The Mighty Thor

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The Mighty Thor
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 3
Playability 5
Overall 4

Stand-out characters

106 Hulk
033 Throg
034 Iron Rocket Man
043 Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man
056 Maestro

There are some great characters in this set including Enchantress and Hela, but I've only listed figures I own.  This set also included Equipment that comes with specific characters, such as The Bloodaxe that comes with 029A Executioner.



#058 Uni-Mind
First Appearance: Eternals #12 (June, 1977)

The Uni-Mind is a Gestalt Entity created by the Eternals.
The Uni-Mind possesses all the powers, knowledge and combined intellect of those who are part of it.

Marvel Wiki - Uni-Mind

#056  Maestro
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (December 1992)

Maestro is a future version of the Hulk from a time of a post-nuclear war.
Maestro is a more malevolent version of the Hulk but retains the memories of Bruce Banner.

Marvel Wiki - Maestro


My favourite figure, colossal Mangog

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