001 The Joker
002 Harley Quinn
003a The Joker Thug
003b Anarky
004 Kobra Fanatic
005a Court of Owls Initiate
005b Court of Owls Initiate
006 Thanagarian
007 Commissioner Gordon
008 Green Arrow
009 Robin
010 Wildcat
011 Court of Owls Assassin
012 Amanda Waller
013 Colonel Rick Flag, Jr.
014 Black Lightning
015 Harvey Bullock
016 Batman
017 Red Hood
018 Harley Quinn
019 Hourman
020 Tattooed Man
021 Ra's Al-Ghul
022 The Atom
023a Manhunter
023b Manhunter
024 Technocrat
025 Hawkman
026 Bronze Tiger
027 Robin
028 Vicki Vale
029 Calculator
030 Two-Face
031 Kobra
032 Merlyn
033 The Joker
034 Harley Quinn
035 Killer Moth
036 The Flash
037a Looker
037b Looker
038 Talon
039 El Diablo
040 Sandman
041 The Spectre
042 Dr. Fate
043 Lady Shiva
044 Katana
045 Deadshot
046 Grace
047 Killer Croc
048 Firefly
049 Mr. Freeze
050 The Penguin
051 The Riddler
052 Green Lantern
053a Johnny Thunder
053b Jakeem Thunder
054 Geo-Force
055 Man-Bat
056 Plastic Man
057 Bane
058 Clayface
059 The Joker
060 The Joker
061 Bizarro Wonder Woman
062 Bizarro Batman
063 Bizarro Joker
064 Bizarro Hawkgirl
065 Bizarro Aquaman
066 Bizarro Green Arrow
s100 The Joker's Gas Canister

Joker's Wild!

Joker's Wild!
Jokers Wild
Quality of sculpts 5
Characters 5
Playability 5
Overall 5

Loved this set.  Lots of my favourite characters, plus the Justice Society sub-theme.  As close to a perfect set for me, and the first Heroclix set I completed, minus the chase figures.  The sketch variants were a downside, but I did manage to collect all regular figures with the exceptions of Johnny Thunder & Jakeem Thunder.

002 Harley Quinn
050 The Penguin
055 Man-Bat
053B Jakeem Thunder
059 The Joker

The Court of Owls

Court of Owls

#005a/b Court of Owls Initiate
#011 Court of Owls Assassin
#038 Talon
First appearance: Batman Vol. 2 #3 (October 2011)

A secret society that have operated in the shadows of Gotham City's elite since it's founding. The Court have manipulated and controlled the city. In times of need they can call on the Talon's, powerful undead assassins who are totally subservient to the Court.

Despite only recently appearing in the comics, in New52 Batman #3 the Court of Owls have already made a great impact, even appearing in the Gotham TV series.

Wiki - Court of Owls

#010 Wildcat
First appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (January 1942)

Ted Grant was the original Wildcat. A world-class heavyweight boxer and member of the Justice Society. He took up his costumed persona to clear his name after getting mixed up in the criminal underworld. A hot headed individual, Wildcat was boxing mentor to Batman, Black Canary and even Superman.

Wiki - Wildcat

#014 Black Lightning
First appearance: Black Lightning #1 (April 1977)

A teacher who originally had a power belt giving him electrical powers which he used to fight crime in a slum area of Metropolis.

Over the years her has made many appearances, including being part of the Justice League of America and the Outsiders, a team formed by Batman. Black Lightning has appeared in Batman: Brave and the Bold TV series and now has his own Live Action TV Series.

Wiki - Black Lightning


#035 Killer Moth
First appearance: Batman #63 (February 1951)

Killer Moth is a criminal adversary to Batman. While in prison he heard about Batman so set himself up to be the anti-Batman, hiring himself out to other criminals.

Wiki - Killer Moth


012 Amanda Waller, 039 El Diablo, 045 Deadshot, 034 Harley Quinn, 013 Colonel Rick Flag, Jr.,
WKD15-015 Captain Boomerang (Limited Edition), 047 Killer Croc


Suicide Squad
First appearance: The Brave and the Bold #25 (September 1959)

The Suicide Squad are a secret US Government team that undertake dangerous missions. The team is usually made up of prisoners who work for the team in exchange for time off their sentence.  The original Suicide Squad included Rick Flag Jr., his girlfriend Karen Grace, Dr. Hugh Evans, and Jess Bright.

There have been various incarnations of the Suicide Squad over the years with te team regularly rotating.

More recently the hit Suicide Squad film staring Wil Smith and Margot Robbie has brought the Suicide Squad to a greater audience.



012 Amanda Waller
First appearance: Legends #1 (November 1986)

Amanda Waller runs Task Force X, the Suicide Squad. She is a cold hearted government agent who is willing to make any sacrifices to to meet her ends. She is hated by the members of the Suicide Squad, and far from popular with other hero organisations and with individuals such as Batman.

Wiki - Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad


056 Plastic Man
First appearance: Police Comics #1 (August 1941)

Patrick O'Brian is Plastic Man, capable of stretching his body into all kinds of forms.
A one time petty crook who gained his powers after getting covered in chemicals in a botched robbery.  Following gaining his powers he became a force for good helping the Police, FBI and eventually the Justice League.

Wiki - Plastic Man


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