Fast Forces
101 Spiders Man
102 Black Panther
103 Spider-Man
104 President Osborn
105 The Skull
106 King Britain

001a Spider-Girl
001b Venom
002 Silver Sable
003 Lizard
004 Morbius
005 Rhino
006 Sandman
007 Tinkerer
008 Vulturion
009 Police Sergeant
010 The Hydra
011 The Hydra
012 Red Union Jack
013 Spiders Man
014 Black Panther
015 Spider-Man
016 Karnak

017 Jackal
018 Ezekiel Sims
019a Vulture
019b Vulture
020 Crime Master
021 Fancy Dan
022 Montana
023 Ox
024 Electro
025 Luke Cage
026 The Hydra (Falcon)
027 The Hydra (Sharon Carter)
028 Blue Union Jack
029 President Osborn
030 The Skull
031 King Britain
032 Black Knight

033 Namor
034 Doctor Octopus
035 Beetle
036 Alistair Smythe
0037a Spider-Man
0037b Spider-Man
038 Stegron
039 The Rose
040 Mr. Negative
041 Fancy Dan
042 Montana
043 Ox
044 Clea
045 Madame Hydra
046 Man-Wolf
0047 Black Bolt
048 Triton

049 Lady Octopus
050 Green Goblin
051 Venom
052 Captain America, Resilient
053a Spider-Woman
053b Spider-Woman
054 Daredevil
055 Hulk
056 Iron Man
057 X-51
058 Loki
059 Gorgon
060 Medusa

061 Venom Black Panther
062 Captain Venom
063 Venom Gwenpool
064 Venom Iron Man
065 Venom Rocket Raccoon
066 Venom Spider-Man

067 Captain Marvel

0100 Scarlet Spider


Marvel - Earth X

Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 2
Playability 2 
Overall 2

Okay, I've not read Earth X, but that is because the story does not appeal.   The character selection in this set holds little interest, but at least there are some unmade characters.  I'm not a big fan of Venom, so to have yet another set of Venom Chase figures is quite underwhelming. And to top it off I sadly didn't enjoy the pre-release.


Earth X is a 1999 comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. Earth X was written by Jim Krueger

with art by John Paul Leon. Based on Alex Ross' notes, the series features a dystopian version of the Marvel Universe.

055 Hulk
First appearance: Earth X #0 (March, 1999)

Bruce Banner of Earth 9997 differs from the more well known incarnation of Banner/Hulk.  When he mutates he separates into two entities, a ten year old Bruce Banner and a primitive Hulk.

This is by far my favourite figure from the set.  
031 King Britain & 106 King Britain (fast forces)
First appearance: Earth X #9 (December, 1999)

King Britain is Excalibur's Brian Braddock of Earth 9997.
King Britain and Meggan were married to each other and they continued to fight in Excalibur. After the worlds mutation Excalibur fought against the Grey Gargoyle.



021 Fancy Dan
First appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Mar 1964)

Fancy Dan and the original Enforcers (Montana and Ox) make their first appearance under the employ of the Big Man. During this time, they have their first run-in with their long time nemesis Spider-Man, but Spider-Man defeats the trio.


028 Blue Union Jack
First appearance: Earth X #9 (December, 1999)

The Union Jacks are a group of soldiers that are biologically engineered to be the perfect fighting force. They are modelled after the legendary line of costumed adventurers who took on the mantle of Union Jack. Each warrior's skin is patterned like the British flag.

These warriors defend the United Kingdom, with an armed guard stationed at Buckingham Palace, home of King Britain.

002 Silver Sable
First appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #265 (June 1985)

Silver Sable leads the mercenary group The Wild Pack. Their operations drive the national economy of the small European state of Symkaria which lies next to Latveria, the nation ruled by Doctor Doom.

eax063 Venom Gwenpool
First Appearance: Edge of Venomverse #2 (September, 2017)

Gwenpool of Earth-TRN646 is bonded with a Venom symbiote.
She teamed up with Daredevil and battled the Hand.


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