The Children of Thanos



Also known as the Children of Thanos, they are the evil alien servants of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Proxima Midnight - Black Dwarf - Corvus Glaive - Ebony Maw - Supergiant

Black Order Heroclix figures currently available

M19-106 Supergiant
MP19--104 Black Dwarf


034 Proxima Midnight
051 Corvus Glaive
062 Challenger
067 Ebony Maw


007a Thanos Duplicate
014 Outrider
058 Thanos


G018 Thanos


025 Ebony Maw
046 Black Dwarf
047a Thanos
048 Supergiant
049 Corvus Glaive
050 Proxima Midnight


Black Dwarf
First appearance Cameo appearance: New Avengers #8 (September 2013)

A member of the Black Order who has super-strength, enhanced density, and impenetrable skin. He is the brother of Corvus Glaive. He is killed by Ronan the Accuser.

Corvus Glaive
First appearance Infinity: Free Comic Book Day (May 2013)

Thanos' most favoured general who has enhanced strength, speed, durability, and endurance and uses a bladed pike which can cut through anything. When Corvus Glaive has the bladed pike in his hand, it makes him immortal. He commits suicide to avoid being killed by Thanos.

Ebony Maw
First appearance Cameo appearance: New Avengers #8 (September 2013)

A member of the Black Order who has genius-level intellect, and specializes in persuasion. He utilizes a teleportation device and force field generator.

Proxima Midnight
First appearance Cameo appearance: New Avengers #8 (September 2013)

A member of the Black Order and the wife of Corvus Glaive. She is a master hand-to-hand combatant, has super-strength and possesses a high degree of imperviousness to injury. Her lance transforms into unavoidable toxic light beams. She is killed by Hela.


First appearance Infinity #1 (October 2013)

A member of the Black Order with telepathic abilities. She is apparently killed by Lockjaw, but later returns as a being of psychic energy.

Black Swan
First appearance: New Avengers #1 (January 2013)

Yabbat Ummon Tarru was a princess on Earth-1365 and became its lone survivor. When she was four years old, her earth was involved in an incursion event, where two universes are colliding with each other at the focal point of their Earths. A race of beings called Black Priests came from the parallel Earth, intent on destroying her Earth to save their own universe and killing anyone who stood in their way. She fled into the Library of Worlds, a way station of the multiverse. There she was met by three Black Swans (female beings each of a different appearance) who took her in and raised her to be a Black Swan.

Thanos later recruited Black Swan and Proxima Midnight to join his second incarnation of the Black Order.

There have also been later different incarnations versions of the Black Order

Corvus Glaive's version
Corvus Glaive - Leader. Committed suicide.
Coven - A trio of three unnamed witches. Following Corvus Glaive's death, the Coven remained allied with Thanos.

Thanos' second version
Proxima Midnight
Black Swan of Earth-1365

Challenger's version
Black Dwarf
Black Swan
Corvus Glaive
Ebony Maw
Proxima Midnight

Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf (renamed Cull Obsidian), Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

The Black Order have also appeared on TV in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Assemble animated series.


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