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Imperial Assault Campaign

The Rebels seek to stop the Imperial beacon from broadcasting.

Rebel Victory!


Side Mission - Loose Cannon
The Rebel Mak is obsessed with destroying this facility!

Imperial Victory!


A New Threat
The Rebels are sent to investigate a facility commanded by the Imperial General Weiss.

Rebel Victory!

Side Mission - Homecoming
A call for help from Luke Skywalker, but Darth Vader is waiting!

Imperial Victory!


Imperial Hospitality

The Rebels need to rescue an important prisoner, none other than Doctor Ugavine himself..

Rebel Victory!


Until next time, it's goodbye from him...



Equipment XP Class Bonus
Survival Gear 1 Take Cover
Infantry Rifle 1 Tactical Move
  2 Adrenaline Rush







Equipment XP Class Bonus
Combat Suit 1 Disengage
Longblaster 1 Supply Network
  2 Jeswandi Training







Equipment XP Class Bonus
Vibro-Axe 1 Wookiee Loyalty
Big Stick (upgrade) 1 Wookiee Fortitude
  2 Staggering Blow







Equipment XP Class Bonus
E-11 1 Quick as a Whip
Vintage Blaster 1 Smugglers Luck
  2 Roll with it







The Empire

Influence Agenda XP Experience
1 By any means necessary 1 Surgical Strike
3 Means of Production 1 Tech Support
2 n/a 2 TBC
2 n/a 1 TBC


Imperial Assault log of events
Mission Victory XP Influence
Aftermath Rebel 1 1
Loose Canon Imperial 1 2
A New Threat Rebel 1 1
Homecoming Imperial 1 2
Imperial Hospitality Rebel 1 2






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