001 Spider-Man
002 Black Mamba
003a NYPD Officer
003b Captain Stacy
004 Cape Killer
005 Thug
006 J. Jonah Jameson
007 Betty Brant
008 Spider-Girl
009 Rattler
010 Green Goblin
011 Kingpin
012 Dagger
013 Stilt-Man
014 Shocker
015 Tarantula
016 Vermin
017 Scarlet Spider
018 Toxin
019 Mary Jane
020 Silk
021 Nightwatch
022 Death Adder
023a Venom
023b Anti-Venom
024 Cottonmouth
025 Hobgoblin
026 Jackal
027 Anaconda
028 Norman Osborn
029 Overdrivep
030 Scorpion
031 Spider-Man
032 Mr. Hyde
033 Beetle
034 Tiger Shark
035 Puff Adder
036 Cloak
037 Moon Knight
038 Vulture
039 Mysterio
040 Speed Demon
041a Sandman
041b Hydro-Man
042 Boomerang
043 Electro
044 Carnage
045 Lizard
046 Mephisto
047 Black Cat
048 Frog-Man
049 Spider-Man
050 Power Man & Iron Fist
051 Baron Zemo
052 Spider-Gwen
053a Kraven
053b Kraven
054 Devil Dinosaur
055 Doctor Octopus
056 Chameleon
057 Ares
058 Morlun
059 Spider-Man 2211
060 Superior Spider-Man
061 Spider-Man Noir
062 Spider-Punk
063 Old Man Spider
064 Spider-Knight
065 Cyborg Spider-Man
066 The Spider-Man
s101 Symbiote
s102 Web Shooter

Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Superior Foes of Spider-Man
Quality of sculpts  5
Characters   5
Playability   5
Overall   5

A very strong set, especially if you're a Spider-Man fan.  Not only does it have some competitive figures it has good sculpts and some fun characters.

Stand-Out characters

062 Spider-Punk
055 Doctor Octopus
052 Spider-Gwen
048 Frog-Man
045 Lizard



First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man - (July, 1974)

Anton Miguel Rodriquez, a blood-thirsty revolutionary from South America.  He moved to New York and formed a criminal gang before being brought down by Spider-Man.

Marvel Wiki - Tarantula




Marvel Super Heroes card game (1977)

As a kid I loved these cards.  It was through this game that I learnt about lots of Marvel comic characters.  One of the cards was for Tarantula.  So I was thrilled when I saw the figure in this Heroclix set.


Favourite figure: 054 Devil Dinosaur

Until I pulled this figure I had no idea who this was.  But it's a dinosaur in a smoking jacket with a pistol.  And to top that he is awesome in the game, generating multiple different bystander tokens for a mere 100pts.

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur #1 - (April, 1978)

There have been various Devil Dinosaurs over the years, and the version in this set is made his first appearance in Nextwave #12 - (March, 2007).

Marvel Wiki - Devil Dinosaur


Devil Dinosaur with custom bystander tokens


034 Tiger Shark
First appearance: Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner #5 (Sept. 1968)

A long time villain to Namor, the Sub Mariner and The Fantastic Four. Once an Olympic swimmer, following a spinal injury he undergoes surgery combing his own DNS with that of Namor and a Tiger shark. The operation was a physical success but changed him physically and mentally making him savage and predatory.

Wiki - Tiger shark

052 Spider-Gwen
First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (November, 2014)

On Earth 65 high school student Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider giving her amazing powers, she soon began her career as Spider-Woman.  Spider-Gwen is an alternate universe Spider-Man. The primary nemesis is Matt Murdock (Daredevil), who is the Kingpin of Earth 65.

Wiki - Spider-Gwen



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