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Deadpool & X-Force
Quality of sculpts 4
Character selection 3
Playability 4
Overall 4

Favourites of the set

001A Deadpool - shifting focus Deadpool
017 Deadpool
033 Deadpool
034A Deadpool
039 Squirrel Girl - this is club Squirrel
050 Hellcow
014 Cable - oh how I can't stand Cable, but truly he's one of the strongest pieces in the set.

Special mention - 039 Squirrel Girl

As our role-playing group is Club Squirrel it's only natural I'd want Squirrel Girl.


050 Hellcow

First Appearance: Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 (August, 1975)~

Sometime in the 1670's the vampire Dracula, who was starving for blood, fed on Bessie the cow.  Bessie died but several nights later rose as a vampire cow.

Many years later Bessie, presumed dead following an encounter with Howard the Duck, is resurrected by Dr. Kilgore.  Hellcow teams up with Deadpool to defeat the mad doctor.

Deadpool Team-Up #885 (April 2011)

Marvel Wiki - Hellcow



#012 Grizzly
(Theodore Winchester)
First appearance X-Force #8 (March 1992)

Theodore Winchester was the fourth individual to bear the name Grizzly. He was one of the members of Cable's mercenary group originally named the Wild Pack.

The first Grizzly was Ace Fenton, a criminal in the Wild West, whose first appearance was in Rawhide Kid Vol. 4 #40 (June, 1964)

Wiki - Grizzly


(Maxwell Markham - 3rd Grizzly)
First appearance Amazing Spider-Man #139 (December 1974)

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