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Welcome to the Sithspawns Lair.  Star Wars D6, D20, Saga & FFG role-playing resource.

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  ALIENS This Time It's War! 

  Batman the Animated Series Gotham City Under Siege Board Game

  Heroclix Collectable Miniatures Game 

  Ave Caesar Board Game 

  Star Wars - Age of Rebellion review by Matt Jackson

  Star Wars - Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner Box Set review by Ugavine

  Red Dwarf - The Roleplaying Game review by Ugavine


Club Squirrel have been play-testers several products from Fantasy Flight Games for several years for Star Wars games and RPG books including Imperial Assault, Age of Rebellion - Assault on Arda I, Age of Rebellion - Desperate Allies and Age of Rebellion - Forged in Battle.



Club Squirrel ratings

     (1 Squirrel)  Pretty bad.  Not fun.  Play before you buy. 

     (2 Squirrels)  Below average, not much fun.

     (3 Squirrels)  Good game.  Fun with solid mechanics.

     (4 Squirrels)  Excellent game.  Great fun with much replayability.

     (5 Squirrels)  GOLDEN SQUIRREL.  One of the best games out there.




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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

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