X-Men Xavier's School

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X-Men Xavier's School
Quality of sculpts 3
Characters 2
Playability 2
Overall 3

Not a bad set, but not as strong as other recent sets.  I'm not familiar with quite a few characters in the set meaning it had less draw than other sets.

I've not bought much of this set, although was lucky enough to pull Chase Angel at the pre-release.  Nothing really stood out to me at the pre-release tournament, and I've only really gone out to get the X-Men in their classic outfits.

First Appearance: X-Factor #2 (March, 1986)

Marvel Wiki - Artie
Arthur "Artie" Maddicks is the son of a dedicated scientist, Dr. Carl Maddicks.
When his father was killed he was taken in by X-Factor. He an intelligent mute mutant
with powers of energy projection.



First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #40 (September, 2011)


Marvel Wiki - Broo

A member of the Brood race, abandonded by the Brood Queen for showing signs of compassion.

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