1 Cyclops
2 Marvel Girl
3 Beast
4 Iceman
5 X-Trainee
6 X-Student
007a Moira MacTaggart
007b Moira MacTaggart
8 Artie
9 Husk
010a Celeste Cuckoo
010b Mindee Cuckoo
010c Phoebe Cuckoo
11 Synch
12 Anole
13 Hellion
14 Rusty
15 Skids
16 Mystique
17 Beast
18 Iceman
19 Cyclops
20 Jean Grey
21 Cypher
22 Karma
023a Magneto
023b Magneto
24 Leech
25 Mercury
26 Jubilee
27 Mondo
28 Penance
29 Skin
30 Surge
31 Oya
32 Kitty Pryde
33 Angel
34 Storm
35 Darwin
36 All-New Wolverine
037a Professor X
037b Professor X
38 Magik
39 Sprite
40 Banshee
41 Chamber
42 M
43 Icarus
44 Rockslide
45 Broo
46 Goldballs
47 Prodigy
48 Phat
49 Professor X, Dreamer
50 Magneto, Realist
51 Angel
52 Cyclops
53 Wolverine
54 Gateway
55 Old Man Logan
56 Dust
57 Kid Gladiator
58 Magik
059a Emma Frost
059b White Queen
60 Venus Dee Milo
61 Angel
62 Dark Beast
63 Cyclops
64 Iceman
65 Jean Grey
66 Mister Sinister
100 Mister Sinister


X-Men Xavier's School

X-Men Xavier's School
Quality of sculpts 3
Characters 2
Playability 2
Overall 3

Not a bad set, but not as strong as other recent sets.  I'm not familiar with quite a few characters in the set meaning it had less draw than other sets.

I've not bought much of this set, although was lucky enough to pull Chase Angel at the pre-release.  Nothing really stood out to me at the pre-release tournament, and I've only really gone out to get the X-Men in their classic outfits.

First Appearance: X-Factor #2 (March, 1986)

Marvel Wiki - Artie
Arthur "Artie" Maddicks is the son of a dedicated scientist, Dr. Carl Maddicks.
When his father was killed he was taken in by X-Factor. He an intelligent mute mutant
with powers of energy projection.



First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #40 (September, 2011)


Marvel Wiki - Broo

A member of the Brood race, abandonded by the Brood Queen for showing signs of compassion.

046 Goldballs
First appearance Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #1 (2012)

Goldballs is a mutant with the superhuman ability to project gold-colored balls at high speed from any part of his body, which can be used as a concussive weapon.  His powers manifested when he was the victiom of a robbery. Goldballs was arrested, but freed by Cyclops and the X-Men shortly before Sentinels showed up.

Wiki - Goldballs



048 Phat
First appearance: X-Force vol. 1 #117 (2001)

Learning of his mutant powers Phat joins X-Force. His mutant power is the ability to expand the fat deposits in his body, making his body larger and fatter.

Wiki - Phat


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