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Doctor Ugavine is the troublesome heart of the Time Bandits & Warriors of Gar.
Bossko B. The craziest coolest dude in the galaxy, found in the company of Viper.
Viper is the pink-haired crazed lunatic usually causing trouble alongside Bossko B.
MINION the 'Big Blue Machine' is the tough guy of the Time Bandits
Snoogins Tuck is the new guy of the Warriors of Gar.
The Renegade is the evil Time Lord who craves power and galactic conquest.
Soldiers of Gar benefit when included in New Bloodaxe Order squads
Tarrant Ford is the smooth talking charmer of the Warriors of Gar.
Bossko B. can pilot any vehicle with expert skill
Bossko B. zips around on his hoverboard!
Draygons are fierce killers serving their crazed Emperor Drangal
Drangal is the evil mutant who created the Draygons
NBO - Nash
NBO - Machismo

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