other sets include Star Trek, TMNT, Lord of the Rings and Kick-Ass!


Currently retired from Modern play these powerful items can be assigned to certain characters to boost or grant them Powers.  These were available from an in-store tournament. 

Example; Infinity Gauntlet.

Bystander Tokens

These small rewards have been given out at recent convention and store organised tournaments.  The token is effectively a single 'click' character that can be added to your team.  Example; Ape Batman.



Equipment can be included in your team and 'Equipped' to some characters to grant additional Powers.

Fun & Gimmicks

The Toyman (Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes) here can attach and detach 'Toys' to change his abilities.


Team Abilities

Some characters, like Batman here, have a Team Ability printed on their base.  Team Abilities grant characters extra powers and abilities.


Set Symbol - printed rarity colour of the figure is the Set Symbol the figure is associated with.
Below you can see the Set Symbols for Elseworlds, Deadpool & X-Force, The Mighty Thor and Civil War OP.




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