1 Superman
2 Wonder Woman
3 Batman
4 Parademon
5 Amazon
6 Investigative Reporter
7 Newsboy Legion
8 Soldier
9 Accountable
10 Huntress
11 Power Girl
12 Steel
013a Guardian
013b Captain Atom
14 Coldcast
15 Hat
16 Menagerie
17 Superman
18 Wonder Woman
019a Superman II
019b Brutaal
20 Hawkgirl
21 Red Tornado
22 Mermaid
23 Apollo
24 Circe
25 Artemis
26 Clark Kent
27 Jimmy Olsen
28 General Lane
29 Lana Lang
30 Ulysses
31 Superboy
32 Sister Superior
33 Wonder Woman
34 Doctor Fate
35 Green Lantern
36 Hermes
37 First Born
38 Dr. Cyber
39 Doctor Psycho
40 Silver Swan
041a Superman Blue
041b Superman Red
42 Lori Lemaris
43 H'El
44 Maxima
45 Lady Blaze
46 Lord Satanus
47 Lois Lane
48 Lex Luthor
49 Superman
50 Krypto
51 Wraith
52 Vartox
053a Supergirl
053b Supergirl
54 Atomic Skull
55 Eclipso
56 Faust
57 Hades
58 Steppenwolf
59 Superdoom
60 Mr. Mxyzptlk
61 Batman
62 Bizarro
63 Brainiac
64 Green Light
65 Superman
66 Wonder Woman
100 Superman
6-001 Superman II
6-002 Batman II
6-003 Green Lantern
6-004 Hawkgirl
6-005 Red Tornado
6-006 Doctor Fate
G001 The Atom
G002 Batman/Superman Robot
G003 Brimstone
G004 Solaris
G005 Titano
G006 War Wheel

S100 The Helmet of Fate

DC - Superman / Wonder Woman

Superman / Wonder Woman
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 3
Playability 3
Overall 3

Despite solid sculpts and an interesting array of characters this set still somehow falls short in playability.  There may be a nice variety of characters, but most are a bit bland or generally uninteresting.   That's not to say there are not good figures in the set.  Kypto, Batman (Thomas Wayne), Mister Mxyzptlk and a solid 200pt Wonder Woman.  Not to mention the Colossals that introduce the Colossal Retaliation ability.

So good try, but not quite.

Stand-out characters

015 Hat
050 Krypto
060 Mr. Mxyzptlk
G002 Batman/Superman Robot
G003 Brimstone



smww003 Batman
(Thomas Wayne)
First appearance: Detective Comics #33 (November 1939)

Thomas Wayne is a famous surgeon and wealthy philanthropist in Gotham City, he is also the murdered father of Bruce Wayne - BATMAN.

Thomas Wayne has made various appearance over the years, most notably in the 2011 story Flashpoint the timeline is changed, it was Bruce who was killed and Thomas Wayne became Batman.

Wiki - Batman (Thomas Wayne)
smww013b Captain Atom
First appearance:
Allen Adam - Space Adventures #33 (March 1960)
Nathaniel Adam - Captain Atom vol. 3 #1 (March 1987)

Captain Atom has a long history in DC Comics, and in Charlton Comics before that. Two significant incarnations are Allen Adam and Nathaniel Adam. Captain Atom is able to absorb theoretically infinite amounts of energy which he can manipulate and use to grant himself flight or super strength.

As well as comics Captain Atom has appeared in other media, being a semi-regular in in the animated television series Justice League Unlimited.

Wiki - Captain Atom


060 Mr. Mxyzptlk
First appearance: Superman #30 (Sept. 1944)

This trickster is an imp from the "fifth dimension." He has near omnipotent reality bending powers.  He is often a foe of Superman, and may come from the same dimension as Bat-Mite. Among his many appearances he recently appears in the Supergirl TV show.

Wiki - Mister Mxyzptlk


appearance in Supergirl TV series

G003 Brimstone
First appearance: Legends #1. (1986)

Brimstone is an evil monster created on Apokolips. Darkseid sent him to Earth as a techno-seed during Legends, where he grew to full size inside a nuclear power plant. This made him incredibly dangerous and destructive. His first enemy was Firestorm. In this first encounter, the Suicide Squad defeated him at Mount Rushmore.
source: DC Wiki

In the animated series Justice League Unlimited Brimstone was a nuclear powered robot created by the nation Chong-Mai.

Wiki - Brimstone


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