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Batman The Animated Series - Gotham City under Siege

review by Ugavine


This is a recent release by IDW Games.  The game is, quite obviously, based on Batman The Animated Series from the 90's. in my opinion possibly the most definitive of all Batman series.

The game is for 1 to 5 players and is a co-operative game pitching the players against the villains of Gotham City who seem intent of blowing up the city. 

The game is played of four Acts, each Act playing out a storyline that the players will play through.  The base mechanics of the game is dice placement.  So you roll dice and place the dice on the various threats to resolve them.  These threats can be from the storyline or form the various villains and their henchmen as they attack Gotham City.

Heroclix & Batcave not part of the game

Playing the game, you generate the story and the villains, placing then on one of the four Battlegrounds of Gotham City; North, South, East or West.  Then the Players roll their dice and try to resolve the threats.  Failing has it's consequences in the villains stage, generally the destruction of buildings.  Lose too many buildings or civilians, or lose a Hero to injury, results in losing the game.

The rules are pretty straight forward an intuitive, no issues there.

It's not an auto-win game, and neither is it too difficult.  The storyline is there, although it doesn't really feel like you are playing the story.  You need to like dice placement games or not bother.

Overall it's a fun little game.  Probably not one for hardcore gamers, but the theme is everything and I love Batman the Animated series.


     (3 Squirrels)  Good game.  Fun with solid mechanics.




Club Squirrel ratings

     (1 Squirrel)  Pretty bad.  Not fun.  Play before you buy. 

     (2 Squirrels)  Below average, not much fun.

     (3 Squirrels)  Good game.  Fun with solid mechanics.

     (4 Squirrels)  Excellent game.  Great fun with much replayability.

     (5 Squirrels)  GOLDEN SQUIRREL.  One of the best games out there.




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