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Planet Quagmire XIII

Quagmire XIV

Type Satellite Satellite
Terrain Swamp Swamp
Temperature Cool Temperate
Hydosphere Saturated Saturated
Atmosphere Type III (breath mask required) Type II (breath mask suggested)
Gravity Standard Standard
Length of Day 14 hours 12 hours
Length of Year 250 days 250 days
Sapient Species unknown Mire
Planet Function None Homeworld
Tech Level None None
Population None unknown
Spaceport None None
Government None not known
Major Exports None Mercenaries
Major Imports None Low Tech
System Quagmire Quagmire
Star Quagga Quagga

The planet Quagmire is a Gas giant that supports no life.  A few mining surveys have looking into the possibilities of mining the Tabana gas from the planet.  However, the planets remote location makes it an unreasonable business proposition.  There have also been several deaths on the expeditions to Quagmire, therefore it is not a system with a good reputation.  The planet Quagmire has seventeen satellites orbiting it, of which only two are show signs of life.  Quagmire XIII and XIV are both swamp worlds, both teeming with planet life, although Quagmire XIII is significantly colder due to high winds and a thin atmosphere.  Quagmire XIII is also unsuitable for human life and require the use of a breath mask due to the over abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere.  The Marsh gases of Quagmire XIII are also quite volatile, so the use of energy weapons is not recommended.  Quagmire XIV on the other hand is capable of sustaining life, although breath mask are suggested.  The weather on Quagmire XIV is more clam and predictable than Quagmire XIII, except during the 'Joining of the Moons'.  Quagmire XIV does however have a major hazard, it being the homeworld of the alien race known as Mire.  The Republic, under advice from the Jedi Council strongly recommend this system not visited.  It is not a part of the Old Republic and is out of the Republics sphere of authority.

The Mire

  Min Max
Dexterity 1D 6D
Knowledge 1D 3D
Mechanical 1D 3D
Perception 1D 4D
Strength 1D 6D
Technical 1D 3D


The Mire are shape-shifters.  In their natural state they are a thick black liquid, appearing as nothing more than an oil slick in the swamps of Quagmire XIV.  When they take solid humanoid form they usually keep their skin texture smooth with colours of black and dark reds.  Maintaining humanoid form is difficult for all but a few Mire, and they have never been known to change into a form convincing enough to impersonate someone.  Mire may only remain in solid form for up to 36 hours before they must revert back to their natural state for at least 4 hours.  Should a Mire not revert back to it's natural state within this time it will become stuck permanently in whatever form they are in.  One such example is the Dark Lord Insidious Vile, forever stuck in his current form.  The life span of Mire is unknown.  It is also very difficult to tell if a Mire has been killed.  When a Mire takes wounds of Incapacitated or worse they will revert back to their natural oil-like form, often seeping away under doors or through vents.

Special Abilities

Shape-Shift.  It takes a Mire a round to change shape, and by doing so they shift Attribute dice between skills.  A Mire can NOT have increased skills, UNLESS it is stuck in a form.  From then on they can no longer shift Attribute dice but are treated as a regular character.

Quagmire XIII

Republic scientists had got the Mire homeworld listed as Quagmire XIV, as you can see above.  They also incorrectly list Quagmire XIII as uninhabited.  This is wrong.  Quagmire XIII is the true homeworld of the Mire, although their they tend to survive in their natural state at the bottom of the swamps.  whereas, on the temperate Quagmire XIV they live above the swamp waters, and are therefore identifiable.  The Mire consider Quagmire XIV to be nothing more than a colony.  The first Mire to move to Quagmire XIV were dragged from their homeworld in the cyclone of the Joining Moons. Since then the Mire use this natural occurrence as a means of traveling between the two moons.

Culture, Society & Personality

Mire have not political or command structure to speak of.  They are independent creatures, while also being able to join with others to share knowledge, and swap amino acids in order to procreate.  Mire by their very nature are hostile beings.  Humanoids always tend to distrust shape-shifters, and over the years this has turned the distrusted Mire into hate-filled mercenaries.

There is another tribe on Quagmire XIV known simple as 'greenskins'.  These green skinned humanoids are in fact a group of Mire who have thrown off their shape-changing ways and settled in distant marsh-land.  They have nothing to do with the Mire and despite their stone-level technology have been known to trade with the rare off-worlder than visits the small moon.

'average' Greenskin

Dexterity 2D+1 Knowledge 1D+1 Mechanical 2D+1
Melee 4D+1 Survival 2D+1 Rowing 3D+1
Perception 2D+1 Strength 2D Technical 1D+2
Hide/sneak 3D+1 Swimming 3D    
Search 3D+1        



Mire as Player-Characters

As a rule Mire are Dark Side creatures.  It is not recommended that players play shape-shifting Mire.  Mire that can no longer shape-shift are more likely to be PC's.  They are treated as outcasts and would most likely have to blend into another society.

Notable Mire

KANE  A member of the Time Bandits, KANE originally lived in the time of the Tales of the Jedi, 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin.  KANE is a ferocious fighter who has lost his ability to shape-shift.

Lord Insidious Vile  In the same time period as KANE lived the powerful Sith Lord Insidious Vile.  A master at martial arts and lightsabre combat.  After along duel with two Jedi Knights Insidious Vile was eventually killed by a member of the Time Bandits, Guardian, who hit the Sith Lord with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Kane  Recruited by Insidious Vile to fight the 'original' KANE, Kane was another Mire.  He chose the form of KANE to confuse KANE's allies.  The two Mire fought to the death, with KANE being triumphant.

Vicious Vile  During the Legacy of the Sith, 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin, rose a young Sith Warrior.  Vicious Vile is a spice smoking, foul-mouthed asshole.  Despite his odd personality Vile is an accomplished Warrior who takes on killing Jedi as a Sunday afternoon pastime.



Story ideas'


A small mining company has set up a mining platform on Quagmire XIV, unaware of the threat of the Mire, manned by a minimal crew of six.  The company has started experiencing problems, including the death of two members of their crew.  Either as company or Republic troubleshooters the PC's are sent to Quagmire XIV to investigate.

Story factors

   The miners at the company have been using several Greenskins as slave labour.

   The Greenskin tribe, who attempt to kidnap the PC's, are worshipping a giant creature.

   A rival company is supplying the Greenskins with weapons.

   A small group of Mire try to eliminate the Greenskins and Miners.

   Kroll is summoned, a giant squid-like creature.

Idea taken from the Doctor Who story The Power of Kroll



Mire 'solids' - D20

GM note: I do not allow the playing of Mire shape-changers as Player Characters unless they have become solid.

Attributes: +/-5 to any ability provided total is balanced.

Disguise: +4  A Mire that has become stuck in one form still has some flexibility.  They have minor shape-changing ability.  They can alter their facial features slightly DC 15, and the colour of their skin on a DC 25.

If a Mire takes the Shape-shifter Prestige class they regain some of their shape-changing ability.

Once a Mire reaches Level 20 they regain all of their Shape-Shifting Ability and do not lose it again from remaining in the same shape.