First appearance: Strange Tales #135 (Aug/ 1965)

Hydra are a terrorist organisation set on world domination originally headed by businessman Arnold Brown, Imperial Hydra.
Following the death of Imperial Hydra the organisation fell under the rule Baron Strucker and the Red Skull.

The groups known as Secret Empire and A.I.M are organisations that broke away from Hydra following the death of Baron Strucker.

"Hail, Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us! Hail Hydra!"
—The Hydra Oath from Strange Tales #135 (Aug. 1965)

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046 Imperial Hydra
Set: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
First appearance: Strange Tales #135 (August 1965)

Following the death of his wife, Arthur Brown joined the criminal organisation Hydra and soon worked his way to the top with the intent of providing for his daughter.  He even inducted his daughter into Hydra under the title Agent H.

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053 Baron Strucker
Set: Captain America
First appearance: Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5 (Jan 1964)

Born in the 19th Century Baron Strucker, from Bavaria, fought in WWI with Germany and as a Nazi in WWII.  He has been physically augmented to be nearly ageless. He has been seemingly killed in the past only to return to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide, time and time again.

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016 Red Skull
Set: Avengers Movie
First appearance: Captain America Comics #7 (Timely Comics, October 1941)

Possibly Captain America's biggest villain.  A Nazi and leader of Hydra, his history is far too much for me to cover here.

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026 Viper
Set: Captain America
First appearance: Captain America vol.1 #110 (February, 1969)

Ophelia Sarkissian was orphaned as a child. She taken as a child and raised by Hydra. She rose through the ranks to become Hydra  Leader under the title Madame Hydra. She first appeared as a leader of Hydra under the codename Madame Hydra, and first fought and captured Captain America while trying to contaminate New York City's water supply.

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028 Hive
Set: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
First appearance: Secret Warriors #2 (May 2009)

Hive was genetically engineered by Hydra, his body composed of untold numbers of genetically-engineered parasites.

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049 M.O.D.A.M.
Set: Age of Ultron: Storyline Organised Play
First appearance: West Coast Avengers #36 (Sep 1988)

MODAM (Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers), is a mutated secret agent of A.I.M. Her first assignment as MODAM was acquiring Quasar's quantum bands.

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