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2 Iron Man
3 Punisher
4 Daredevil
5 Thor
6 Iron Lad
7 Oni Hulk
8 Punisher Squad
9 Dr. Stark
10 Iron Rick
11 Molly Hayes
12 Chase Stein
13 Jessica Jones
14 Spider-Man
15 Iron Man
16 Punisher
17 Daredevil
18 Thor
19 Captain Britain Iron Man
20 Oni Leader
21 Punisher Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
22 Dr. Stark
23 Iron Punisher
24 Karolina Dean
25 TV's Spider-Man
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27 Iron Man
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29 Daredevil
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31 Nico Minoru
32 Victorious
33 Spider-Ma'am
34 TV's Daredevil
35 Daredevil, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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37 Gertrude Yorkes & Old Lace
38 Cosmic Spider-Man
39 Peter the Hunter
40 Goblin King
41 The Advocate
42 Punisher of the Strange
43 Peace Machine
44 Thordis
45 In-Betweener
46 Scarlet Centurion
47 Poison
48 Venom Hulk
49 Venom Thor
50 Venom Punisher

100 The Captain

101 Spider-Man
102 Iron Man
103 Punisher
104 Daredevil
105 Thor
106 Nico Minoru

G001 Ameridroid

10th Anniversary - What If?

What If?
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 2
Playability 2
Overall 3

Stand-out characters

001 Spider-Man
007 Oni Hulk
025 TV's Spider-Man
038 Cosmic Spider-Man
040 Goblin King

I have mixed feelings about this set.  It had too many repeats of the same character, repeating characters only just made in Avengers/Defenders War.  But the sculpts are solid and and the set is quite a fun one.  Playability, hmmm... not that great if only because Goblin King kind of ruins things by being too good.

Special mention

033 Spider-Ma'am

First appearance: What If? Vol.1 23
"What if Aunt May had been bitten by a radioactive spider?"


Favourite Figure 007 Oni Hulk
C'mon, what's more fun than an army of Hulks?

Oni Hulk 1st appearance - What if? Vol.2 71
"What if the Gamm Bomb spawned a thousand Hulks?"


009 & 022 Dr. Stark
What If? Vol 2 #113 (October 1998)
"What if Tony Start became Sorcerer Supreme?"

Tony Stark is Sorcerer Supreme battling the dread Dormammu to save the Earth.

Marvel Wiki - Dr. Stark
025 TV's Spider-Man
What If? Vol 1 #19 (February 1980)
"What If Spider-Man Had Stopped the Burglar Who Killed His Uncle?"

Dressed as Spider-Man, following as wrestling match Peter Parker apprehends a burglar, the same burglar that would have gone on to murder his uncle Ben. 

Peter, as spider-Man, goes on to guest on the tonight Show and gets offered a movie career.

Marvel Wiki - TV's Spider-Man

Not to be confused with this TV Spider-Man...
040 Goblin King
What If? Infinity - Dark Reign Vol 1 #1 - October, 2015

In an alternate reality Green Goblin acquires the Infinity Gauntlet. In a tyrannical rampage he destroys all who cross him before resurrecting his father from whom he is still looking for approval.

Marvel Wiki - What_If? Dark Reign

019 Captain Britain Iron Man
First appearance: February, 2007 (Captain Britain: October 1976)

"...What If Legion Had Killed Xavier and Magneto?"

In an alternate timeline Captain Britain wears Iron Man's armour.
He is a member of the Defenders, their version of the Avengers.

Wiki - Captain Britain

The true Captain Britain

First appearance: Runaways #1 (July 2003)

When Alex, Chase, Gert, Karolina, Molly, and Nico witness their parents sacrifice a girl in an occult ceremony, the group runs off.  They soon learn their true heritage and special powers. Stealing resources from their parents, including futuristic gauntlets, a dinosaur, and a mystical Staff, they start to fight back.

031 Nico Minoru
037 Gertrude Yorkes & Old Lace
012 Chase Stein
024 Karolina Dean
011 Molly Hayes

013 Victor Mancha (set: Age of Ultron: Storyline Organized Play)

Alex Wilder will appear in the upcoming Heroclix set Secret Wars: Battleworld

Wiki - Runaways


Marvel's Runaways - TV series

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