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Joker's Wild!
Jokers Wild
Quality of sculpts 5
Characters 5
Playability 5
Overall 5

Loved this set.  Lots of my favourite characters, plus the Justice Society sub-theme.  As close to a perfect set for me, and the first Heroclix set I completed, minus the chase figures.  The sketch variants were a downside, but I did manage to collect all regular figures with the exceptions of Johnny Thunder & Jakeem Thunder.

002 Harley Quinn
050 The Penguin
055 Man-Bat
053B Jakeem Thunder
059 The Joker

#035 Killer Moth

First appearance: Batman #63 (February 1951)
Killer Moth is a criminal adversary to Batman. While in prison he heard about Batman so set himself up to be the anti-Batman, hiring himself out to other criminals.

Wiki - Killer Moth


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