10th Anniversary - What If?

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What If?
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 2
Playability 2
Overall 3

Stand-out characters

001 Spider-Man
007 Oni Hulk
025 TV's Spider-Man
038 Cosmic Spider-Man
040 Goblin King

I have mixed feelings about this set.  It had too many repeats of the same character, repeating characters only just made in Avengers/Defenders War.  But the sculpts are solid and and the set is quite a fun one.  Playability, hmmm... not that great if only because Goblin King kind of ruins things by being too good.

Special mention

033 Spider-Ma'am

First appearance: What If? Vol.1 23
"What if Aunt May had been bitten by a radioactive spider?"


Favourite Figure 007 Oni Hulk
C'mon, what's more fun than an army of Hulks?

Oni Hulk 1st appearance - What if? Vol.2 71
"What if the Gamm Bomb spawned a thousand Hulks?"


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