1 Romulan Centurion
2 Klingon Bekk
3 Starfleet Security Officer
4 Lokai
5 Talosian
6 Lt. Kyle
7 Ensign Chekov
8 Klingon Lieutenant
9 Nurse Chapel
10 Romulan Lieutenant
11 Tellarite
12 Tribbles
13 Andorian
14 Romulan Commander
15 Korax
16 Mr. Scott
17 Bele
18 The Keeper
19 Lt. Sulu
20 Dr. McCoy
21 Klingon Captain
22 Yeoman Rand
23 Romulan Legionnaire
24 Orion Female
25 Lt. Leslie
26 Captain Kirk
27 Mr. Spock
28 Klingon Commander
29 Lt. Uhura
30 Romulan Subcommander
31 M-113 Creature
32 Mugato
33 Taurean
34 Koloth
35 Horta
36 Mr. Spock
37 Charlie X
38 Uhura
39 Kor
40 Christopher Pike
41 Charvanek
42 Ruk
43 Gorn
44 Trelane
45 Shahna
46 Yarnek
47 Kang
48 Khan
49 Captain Kirk
50 Lt. Sulu

100 Captain Kirk

101 Captain Kirk
102 Mr. Spock
103 Mr. Scott
104 Dr. McCoy
105 Lt. Uhura
106 Lt. Sulu

Star Trek

Star Trek
Quality of sculpts 4
Characters 5
Playability 4
Overall 4


The Great Tribble hunt


031 M-113 Creature
Episode: "The Man Trap"
Original air date: September 6, 1966 (Canada)

The M-113 creature was the sole surviving member of an otherwise extinct species. The creature was capable of extracting salt from humanoids, causing pain to and even occasionally the death of the victim.
'The Man Trap' is the first Episode of Star Trek to air.


035 Horta
Episode: "The Devil in the Dark"
Original air date: March 9, 1967

The Horta is a highly intelligent, silicon-based species, that is capable of tunnelling through solid rock.  The Horta is discovered on the planet Janus IV, the Horta is female, and lives below the planet's Federation mining facility.


041 Charvanek
Episode: "The Enterprise Incident"
Original air date: September 27, 1968

Romulan commander Liviana Charvanek. She is encountered by the crew of the Enterprise while they are on a mission to steal a Romulan cloaking device.


043 Gorn
Episode: "Arena"
Original air date: January 19, 1967

the Enterprise pursues an alien ship of previously unknown design after it had attacked an Earth colony. A powerful race known as the Metrons force the captains of both ships to fight to settle the dispute. During the episode, it is discovered that the alien race calls themselves Gorn.[5][6] This first contact with the Federation occurred at Cestus III in 2267.


044 Trelane
Episode: "The Squire of Gothos"
Original air date: January 12, 1967

En route to the Beta VI colony to deliver supplies the Enterprise encountered the planet Gothos, and the playful, child-like alien Trelane.  Trelane is immensely powerful showing near god-like powers.


046 Yarnek
Episode: "The Savage Curtain"
Original air date: March 7, 1969

Yarnek was an Excalbian who, in 2269, diverted the USS Enterprise to Excalbia in order to study Human concepts of good and evil. He arranged for a conflict with Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and recreations of Abraham Lincoln and Surak on the side of "good," and Colonel Green, Dr. Zora of Tiburon, Genghis Khan and Kahless on the side of "evil."



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