001 Iron Man
002 Captain Marvel
003 Elektra
004 Dora Milaje
005 A.I.M. Red Squad
006 Dora Milaje Midnight Angel
007 Wakandan Scientist
008 Nakia
009 Black Panther
010 S.H.I.E.L.D. Diplomat
011 Ant-Man
012 Crystal
013a Black Widow
013b Black Widow
014 Hulk
015 Yellowjacket
016 Winter Soldier
017 Voyager

018 Iron Man
019 Captain Marvel
020 Elektra
021 Ayo
022 A.I.M. White Squad
023 Aneka
024 Shuri
025 Malice
026 White Tiger
027 Everett K. Ross
028 Black Ant
029a Black Panther
029b Black Panther
030 Medusa
031 Thor
032 Eitri
033 Possessor
034 Proxima Midnight

035 Rescue
036 Doctor Minnerva
037 Elektra
038 Okoye
039 A.I.M. Blue Squad
040 Enigma
041a Falcon
041b Falcon
042 Black Bolt
043 Captain America
044 Namor
045 Spider-Man
046 Enchantress
047 Titania
048 Astronomer
049 Gardner
050 Trader
051 Corvus Glaive

Super Rares
052 Iron Man
053a Dr. Strange
053b Baron Mordo
054 Loki
055 Captain Britain
056 Kang, The Conqueror
057 Rune
058 The Hood
059 Lockjaw
060 Maximus
061 Taskmaster
062 Challenger
063 Champion
064 Collector
065 Grandmaster
066 Runner
067 Ebony Maw

068 Red Skull
069 Kobik
070 Iron Man
071 Captain America
072 Black Panther
073 Starbrand

Ultra Chase
074 Thanos


s001 Reality Gem
s002 Time Gem
s003 Power Gem
s004 Space Gem
s005 Soul Gem
s006 Mind Gem
s007 Cosmic Cube
s008 Cosmic Cube
s009 Infinity Gauntlet
s010 Infinity Gauntlet
s011 Ego Gem


Avengers, Black Panther and (some of) the Illuminati


I'm going to have to rate this set differently as I feel there is a big gap between the rarity levels in this set, so I've broke my rating into two rarity groups.
  C / UC / R SR / Chase
Quality of sculpts 3 4
Character selection 1 3
Playability  1 3
Overall  1 3

Okay, I've changed my opinion slightly about this set.  Still not a big fan, but I feel the disparity between rarities is not good for the game.  I like the Black Order, so their inclusion is a plus, as is Elders of the universe and a decent Hulk with a nice sculpt.  That's about it, the pre-release was terrible, two appalling and unplayable boosters.  I'm not a fan of Black Panther, and the Illuminati would have been good if Reed Richards was in the set.

As for playability, I don't like to include Super Rare & Chase.  A set needs to have playable figures in the more available Common, Uncommon and Rare slots.  Sadly, this set only has a couple of figures, A.I,M. and Voyager.  Sure, add in the SR & Chase and you have a nice set, but gamers are not all made of money.




017 Voyager
First appearance: Avengers #675 (March, 2018) [Marvel Legacy #1 (November, 2017)(Statue)]

Va Nee Gast was the daughter of the Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe. She grew up exploring the cosmos by her father's side, taking part in his gambles and games, and learned from him in the process.

025 Malice
First appearance: Black Panther Vol. 3 #1 (November 1998)

The first Malice was one of Killmonger's mutated allies during his vie for the throne of Wakanda. Her first appearance was in Jungle Action, Vol. 2, #8 (Jan 1974).
However, this version of Malice is Nakia. As a child, Nakia of the Q'Noma Valley marsh tribe was picked by her tribal elders to be Wakandan Dora Milaje, "Adored Ones" or wives-in-training and spent three years training before being presented to King T'Challa; barely a teenager, she was instantly smitten with him.

Lupita Nyong'o (right) plays Nakia in the 2018 film Black Panther.

Elders of the Universe

The Elders of the Universe are the last survivors of otherwise extinct races. Each discovered that they had potentially infinite lifespans, dependent on maintaining the will to continue living. They are thus known for their personal obsessions (such as collecting, contests of strategy or strength, and various fields of study), each of which is pursued fanatically. While the characters are not truly cosmic entities, all have achieved some cosmic level of power and knowledge related to their particular pursuit.

066 Runner
First appearance: Defenders #143 (May 1985)

The Runner is a traveller and explorer who has lived for billions of years. He seeks complete freedom and to see all there is to see. As such, he has spent his long life travelling across and experiencing the universe. He is regarded as one of the more pacifistic Elders.


050 Trader
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Vol 3 #4 (October, 1987)

Like all the Elders of the Universe, Cort Zo Tinnus's origin is lost in the early history of the universe. It is known that he is one of the oldest living beings in the universe.
The Trader became obsessed with commerce and for millennia he travelled through the universe to negotiate with other beings. In his mind, it was this fixation that helped him survive indefinitely.


063 Champion
First appearance Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7 (1982)

The Champion is one of the alien Elders of the Universe. He is an immortal who claims to have been born billions of years ago in the Ancrindo Nebula within the direction of the Magellanic Clouds. Although he wishes to prove himself the greatest warrior in the universe, he usually does so fairly. He keeps himself busy by fighting powerful warriors throughout the universe.

The Black Order



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