Story Line Organised Play (SLOP)

Story Line Organised Play
Civil War (2016)
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 4
Playability 3
Overall 3
Some very nice sculpts, and solid stats for the points, it's just that following other Avengers themed sets, and Avengers: Age of Ultron the previous year, Avengers were getting a bit tiresome. 

Personally I enjoyed the figures at the time but have used very few of them since.   Favourite figures from the set were Venom and Taskmaster and the prize figures Spider-Man and Namor. 

It was also great to see She-Hulk and Speedfreek in the set.  Other fun characters include Punisher and Jester.

First appearance: Daredevil #42 (July 1968)

The original Jester was Jonathan Powers, a criminal who was primarily an opponent of Daredevil. A trained acrobat he uses an arsenal of joke-themed weapons.

First appearance Cloak and Dagger vol. 3 #8 (November, 1989)

The second Jester is Jody Putt, a fan of super villains who obtained the costume of Jester after he retired. He has no special powers but uses weaponry and robots originally created by Doctor Doom.

Wiki - Jester

cwsop016 Radioactive Man
First appearance: Journey into Mystery #93 (June 1963)

Nuclear physicist Chen is a Communist agent in the People's Republic of China.
He was ordered to find a way to defeat Thor, and in doing so exposes himself to small doses of radiation until he is able to endure a massive barrage, becoming a living "Radioactive Man". He plans to eventually take over the world.

Wiki - Radioactive Man

cwsop037 Speedfreek
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #388 (1991)

A criminal low-life with a drug habit. He stole his his powered suit from an inventor. Originally planning to sell the suit he realised he could make more money by committing crimes using it. His fist encounter with Superheroes was with none other than The Incredible Hulk!

Marvel Wiki - Speedfreek


Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Quality of sculpts 3
Characters 2
Playability 3
Overall 3

I was Avengers'd-out on Heroclix before this set came out, and the film wasn't that great either.  Aside from the multitude of Ultron Drones characters selection wasn't great, but there were a couple of fun pieces like M.O.D.A.M.  Jocaster is a great Entity for Robots, but the Super-Rare Ultons were over-powered.

My biggest use of this set now is using the 30pt Ultron Drone as a Vehicle pilot.

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