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In the Dark corners of the galaxy evil breeds and thrives.  Feeding on the life essence of the weak, Vampires are dark evil creatures.  In appearance they can be human, or any other race.  The body is nothing more than a husk.  The shell of the former soul who once lived in it, but now possessed by a dark spirit summoned from the Daemon Dimension.  The Vampire does however retain all of the memories of it's host body, and the Daemon can not transfer to another body.

A Vampire is the living the dead, or undead.  They exist to do nothing more than torment and kill the living, feeding off their blood and force essence.  Despite their menace Vampires are not high in Daemon rankings as they still have the stench of humanity and have been known to show human emotion.


Becoming a Vampire

Once a vampire has fed, draining the last FORCE from it's victim it can choose to make the victim into a vampire. This will only normally be done if the vampire is alone, and at the bequest of a Vampire Lord.

If the vampire does not destroy the body of it's victim there is a 1 in 6 chance of the victim rising as a vampire. This normally happens two days after burial.

New vampire's, fledglings, retain the skills of it's former life with the following alterations:-

Dex, Perc & Str attributes and skills are all +1D.

Mech & Tech attributes and skills are at -1D.



A vampire must inflict damage before it may attempt to drain a person's life-force.

Once damage has been done the vampire may now drain CHARACTER POINTS or FORCE POINTS with subsequent attacks.  This is often done in tandem with the drinking of their victims blood which helps the 'flow of essence' from victim to Vampire.  Some powerful Vampire Lords need not bother with the actual drinking of blood.  A Vampire Lord can simple drain essence through touch.

The Vampire must land a successful blow to drain it's victim, but once victim is hit there is no resistance to the drain.

The vampire will take CHARACTER POINTS first at the rate of 1D points per hit.

If the character has no CP's left the vampire will take a FORCE POINT.

If a character has no force points left he is killed by the drain.


Resisting Force-drain

Characters have the option of calling upon the Dark Side to gain a Force point. Remember calling difficulty is +10 because the character is not doing an evil action. Character does get a Dark Side Point also so the character may still be lost. If the character is lost to the Dark Side he becomes a GM character and will probably embrace the undead 'life'.


Bad luck. If the vampire is in a position to force-drain then it has already inflicted damage. Which means it has already penetrated the Armour.

Force Drain

A Jedi may try to reverse the force-drain attack by feeding off the vampire.

Control: Moderate

Sense: Vampire's Perception

Alter: Very Easy

The Jedi will receive a Dark Side Point as he/she is feeding upon the Dark Side. The vampire however will be reduced to 0 stamina (or Incap.) and must flee.


Harming a Vampire

A vampire is resistant to all forms of ranged attack except for wooden projectiles eg.crossbow bolt.

A vampire is susceptible however to all forms of personal combat. 'Why?' still has vampire researchers baffled.  It is believed that the weapon is not what actually causes the attack, but the action.  It is theorised that it is the symbolism of personal conflict that harms the Vampire.  The Crossbow works as the Vampire has a strong allergy to wood.

Once a Vampire is reduced to 0 Stamina (Sithspawn's damage rules), or taken two wounds (standard rules), it is no longer able to fight and must attempt to flee. It may attempt to defend itself, but at -1D to all skills. It may no longer make any attempts to force-drain other than from an unconscious target.


Vampire Lords

The vampire Lord is the ruling vampire. The Lord will normally be the oldest, strongest, cleverest and all the other 'ests' you like. It is not easy to slay a Vampire Lord and doing so will normally be the basis of the whole campaign. GM's discretion on what will slay a Vampire Lord. Vampire Lords are all unique with their own powers and immunities.


Slaying a Vampire

A vampire must be reduced to 0 Stamina (or two wounds) before it can be destroyed, unless it is a decapitation attack.

Stake through heart

-1D to Melee to hit.

+1 to damage.

If damage > Vampire's Strength it is slain, turning to dust.


It's not always that easy to get a vampire into the sunlight, especially if in Ravenloft where the Mists block out the sky.  The Warriors of Gar managed to trick a Vampire Lord into their TARDIS then took him to Tatooine at second-noon and threw him out the door!


-2D to attack

+2D to damage

If damage => 3x Vampires Strength it is slain.

As vampires tend to have around 4D strength this is a difficult action to succeed at. PC must also be using a relevant weapon. A knife is not enough to decapitate a vampire!  A decapitation attack can be made even if the Vampire is previously unwounded.


Very useful for decapitating blows. In the hands of a force-user it may also be used as a stake. A Vampire Lord can not be staked by a Lightsabre however.


Vampire Powers


Vampires may Charm vs. Willpower. Jedi may add their Control to their Willpower, making Jedi very resilient to this attack. A Vampire can not order someone to do something evil, like kill a friend, or commit suicide. A vampire can of course charm someone out of a house.


A vampire gets +2D to any climbing rolls.

Vampire Lords may scale sheer surfaces with no die roll.


Only Vampire Lords may use this power.


Vampire Lords may shift at the end of any round into a Wolf, Bat, Raven or Gaseous form. For the speed of the shapeshift use their Survival skill.


A Vampire Lord may become ethereal twice a day for 1D rounds.


Once per day a Vampire Lord may Teleoprt to anywhere it knows well.


Once again, especially to anyone in my game,