001 Deathstroke
002 Jericho
003 Rose Wilson
004 Terra
005 Kid Flash
006 Power Girl
007 Commander Steel
008 Adeline Kane
009 Deimos
010 Nightwing
011a Duke Thomas
011b The Signal
012 Aqualad
013 Cyborg
014 Prez Rickard
015 Wonder Woman
016 Super-Man

017 Deathstroke
018 Jericho
019 Ravager
020 Terra
021 Kid Flash
022 Power Girl
023a Steel
023b Citizen Steel
024 Veronica Cale
025 Phobos
026 Billy Batson
027 Colonel Poison
028 Tempest
029 Mr. Terrific
030 Artemis
031 Batman
032 The Flash (Justice League of China)

033 Superboy
034 Orphan
035 Superwoman
036 Dolphin
037a Shazam
037b Black Adam
038 Beast Boy
039 Bumblebee
040 Raven
041 Cyclone
042 Adrianna Tomaz
043 Lady Vic
044 Shade, the Changing Girl
046 Red Hood
047 The Flash
048 Bat-Man

Super Rares
049 Black Canary (Bombshell)
050 Robin (Damian Wayne and Goliath)
051 Lex Luthor
052 Mister Oz
053 Clayface
054 Black Manta
055 Starfire
056 Jessica Cruz
057 Deathstroke
058 Flex Mentallo
059a Superman
059b Bizarro
060 Wonder-Woman

061 The Red Death
062 The Murder Machine
063 Dawnbreaker
064 The Drowned
065 The Merciless
066 The Devastator
067 The Batman Who Laughs
068 Barbatos

Fast Forces
The Flash
Wonder Woman


DC - Rebirth

Quality of sculpts 4
Character selection 5
Playability  4
Overall  4
Some very nice sculpts in this set and a good selection on previous un-clixed characters; the Teen Titans and Justice League of China play really well together.  And the inclusion of Batman Metal is a bonus, despite them being Chase figures.

DC Rebirth - Pre-Release


054 Black Manta
First appearance: Aquaman #35 (September 1967)

A member of the Injustice League and Nemesis to Aquaman.  He wears a black wetsuit with a bug-eyed helmet that is capable of shooting rays from its eyes.

Wiki - Black_Manta

Black Manta in the Aquaman film



036 Dolphin
First appearance: Showcase #79 (Dec. 1968)

As a very young girl she fell overboard from a cruise ship. She was saved, but then experimented on
by an alien race who gave her acquired gills, webbed fingers and toes, shining white hair, superhuman strength, resilience to deep water pressures, and a slowed aging process.

Rebirth - Dolphin joined Aquaman in defending Atlanteans from persecution in the Aquaman Rebirth series.
064 The Drowned
First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1 (September, 2017)

Bryce Wayne, the Batwoman of Earth -11, is The Drowned, one of Barbatos' Dark Knights.  She along with her fellow Knights would soon mount an assault of the core Multiverse above their array of dark worlds. Through the sacrificial offering of Prime Earth's Bruce Wayne counterpart, she and the rest of her brethren crept through the portal created from him into the Earth-0 Universe and began their invasion

016 Super-Man
First Appearance: New Super-Man #1 (September, 2016)

Kong Kenan is the Superman of China. He is the result of the Super-Man of China project.

He was begrudging sent on the mission by Doctor Omen to save Wei Li, C.E.O. of the biggest network support company in the Nation from the Freedom Fighter Sunbeam. Even though Wonder-Woman and Bat-Man told him not to engage Sunbeam, he saw Wei Li in danger so punched Sunbeam. She then shot Kenan with a solar beam causing him to power up and defeat Sunbeam. Along with Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman he is a member of the Justice League of China.

041 Cyclone
First appearance: Justice Society of America vol. 3 #1 (2006)

Maxine Hunkel is the granddaughter of the original Red Tornado, Abigail "Ma" Hunkel, an honorary member of the Justice Society and current caretaker of their headquarters.

Maxine officially debuts as Cyclone in Justice Society of America #3. During this time, she also gains a pet monkey named "Frankie", whom she dresses up to look like one of the winged monkeys from The Wizard of Oz.


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