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Quality of sculpts 4
Character selection 3
Playability 4
Overall 4

A great set limited only by the amount of repeat sculpts and characters.

45 EW005 The Flash
70 EW011 Diana Prince (Justice Rider)
60 EW012 Kid Flash (Justice Rider)
160 EW027 Superman
140 EW041 Sinestro




Favourite Figure

047 Batman

Source - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1996)





Skyscraper Wonder Woman (case incentive)

First appearance : Wonder Woman Vol 1 #122 - May, 1961

DC Wiki - Skyscraper Wonder Woman


Justice Riders


In the Wild West Sherfiff Diana Prince, Kid Flash lead the Justice Riders against Felix Faust with a showdown at Helldorado.


DC Wiki - Justice Riders


043 Leatherwing

First Appearance: Detective Comics Annual #7 - (January, 1994)


Leatherwing, of Earth 494, is a Privateer Captain of the Spanish ship Flying Fox
whose secret harbour is sought out by the rival Laughing Man and Captain Felina.



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