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Star Wars Rebellion

review by Matt Jackson

Vast armies clash in space and on the battlefield while heroes fighting for their own ideals try to sway the battles or the people their way. This is the premise of the Star wars rebellion board game by Fantasy flight games.
I was very excited when Fantasy flight games announced their plans for a board game set in the classic star wars period of episodes IV-VI giving players the chance to recreate those awesome stories or maybe even change the outcome of the galactic civil war. Upon getting the game I was slightly under whelmed at what was actually in the box, now don't get me wrong everything is a very high quality and it's what I've come to expect from FFG but I thought that there could have been more content for the near 70 retail price.
Inside the box are 2 big boards depicting the part of the galaxy where our story takes place with planets every star wars fan is familiar with, from Coruscant to Hoth to Tatooine. The artwork for each planet and the sector it's in is very nice with plenty of space to put your miniatures and heroes on. The miniatures depicting the different units are all sculpted well and it's obvious just by looking at them what each model represents. As is usual with FFG there are lots of cards ranging from shooting the death stars super laser to sending Luke Skywalker to Dagobah to complete his Jedi training, something I haven't managed to do just yet. 


The game plays very easily and according to which side you choose to play as decides your victory objective. If you play as the empire then all you have to do is find the rebel base and destroy it which is easier said than done as the rebel player is fairly free to choose where he puts the base. The objective for the rebel player is to try to stall the imperial player until time runs out and you have generated enough sympathy for the rebellion. Each round the rebel and imperial player gets to send their mighty heroes on missions to help generate sympathy to try to capture an opposing hero and if lucky enough, try to place them into carbonite freezing. The heroes are also used to attempt to foil your opponents plans and move your fleets around the board, so if you send them all out on missions it could mean that your space fleets are very static. 
When you take control of a star system in certain rounds you get to build up your forces to back up what you start with and as the imperial player you get all the cool toys in the form of super star destroyers and death stars (there's 2 complete death stars and 1 under construction death star in the box). As the rebel if you can get and keep control of Mon Calamari then you can build the Mon Calamari Mc 80 cruisers that was made famous by Admiral Ackbar in return of the Jedi.
So onto my overall thinking about star wars rebellion. It's a solid game and I'm glad that I brought a copy. Even though I was disappointed with the contents originally upon playing it I realised I had made the correct decision in buying my copy. One of the few gripes that I have heard from people is about the battle mechanic, where you roll dice and hope to get more symbols than your opponent. What seems to be left out in the gripes are the space tactics and ground assault tactics cards which help sway the battle in your favour so I think it's an easy but solid mechanic. The quality of miniatures and cards in the game is top drawer and it's standard fare for FFG and the two boards are very robust.





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